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    Graco hbb question

    So dd almost 7 has been in her Graco hbb for almost a year. She rides in the back of my 2010 town and country. The seatbelt is always getting locked and we can't pull it through the red guide. Or it somehow always get out of the guide! It's been making us crazy for a year. The worst is the...
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    complete air install pics please

    i would love to see some Complete Air both reg version and LX installed rearfacing if anyone has some?
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    complete air 65 VS true fit......

    can someone point out the differences. it would be fore a 10 month old. my girls are usually petite so im going with that anyways. dd outgrew her marathon at 5.5 by top slot not weight.... i was set on the true fit...but now im starting to really like the complete air
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    Expired car seat info needed

    Can someone post some you tube videos and other resources so I can prove to someone that seats are dangerous after their expiration
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    true fit premier deals

    still wanting to make sure i get the best deal. is it still albee baby?
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    IDSO First years TF girl cover

    someone, anyone? im ready to order the premier from Albee Baby but i SO WANT a girly cover :)
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    Fleece suit reconendations? (moved to Carseat Chat from Car Safety)

    Am on the hunt for a fleece snowsuit for my dd to use in a rf convertible. I'm getting it in 18 months so it will fit in the fall, anyone have recomendations? Llbean, Columbia? Any others? I'm searching eBay.....since u don't have much paypal
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    find me a girly TFP (moved to Shopping forum)

    i really wanna get a True Fit Premier. But why are there no girly ones?? I have seen people with them, but shopping wise, they are impossible to find. there is a reg TF in walmart that i love, but like the premier better if i can get a girly cover. help me pro;s ( i know this shouldnt be in this...
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    Question The first years tf kr tfp

    I am going to get a truefit for my dd. Is it worth tr extra 100 dollars to get the premier? Is the rebound bar that important? I was gonna get the one walmart has for 130. It will be for a 9 month old.
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    so in our pediatricians office, there is a program that plays called KidCare TV. its all about educating parents on differnt things, vaccines, motionsickness ect. well, in the motion sick ess segment, the booster seat the girl was in didnt have the seat belt threaded through the red positioner...
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    Marathon Teather Strap in fraying....

    So, i just cleaned up DD's Marathon to use for DS. Now the seat technically only has a year left but the back teather is fraying.... WWYD? im sure Britax wont do anything about it, i mean, what can they do, its the back teather, i dont see how i could replace it....
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    How does this look

    So I got the my ride installed.... If u need more angles let me know
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    My Ride pics please

    So i got DD;s My Ride installed yesterday, still needs a tightnening and all. But can i see some bigger kids either RF and FF so i can see how long the seat will last?? ODD outgrew her Marathon when she was 5.5, and she only outgrew it in seated height position.....i guess the myride is an extra...
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    MyRide,Nauti,Graco there hope for 3 across?

    So we just bought DD (3months old) a My Ride. I LOVE IT. DS almost 4 is in a Nauti and DD 6 is in a graco HBB. DH would love to get a sedan since our mini is there hope for those 3 to be put across? OR should i get rid of the myride for something else? im considering saving money to...

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