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    Incognito seat belt issue ?

    This is a pic of where the seatbelt latch is positioned in relation to where the seat bite is.
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    Incognito seat belt issue ?

    I tried DS1 in the Incognito (he's 9.5, 61 lbs, & within the height range). I was just looking through the manual that came with it though, and it says "do not use vehicle belts that are in front of the seat bite." These pics are in a '15 Nissan Pathfinder and the seatbelts do originate in front...
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    Narrow booster

    I am getting close to switching up the boys' seats, but haven't stayed up on boosters so would really appreciate some suggestions. Current setup in DH truck ('10 Toyota Tacoma double cab): DS1 (9) no back portion of the Chicco Kidfit in the middle seat and DS2 (6) in a Sureride outboard. These...
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    From a Flex to: Odyssey, Sedona, or Rogue

    We have been driving a 2012 Ford Flex for nearly 2 yrs, and since it was recently in a hail storm we are considering keeping the insurance claim check, trading it in (trade in would cover amount we still owe on it), and purchasing a different vehicle. I love a lot about the Flex (design...
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    Seats for baby of unknown size

    I have a friend who is in the process of adopting, and is researching car seats. Since they do not know at this point if the the baby will be of average size or preemie, what are the most suitable infant seats for their situation? Also, if they choose to go straight to a convertible seat...
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    RSTV opinions and experiences

    I'm considering a RSTV for an upcoming trip for DS1 (6yrs, 41-42lbs), and would love input on the plan, as well as experiences with use of one since I really don't know much at all about them. Regularly, DS1 rides in either a FR85 or Performance Booster depending on the day/trip. We have an...
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    Booster Fit - Performance Booster vs Parkway

    I need help! Which looks like a better fit? I can't seem to figure out how to get the pictures directly into this post, but here's a link to the Performance Booster pics in photobucket: And here's the Parkway...
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    Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller

    Anyone have this or tried it out? I was considering the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, but now I'm wondering about this one since it can actually be used as a jogger. Correct me if I am wrong, but the BJCM GT is more of a walking stroller than used for jogging right? I'm looking for a high weight...
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    Boosters and vehicle headreasts

    Do either the Britax Parkway or new Recaro Performance Booster require headrest support from the vehicle? Also, if they don't require it, do we know they are substantial enough to provide adequate protection in a rear end collision? Do manufacturers even perform rear impact tests on boosters...
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    Boosters with deepest SIP

    Background: My 5.5 yr old is currently in a FR85 on the second row short-bench of an '01 Caravan, with the bench shifted to the passenger side so there is an even larger than normal space between him and the side of the vehicle. We are probably going to be purchasing a Ford Flex in the next few...
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    Best AWD/4WD option? Sienna, Ford Flex, Chevy Traverse?

    We are in the market for a "new to us" vehicle with either AWD or 4WD option, and I need some input on what to consider. Probably looking no older than 2009, but new wouldn't be out of the question if it were the perfect fit. My ideal vehicle would be a newer generation Odyssey IF it came with...
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    Size 4 Me legroom question

    Here's a couple of pics of DS2's legroom. This is in the middle bench of a 2001 Dodge Caravan. He is 36.5 inches tall, and has a 13 inch torso.
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    Question Size 4 me

    I :love: the size4me! My 4 yr old has sat in it FF and said that it is very comfy, but he hasn't been in the van in it or tried sleeping in it; though it doesn't seem like it would cause head slump at all. My 21 month old RF's in it. He is around 33" and 26lbs. I can measure tomorrow to let you...
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    New True Fit?

    I was talking to someone about the TF, and mentioned that I had seen something on here about a new one with redesigned headwings. I don't have any details other than that though. Does anyone know when it is suppose to be out, or if there are any other changes to it? Any chance it will pass with...
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    Two issues with Size4Me installation

    I keep waffling on whether my current latch install is okay or if it could be a problem in an accident. (There is a pic included in the link to the photobucket album). The release mechanism for the latch strap doesn't lay flat against the seat due to the angle it comes from the latch connector...
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    The kiddos are set...thanks to this site!

    Summer has been busy so haven't logged on to post in awhile, but wanted to say thanks to all the awesome posters who gave info/feedback and pictures that helped me figure out seats for my boys. DS1 (4.5) is loving his FR85, and the Size4Me is working great for DS2 (20months). :) I have found so...
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    Our Graco Size 4 Me (Pic Heavy)

    I didn't have time tonight to uninstall and flip them around to see what it looks like on the non-cup holder side, but if you want to see it I could do that tomorrow evening. I'm still trying to decide if I want them both installed with latch (currently) or seat belt, so taking them out tomorrow...
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    Titan Sport as Travel/Airplane seat??

    I've started "thinking" about buying travel seats for an airplane trip we are taking about 6 months from now, but hadn't really done any research on them. I did just notice NBD has the Evenflo Titan Sport for $40+shipping. I currently have it in my "shopping cart" but not sure if this is a good...
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    Peg convertible??

    I thought I was deciding between the Pria and the new Size4Me70 for DS2, but during all this time waiting for the new one to come to a store I've started looking at the the Peg convertible too. Now with a 3rd option thrown in I don't know which I'll end up with. :shrug-shoulders: If you have...
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    ETA on Size 4 Me 70?

    I am stalking the internet like a crazy woman! :p Any idea when someone will have their hands on one of these? Also, is this like the Foonf, in that it will take awhile for all the pre-orders to be filled before anyone else can order and receive one, or is there more availability?

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