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    '06 Ford Taurus and a Cosco Scenera

    My friend is having some trouble getting a good install and I'm actually kinda stumped on how to help her. She says she can't get a solid install with the seatbelt, so she tried with LATCH and thought it was ok until she went around a corner and the carseat tipped over. I really haven't had...
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    new car considerations

    We are probably going to be buying a new car this summer or fall. We are considering a Chevy Tahoe, a Toyota Sequoia, a Toyota Tundra, a Honda Pilot and a few others that we have already tried our seats in. Right now, Morgan is in a Britax BG, but I am on the lookout for something different (we...
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    need a booster recomendation

    Morgan is currently in a BodyGuard, and well, I HATE that seat. With a passion...It has pretty much no padding, and no leg support, so his legs fall asleep and hurt. I finally made a parental discision, that I DO NOT recomend for anyone to do for many reasons, and put a piece of egg crate foam...
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    Question about bracing

    I just read in another thread that Britax is the only manufacturer that allows bracing a RF'ing carseat against the seat in front of it. Is this true? What if you have no choice but to have it touching b/c there's simply not enough room? If it is true, why? I only have Britax seats, so it...
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    another opinion needed

    another opinion needed~Combi Avatar what about a Combi Avatar? I remember hearing mixed reviews about this one, but didn't really pay attention b/c I didn't need a new seat then ;) I really don't know much about them, other than I think they are nice looking seat (I know, great reason to buy a...
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    opinions on the Safety 1st Intera???

    I'm off to do a search, but thought I'd ask too. TIA!!
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    help me think this through...

    I have to send my Wizard in for repairs so I need to get another seat for Cody to use for the 2 or 3 weeks til I get it back. I don't want to spend a bunch on it (around $100ish is about my limit, cheaper is always better lol), and I want it to be a convertable. I thought about just getting a...
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    Graco SafeSeat and stroller compatability??

    I told my friend about the SafeSeat, to replace her infant seat that was in the accident, and she's interested, but the insurance company is making her replace the entire travel system, instead of just the carseat. At, they say to put the Safeseat with the Mosaic stroller, so I'm...
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    I've been out of the loop for a while..what's the favorite infant seat now??

    I babysit a 2 month old little girl and on the way home from Montana last week, her mom hit a deer going 65 mph. There isn't much damage to the car (apparently it helps to be going that fast...LOL), but the insurance company requires that carseats be replaced after ANY accident, so they told her...
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    Cleaning a Wizard

    So it *is* ok to take the buckle out and wash/soak it, but not the harness, right? Would it hurt it if while I am washing the cover, I hose out all the crooks and crevises, as long as I dry everything, rather than just wiping it down with a rag? There are crumbs and junk in places I can't reach...
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    Opinions on Jeep Liberty stroller

    I need to find a new all terrain stroller and sort of settled on the Jeep Liberty. I don't need a new "jogging" stroller, since I already have a single and a double (and um, I can't remember the last time I but my regular Graco stroller just ain't cuttin it on the crazy uneven...
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    Safe Guard Go??

    Maybe this has been covered, but I can't get the search to help me any. lol Does anyone have any opinions on the Safe Guard Go? I am still trying to find a replacement for Morgan's Body Guard. He does fine in a booster, but I would feel better with him in...
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    Carseats for special needs kids

    My friend's two youngest both have Aspergur's (sp) and are 4 yrs and 40 lbs and 3 yrs and 37 lbs. She has them both in lowback Turbo's. She asked me if it was safe and legal, and I told her the cold hard truth. lol Unfortunatly she is a single momma on a VERY limited income, raising 3 kids on...
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    Which would be safer??

    Every so often we have to put both the boys in the 3rd row of our Durango. Morgan is in a BG and Cody is RF in a Wizard. Both seats fit well in the 3rd row, and I'm comfortable with Morgan being back there. It concerns me that Cody is so close to the back window, with nothing to protect him. I...
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    More Husky Questions

    After several tight months, I think we are finally going to have enough extra money that I can get Morgan a Regent. I have another question about it though. I noticed in a picture on Ebay of the bottom of the seat, that the harness runs on the underside with no cover. Any of the "cheap" seats...
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    Combi Centre DX or ST???

    Any opinions on either of these seats? It looks like the base is REALLY narrow, although I couldn't find any dimentions. I LOVE the colors they offer, esp the Carribean o the ST and the Mango on the DX. Althought I really like the Lime too...LOL
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    Booster ideas???

    We are in WA right now visiting relatives and had the same issues with Morgan in his BG as last time. He cried for the last few hours of the trip b/c his legs were hurting him so bad. I thought I could fix it by starting out the trip with my suitcase on the floor for him to rest his feet on, b/c...
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    PW/BG vs EZon

    I found out this morning I'm going to need to have a new RF'ing seat in my car in about 8 months, so all day long I have been thinking about the carseat issues this will cause..LOL The middle seat in my Durango is only 10 3/4 inches wide (in between seatbelt stalks), so I can't have a carseat...
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    Husky/Regent lockoffs?

    Do I understand correctly that the Husky/Regent does not have the lockoffs that all the other Britax seats have? So you would need to use a locking clip with it?
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    Replacing carseats in an accident

    No I wasn't in an accident :) I almost hit a really big buck last night though and it go me thinking. I hit the brakes pretty hard to avoid hitting the buck, hard enough that I am a little sore this morning from the seatbelt across my chest. I had both kids with me and Morgan complained that...

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