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    Compass Folding Booster (Misty Morning) Review

    Learning Curve (Compass) sent me this seat to try out and review. I thought I would share the link here as well. Compass B530 Image link: This belt positioning booster is for children 38-57" and weighing 30-100 pounds. What sets it appart from other boosters is the unique folding design...
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    Difference between Turbobooster (from 2004) & Turbo Booster Safe Seat

    Is there a difference between the Graco Turbo Booster (2004 year) and the current seats sold as Graco Turbo Booster "Safe Seat (step 3)" We have both of these, its the newer one that broke. Do you know if this is just a renaming or if the seat has any thing different about it? If I go to the...
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    Evenflo Big Kid Deluxe Booster

    A belt positioning booster seat that can be used with the back on, or in backless mode. It has built in Lighting! Evenflo Big Kid™ Deluxe Booster Car Seat (manufacturer specs) -2 boosters in 1 -For 30-100 lbs. - Belt-positioning Booster- Forward Facing - up to 57" tall . Easy conversion to...
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    Safe Seat TurboBooster EPS - breaking?

    Any of you experts heard of this being an issue? The other day my son got into his TurboBooster Safe Seat and buckled up and I heard a CRUNCH. He announced that his seat was broken! It looked ok but since my little guy is autistic and very literal I didn't think he'd make it up. I told him to...
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    My experience with the Baby Trend Latch Loc

    Wow, Actually an infant seat that I like!!! This seat has a lot of great features and priced at only $90. A review of it can be found here:
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    Do you have a favorite INFANT ONLY seat?

    I was just wondering to hear from the CPS techs here if they had a favorite INFANT ONLY seat. It would be used in a Grand Caravan.
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    Nania Airway Help with Harness!

    My son got extremely carsick all over his Nania Airway and I had to take it apart to wash, etc. Its currently drying and of course I now have no clue how to put it back together. The manual is no where to be found, my husband and I just moved and we are living out of boxes. Does anyone have a...
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    E-Z-ON Harness Experience

    I posted previously in another thread with troubles I was experiencing with my 3 1/2 year old son with PDD-NOS (on the autism spectrum). Since he kept escaping his Britax Husky carseat (installed safely and on him properly - he just learned how to undo all the buckles and get out). The school...
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    Help! Autistic Child escapes carseat!!

    I am having a lot of stress lately due to the fact that my 3.5 year old autistic child keeps escaping from his carseat (Britax Husky) and then climbs into the front seat. Often times I am able to simply pull over and put him back in his seat but there are times he will out and out refuse to sit...
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    Nania Airway LX review

    The Nania Airway LX Nania (Car Seat Specialty) Airway LX - 2 carseats in one, this seat has a 5 point harness for children up to 50 pounds and then can be a booster seat afterwards. the retail price is around $100 Our experience with the Nania Airway LX is here...
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    best infant seat recommendation?

    With a new baby on the way I'm into the carseat research mode. My son, now 3.5 had a Graco Snugride which he used for all of 2 months before outgrowing it (he was born in the winter so didn't go his first month) and was nearly 24inches long at birth!!! Anyways, so then he went into his Britax...
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    airway vs airway LX

    I am confused on the differences between these seats? Is it just trim packaging? or are their more crucial design differences. I recently bought one for an extra seat for my husbands surburban (kiddo only rides on it weekends when hubby is in town as he works out of town). Anyways, the box...
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    2000 grand Caravan

    Well, my '99 outback just got in an accident and the damage is high - but not enough to total it. i'm having it repaired and then trading it in or selling it. I've inherited my parents Dodge 2000 grand caravan. Where do you recommend seats be placed? We have a britax husky for my 3 1/2 year...

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