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    What is your favorite seat

    For the 2012 Odyssey jump seat? Baby is in a Key fit right now. Baby weights 18lbs so we have a little time. Just getting the itch to move him. :whistling: Plus we think biomom is pg again so there maybe a new baby coming soon and need to be prepared. My BLVD does not work at all. I can't move...
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    best padded infant seat

    best padded infant seat (update) Our newbie foster baby is really floppy. He/she has no head control at all. What bucket would be best to keep him/her in neutral? Guessing the weight to be around 8 ish lbs. Tried him/her a bunch of seats and the key fit was the winner. He/she just looked right...
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    Look what my dad found

    It had a Free Sign on it. He called to say he is sure it is no good but didn't want someone else to take it.
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    Car shop for me please

    I have a 02 minivan. We are keeping for when we all travel as a family 2-4 times a month. I want something with better gas milage. I do a lot of traveling to dr appointments. At least 50 to 90 miles each way 1 to 3 times a week. We hope to buy over the summer sometime and want something "new to...
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    high back booster for SN dd

    My dd is 11 weights 72 lbs and is 54 inches tall, 19 inches torso She is using a nautilus with the seat belt but the belt is not hitting her right. Plus she is about to outgrow it. She needs a seat with head wings. She has low tone Cp and she rests her head against them most of the time she is...
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    I got a just turned 2yr old in foster care. No idea how heavy she is but she is wearing 24 month sized clothes. Should I put her forward or backwards? Today will be my first time transporting her. The 6 yr old was so mad at me for making him ride in a booster. :rolleyes:
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    britax b-ready question

    We are hoping to adopt a special needs baby. I am looking at the B-ready stroller because the seat would face me. I am not sure how much medial equipment he will need but I am guessing a feeding tube pump, oxygen and monitors. Would the basket hold some of this stuff? The extra jump seat? I...
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    tightness question

    We have to take a Car seat training for foster care. The trainer didn't have a clue what she was talking about. She spent 3 hours telling us to just read our manuals. I knew the info she was giving out was wrong in some cases. She even refused to check one of the foster parents seats because...
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    need new seat after accident help

    dh was in a accident on tue with our 9yr old dd that has low tone C.P. she was in a graco Nautilus (5-point) dh was hit right where dd sits in the van he was going 20 miles a hour and the lady decided to turn and turned right into the side of my van she is very banged up I took her right to...
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    which seats for bigger kids

    I have 6 kids :whistle: we have a six seater mini van I need to replace my wizad and marathon that are almost 6yrs old Morgan-5weeks graco snug? Ella-13m safe seat Jason 9 1/2yrs 48inches and 51 lbs in graco high back booster they are in the middle row Avy 7 1/2 yrs 43inches 37lbs wizard...

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