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    For Sale Snowberry Foonf

    I have a Snowberry Foonf that I bought to keep DD RF longer. It was not a good fit in the car at all :( . I tried to sell it before on the East Coast (with no luck). So here's hoping now that we are in a busier area I will have better luck. Seat was never used in a moving vehicle, I still have...
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    Gerber trainers

    Not a deal, more like a heads up. Gerber trainers have been changed, the new ones were out at Target last night. The new ones are fully terry lined with a layer of plastic sandwiched inside to stop leaks. They also only come in one size (2t-3t), and 2 per pack. But they are cuter, with large...
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    FS: Snowberry Foonf

    I can ship it, I still have the box and packing materials. $325 Delivered ......? I really need to get rid of this, we are moving in less than 2 months, and it is just sitting in the dining room (in box). We are smoke free/cat free, we have a small dog (hypoallergenic mix breed), but he has...
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    Free booster seats in Newport News, VA

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post. Please move if it is the wrong place. It says you must have a child between 4-8 and live in Newport News. There will also be a short safety seminar. It doesn't list an...
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    Charlie Bananas 50% off

    I was at my Target today and they were marking all the Charlie Bananas pocket diapers down 50%. This was a first markdown, and I asked and was told they are going to be online only.
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    Question Stroller for big kids

    So we finally bit the bullet and made reservations to do WDW before we move. I am thinking I should get a different stroller since the kids are getting bigger. DD is 5, 40lbs and 45" (mostly leg), and DS is 34 lbs and 39". Right now we have a BJCMD, (but DD's legs hang out), and I am thinking...
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    European seat question

    Our friends (military family) have been sent to Europe for the foreseeable future. They are getting their car delivered and want to replace seats. I sent her to the site, but she is not sure which to pick. I know the multi tech seems to be a favorite here, is there a reason? She has...
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    Woot: Kiddy USA Cruiser Fix Pro

    Just came up on WOOT tonight. $169.99 Sent from my MB860 using Car-Seat.Org
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    9.99 toddler Chuck Taylors

    Sears online has Chuck Taylors for $9.99 in toddler sizes. The sale price doesn't show until check out. Great price if this is what you like, got DS a "Cat in the Hat" pair. Most of the other sizes are "price in checkout" only and greatly reduced. I got an adult pair for $21.99
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    News Forget parent error: Car designs make seats hard to install

    Article from MSNBC I thought was intersting and true.
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    Question Car seat requirements in Italy

    I have a friend who's family just got orders to Italy. She has 1 ds who will be 4 by the time they get there. Best guess is 41" and 40lbs. He is currently FF in an AOE. I told her I think she will have to buy a new seat when they get there. But does anyone here happen to know what's available...
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    RXT Giveaway

    Diono posted a notice of a blog giveaway on their FB. Thought everyone might want to try. Personally I am hoping to get the Plum! Hope this is in the right spot/OK to post. Good Luck everyone! :D...
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    Solid 3 across 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

    Taking care of a friend's child for a few days and had to fit 3 in the backseat. All are seatbelt installs with a tiny bit of room between each. I had no problem getting a tight install with the RXT and a seatbelt, no twisting required. The uptown is FF because that is how her son rides. I'm...
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    kids.WOOT~ Graco ComfortSport

    Graco ComfortSport Convertible Car Seat-Caleo $69.99 I know it is not the greatest of deals, for a ComfortSport overall, but for that pattern it is.

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