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  1. ketchupqueen

    Tether anchor retrofit for our 1996 Chevy Caprice

    It sounds like you may be using a combination seat (harnessed seat that converts to a booster) for your older child. Do you happen to know which one? And is the belt positioned well on her currently, with the lap belt flat on the lap and the shoulder belt crossing her shoulder at the center...
  2. ketchupqueen

    booster for larger kiddo

    If a conventional booster isn't giving good fit but positioning is needed the Right Guide is a good thing to try. The Solana does fit large kids well too. I'm with you on disappointment the Incognito is gone. There are vests as an alternative if nothing else works, but that is a pain for every...
  3. ketchupqueen

    Tether anchor retrofit for our 1996 Chevy Caprice

    Hi! You can't make an anchor. If your child does well in a booster, that's an appropriate choice. If a child can't rear face and isn't booster ready (Thinking when the 4 year old turns) there are 3 choices: 1. Use a conventional seat without the tether. A few seats do not allow this at any...
  4. ketchupqueen

    Combo seat or dedicated booster?

    I agree with all of this!
  5. ketchupqueen

    Clek Foonf rigid latch release ISSUE

    Hi! You're unlikely to get a reply from the OP as the post is from 2015. However, if you contact Clek, they should be able to help you.
  6. ketchupqueen

    Graco nautilus 65 rear facing?

    The good news is that there are lots of seats on the market now that realistically accommodate very large children rear facing to 2 and beyond, with 40-50 lb rear facing weight limits and high height limits.
  7. ketchupqueen

    Toddler Side Impact Test & Car Seat Selection

    The best place to check whether manufacturers voluntarily comply with a foreign side impact standard is their websites. If they say "side impact tested" but don't say to what standard, you could contact them to ask whether their internal standard complies with any published standard.
  8. ketchupqueen

    Flying with 6 year old

    Another consideration is what you intend to use on the other end. If you intend to use a harnessed seat, use it on the plane to protect it from damage. Otherwise, carry on the booster or have one waiting at the other end.
  9. ketchupqueen

    Best overall (and safest) convertible car seat: Clek Foonf vs Nuna Rava

    We can't know how seats perform against each other but I'm very fond of certain features as potential benefits. I like rebound control (the Foonf has an ARB, anti rebound bar, for that) and for larger kids I really like a forward rotation limiting feature (the Foonf or Fllo has a Q tether...
  10. ketchupqueen

    car seats on public transportation

    Another thing to consider is what type of seats there are. Typical city buses have no belts and hard plastic seats. Private shuttles and some specialty services often have side-facing seats, on which a seat can't be properly installed. Coaches often have contoured seats with non locking belts...
  11. ketchupqueen

    Best high back booster

    Hi! A few boosters, including the Peg Perego Flex 120 and the Clek Oobr, have recline options, and the Cybex boosters allow tilting back the head portion only. That said, if a child can't stay upright when asleep, he may not be ready for a booster. How old? I start teaching my children to...
  12. ketchupqueen

    Car Seat Help for VW Bus

    Of note, the Safeguard STAR and other cam wrap systems can only be used on a reinforced school bus seat that meets federal school bus standards. If your bus seats don't meet that standard that's a no-go. You mention the ceiling won't support an anchor; would the floor support a heavy duty...
  13. ketchupqueen

    Car seat expiration

    Hi! Most car seats made in 2015 will expire 2021 or later. There are a couple exceptions. What brand is your car seat?
  14. ketchupqueen

    Test (test)

    This is a test
  15. ketchupqueen

    2019 Community Car Seat Picks- Suggestions wanted!

    What are your favorite seats? What is your go-to recommendation, or one you love to use yourself, or wish you had a reason to buy? We're updating the recommended seats list and would love your input. Please suggest any favorites: Rear-facing only, convertibles, combination seats, high backed...
  16. ketchupqueen

    A Faith-Based Argument for Car Seat and Seatbelt Use Following Best Practice

    Note: this is a repost of my previous blog post which was posted on my profile blog on this site, which no longer exists, so it will still be available for linking on other sites. As a CPST, I frequently hear (or hear stories of) comments like "Well, we have faith that God will keep us safe" or...
  17. ketchupqueen

    Graco Contender $98

    Currently $98.07 with Prime shipping! Glacier only.
  18. ketchupqueen

    In Search Of Wanted: GO

    IMMI or Dorel version, I'm not picky, expiring 2018 or later; never crashed or checked please. Let me know what you have! Not needed immediately so if you want to use it one last time but will have available by autumn that would work for me...
  19. ketchupqueen

    This doesn't exist right?

    My 9 year old just moved from a Boost Air to a Connext. She loves not having to remember to buckle in the booster, but misses the flip-up arm rests for easy buckling. There's not a backless booster with nice deep leg support and flip-up arm rests and LATCH, right? Yes, I've considered the...
  20. ketchupqueen

    News Evenflo will now sell harness covers for select seats they are not provided with

    From their FAQ: "Harness covers are provided with some Evenflo car seats. For models not sold with harness covers, they are available for purchase from ParentLink for the following models: Maestro combination car seat SecureKid combination car seat SureRide/Titan 65 convertible car seat Only...

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