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    Special needs van with lap belts

    I am a physical therapist for a small school for kids with special needs. They use a small bus/van to transport the students (as well as adults in their adult program.) I don't know how to post a picture, but I included a link to a similar bus below. 2 students are transported in their...
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    TB from ebay?

    I fell in love with the Kaley TB only to find its been discontinued. Found it on ebay, but I'm thinking its not a good idea. This is what the listing says. "All items are overstocks and returns from a large online retailer. Some boxes may show some damage, but product is in perfect condition."...
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    GN patterns, other features

    Is there a difference between the Erica and the Valerie other that just the pattern? More/less padding? I've looked and I can't find anything different. They are $40 different in price and that seems like alot for just different colors.
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    Seats after crash

    So I rear-ended someone today :( No passengers in either car. My airbags deployed and I have a rash from that. I'm starting to feel sore. The other woman seemed fine and was able to drive away with surprisingly little damage. I had a Nauti installed, TB in a seat with the belt through the...
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    opinions on 6.5 yo booster vs harness

    My 6yo dd has been riding in a Nauti in my car. She is in DHs car in a TB only 10 min once per week. I recently ordered a parkway SGL. She rode in it twice in my car and is now asking for it to be her everyday seat. She is small- just 40 lbs. She is responsible when riding in a booster. She...
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    Booster Advice

    I am looking to buy a booster for my 6.5 yo dd. She is in a Nautilus in my car and a TB in DH's car (usually only 15 min to school once per week.) I plan on keeping her in the Nauti a while longer. But if I want to bring a friend home from school for a playdate, I need 3 across in my Santa...
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    advice on top tether

    I'm installing seats for my 2 kids in the 3rd row of my sisters caravan and just discovered there's only one LATCH. I decided to put dd2 RF in EFTA, but she just fits (2 in above her head). Wondering what would be best for next time, when I assume dd2 would have to be FF. Who should have the...
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    Help arranging/buying seats

    I need help deciding on arranging seats and possibly buying a new one. dd1 is riding in an MA as her primary seat, and after reading about the MA crash test results, I want to change things. dd1 5y7m, 36 pounds dd2 3y5m, 31.5 pounds, 13.5 in shoulder height I didn't get dd1's shoulder...
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    FF or RF 3yo

    I am looking for advice on FF vs. RF. I think most people will say RF, but I'm unsure of my decision, so looking for some opinions. I have 2 daughters dd1 is 5 and dd2 turned 3 in August. I changed dd2 to FF in DH's car in July when she was 30 pounds. We have an old Triumph in that car and...
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    new seat for small 5yo

    Thanks in advance for reading my rambling post :o My older dd turned 5 in May. She's 35 pounds. I don't know her torso height, but she's JUST outgrowing the original Triumph. She rides in a MA in my car. She rarely rides in DHs car, but I like to have the option. So, I need 1 carseat now...
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    triumph and tether question

    I have 2 original Triumphs for my daughters in DH's car. I just turned younger dd FF since she was 29.6 pounds at her recent doctors appointment. I was re-reading my manual today and noticed a part I hadn't paid attention to before (I know bad mom :o). It says if your seatbelts are forward of...
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    2 car seats on plane

    We're flying to Disney with our 2 kids. We plan to bring a laptop to let them watch a movie. Will they allow 2 car seats next to each other? Thanks!
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    Erf wwyd?

    I've always gotten great advice here and I'm looking for more. My 2.5 yo dd is RF in a EFTA in my car and an original Triumph in DHs car (2 door Civic). Just today I noticed she barely has 1 inch left above her head. Last I weighed her with her clothes and shoes on she was 28.5 pounds, so I...
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    free care seats?

    I know of a child (through my work agency) who is in need of a carseat. Her mom cannot afford one. Are there any resources for them? They do qualify for assistance. If it comes down to it, I could buy a scenera for them. But I would like to know of any resources.
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    ERF question

    I have learned so much information from this site and I need some advice. My younger dd is 2yrs (just this month) and 26 lbs. She is RF in both of our cars. My DH drives a 2 door Honda Civic. Older dd's seat is FF. It is hard to get dd2 into her RF seat in the back of the car, especially...
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    1992 suburban

    My sister purchased a 92 suburban as her second car. We should be able to fit our 4 car seats in it (when one of us had my 2 and her 2), but I don't know about the back seat seatbelts. The 3rd row middle is a lap belt, which is straightforward, but the outboard seats have unusual seat belts...
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    news story- no car seat

    Here's a news story about a 2 month old who was being held in the front seat and was ejected from the car. They only say the baby had a broken leg. That is one lucky baby if that's the only injury. What were they thinking :mad:
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    choosing car seats

    I have posted a few times and gotten very helpful advice, and I'm back for more :) I'm looking to buy carseats for our second car which is used only occasionally. We have a 2 door 99 Civic and the belts are forward of the blight, which I've learned makes installation difficult. For my older...
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    Radian in 99 civic

    I had thought I decided on my new carseats, but then read in another post that the radian doesn't work in a 99 civic (we have a 2 door). I need 2 new carseats and wanted to put the Radian in the civic because its smaller. Is it a problem with other carseats? Right now we don't have carseats...
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    choosing car seats

    I've already gotten some great advice and I think I have narrowed down my choices and would like some advice for my final decision. I have 2 dds currently in 2 triumph 5s. I want to put carseats in DHs 2 door Honda Civic so he can take them to daycare 1 day a week (15 min drive). DD1 is FF...

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