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  1. SafeDad

    Dvd player

    Hi Lois, What rear-facing car seat do you have? If the video screen is very well secured and your car seat model has an anti-rebound feature, such as an anti-rebound bar, a rear-facing tether or a load leg, then any risk of attaching a hard object to the vehicle head restraint is probably...
  2. SafeDad

    Chicco MyFit Harness + Booster in 2013 Toyota Camry

    Hi, I have merged your two threads. Chicco generally does not allow gaps like this, but you should verify in your manual if this applies to your model. At least on some versions of the Graco Nautilus, as one example, a small gap like in your photos may be acceptable in harness mode, but not...
  3. SafeDad

    Tether anchor retrofit for our 1996 Chevy Caprice

    For a typical 6-year old at 75 lbs, you can also use a backless booster. You still need a vehicle seat with a lap AND shoulder belt, like any booster. As mentioned, you would not need lower anchors or top tether attachment with a booster seat, though some offer these attachments for...
  4. SafeDad

    Chicco MyFit Harness + Booster in 2013 Toyota Camry

    Hi Nik, Fixed protruding head restraints can be an issue with many car seats and it's really hit or miss. With a Britax Grow With You, for one example, the top of the main shell fits just under the head restraint in some vehicles if you can really compress it into the seat cushion. Then the...
  5. SafeDad

    booster for larger kiddo

    What KQ said!
  6. SafeDad

    Carseat recommendation

    Hi Roxanne, welcome and congratulations! 3-across may be challenging in the Patriot. I don't know for certain if your current seats can be arranged with a new rear-facing only infant seat, but it's definitely possible. If your 11-year old can 5-step in the middle and there is adequate head...
  7. SafeDad

    Flying with 6 year old

    Right- the risk on airplanes is turbulance, rather than a crash like in a car. So, once kids are around 4 years and 40 pounds or so, the airplane seat lap belt should be sufficient to keep them from being thrown from their seat in turbulence. Of course, if they are prone to releasing...
  8. SafeDad

    Toddler Side Impact Test & Car Seat Selection

    Hello and welcome! Any seat sold legally in the USA most comply with all USA federal standards. Beyond that, manufacturers may also certify their products to proprietary or foreign standards in addition to the required ones. These are probably better than no side impact testing at all, but...
  9. SafeDad

    How to arrange 4 kids in 2007 Odyssey

    Maestro has somewhat lower limits than Nautilus. It's a fine choice for kids who are not larger than average and won't be using a harness to will beyond the usual transition point to a booster around 5 years old. Both lack the nice harness height adjuster found on premium models like Nautilus...
  10. SafeDad

    How to arrange 4 kids in 2007 Odyssey

    The older kids may be big enough by then such that they may be able to use the seatbelt on the airplane, but they'd still need a suitable restraint for the car of course. The toddler could use a lightweight seat like a Costco Scenera NEXT in the plane and car. The oldest should be big enough to...
  11. SafeDad

    How to arrange 4 kids in 2007 Odyssey

    Hello and Welcome! That's some good use out of the Coccoros! It is a very reasonable option for a typical 4-year old, 30+ pound child to transition to a combination harness/booster like the Nautilus. It's also fine for a 6-year old to use a booster, as long as they are mature enough to remain...
  12. SafeDad

    Combo seat or dedicated booster?

    Hello and welcome, What concerns do you have about the Nautilus Snuglock? Unless there are special circumstances, purchasing a combination harness/booster seat and using it forward-facing with the harness for a typical three year-old and passing down your Boulevard ClickTight rear-facing for a...
  13. SafeDad

    car seats on public transportation

    Many states have exceptions for children on public transit and sometimes even in taxicabs and/or limosuines. You would have to check your own state's law or local municipal laws to be sure. As for safety, on a full size city bus, an unrestrained child may not be "unsafe", but that would depend...
  14. SafeDad

    Best overall (and safest) convertible car seat: Clek Foonf vs Nuna Rava

    Hi Sara, they are both fine seats. The Foonf has the advantage that is it is narrow and can fit in some vehicle middle seats where others can't, and that also helps if you have an adjacent passenger or carseat. Foonf does have a little higher learning curve with some of its features. Rava is...
  15. SafeDad

    car seats on public transportation

    Theoretically, yes. Practically, no. I think it's very likely that even if it was compatible and you had the space to work with other riders, you may end up spending more time trying to install it with the child in the seat than it would take to get to your destination.
  16. SafeDad

    car seats on public transportation

    If the bus has a normal seatbelt system, you could only use it to install a type of child seat that is compatible with that system. Much depends on the type of locking mechanism. For example, some lap belt systems could be used to install a rear-facing car seat. A shoulder belt would be...
  17. SafeDad

    Best high back booster

    I agree with Ketchupqueen- it really depends also on their age and maturity, even if they are at the 40 pound minimum weight for most high back boosters. Some boosters will pivot at the bottom to conform to the vehicle seat recline to some extent, of course that only helps if your rear seats...
  18. SafeDad

    Car Seat Help for VW Bus

    Hello Marie, Unfortunately, in many classic cars, there is simply no way to safely restrain passengers. Due to the lack of modern safety features such as crumple zones, high strength steel, airbags, top tether anchors for forward-facing child restraints and others, all passengers are at much...
  19. SafeDad

    Help! How much to ship a baby car seat

    I feel like this is a test lol. I show $81 at Might want to check UPS or Fedex, I leave that an an exercise to the reader;-)
  20. SafeDad

    Graco nautilus 65 rear facing?

    Hi Joe, the Nautilus and other combination harness/booster models are not suitable for a child under 2 years old. A convertible car seat or all-in-one model used rear-facing is the right choice for a child that age and weight. Most of these models will keep a child rear-facing to well beyond 2...

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