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    Iso suv with 8 or 9 seats

    Anyone have one? We have a suburban with seven seats, but it's on its last leg. I'm looking at a newer suburban, with 8 or 9 seats. Does anyone know how many head rests it would have? Another reason we want to upgrade is our current 2005 suburban has no headrest and only a Lap belt in the third...
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    need seat for our 2nd car

    I am ISO a seat for our second car. none of the kids ride often, but on occasion and often enough I need to have seats for them. its a toyota matrix. The combo of kids varies, based on what activities we are going to and who is napping, so i'm planning to frequently install/uninstall the NEXT...
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    options for an 8.5 y/o, lap belt only?

    so I need an option for my 8.5 y/o dd to ride center in the third row of my suburban. problem is, its a lap belt only. currently I have 4 radians, FF in the 2 outboard spots in the 3rd row, FF and RF in the 2 captains chairs. we will have my 4 y/o nephew with us for 2 weeks, so he will take dd's...
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    need help with HBB x 2 in a 3 across AND new convertible

    Hi, I feel like i've read a million posts and still am stumped. I am ISO 2 boosters, for my 8 year old dd 48lb and 6.5 year old ds 45 lbs. they are in FF radians currently, but they will expire at the end of this year. I would like to move them to boosters, but I also need them to fit along...
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    expiration on older radians?

    manu 11/2007 and 12/2008. are these good for 8 years? and do they expire in december of the 8th year? thanks!!
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    fav convertible for ERF?

    eta: ok, so since the radians last 8 years, i actually DON"T need all new seats. (yay!!) but...dd2 needs a new seat. she will be out of the cocorro soon. should I get her a radian as well, or is there another good/better/best option? I would like something that will RF as long as possible and...
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    frontier 3 across in a suburban

    any chance this would work? right now i have 2 radians in the 3rd row...wondering if there is any combo of three (harnassed seats) that would allow a frontier?
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    help...need convertible for newbie

    so dc#4 is on the way, due in May. dd1 is 6, in a radian. ds1 is 4, in a radian. ds2 is 2, in a RF scenera. the plan was to give our other (Extra) scenere to dd2. both the sceneras have about 2 years left on them. them move them to radians. (new ones, as the older 2 will sit in theirs until they...
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    3 across back of suburban???

    right now i have 2 radians FF, both outboard for dd (Age 5.5, small) and ds (age 3.5, big), both in 3 row of 2006 surburban. ds2 is RF in cosco scenera, 2nd row, passengers side captain chair. dh is tall, so a RF seat won't fit in the captain chair behind the drivers seat. we are planning for a...

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