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  1. Brigala

    Car-Seat.Org Email Issues

    It seems to be working now.
  2. Brigala

    Car-Seat.Org Email Issues

    Hey, Darren. I logged in due to Facebook being down (LOL) and I've lost access to, like, everything. There was a message in my CSO inbox about not being able to reach me via my email address (which has not changed). I updated a little profile info but I'm still not able to get to the community...
  3. Brigala

    Safety 1st onBoard™35 LT infant car seat p

    The Onboard is actually one of my favorite seats. I miss the higher-end versions they used to make (the one I had for my girls 10 years ago had a lock-off on the base and a really easy to use height adjustment system; but it did cost more). But I work with the current models on a regular basis...
  4. Brigala

    Four kids in a Yukon XL or something similar?

    I was able to get a Britax Boulevard ClickTight rear facing in the back of a 2000 Suburban, but it was really tight and I had to remove the head rest in the 2nd row to make it fit (which was OK because I had another car seat there). I've been able to get a Graco 4Ever Platinum rear facing in...
  5. Brigala

    Whiz Rider?

    Same. There are some glaring issues that might not affect safety, but many of us believe would affect legality. Their design is similar to one that the Ride Safer Travel Vest used for their "Version 3" tetherless vest a few years ago - but they admitted that this version of the vest was not...
  6. Brigala

    Harmony Folding Booster

    No, it's been vaporware for YEARS. Long before COVID reared its ugly head. I've been watching for its retail release since about 2015.
  7. Brigala

    Harmony Folding Booster

    Yeah, Aeryn actually never rode in it!! She was still in a harness about the same time that mine was expiring, and even if it hadn't expired she probably would have been at or near the height limit at that time. Alexandra would use one if I had it though, as she is MUCH smaller - only about 44"...
  8. Brigala

    Harmony Folding Booster

    Can I just say how sad I am that the Harmony World Traveler booster is vaporware? I have an expired Harmony Folding Booster in my basement that I need to destroy. Not just for the folding capabilities, but for how narrow it is, I really want to replace it with another one just like it. It's...
  9. Brigala

    Convertible Car Seat for 2-Door Honda Civic?

    I can't promise it will fit well, but if budget truly is VERY flexible, you might see if anyplace in your area carries the Cybex Sirona S that you could check for fit. If it fits, the rotating feature might be really useful for you in your 2 door vehicle. Check Buy Buy Baby if you have one, or a...
  10. Brigala

    Vehicle/seat recommendations

    I agree that for 6 children you really want something that has at least 4 rows and can accommodate more than 8. You never know when that 6th kid turns out to be twins or something. NV Passenger, Ford Transit, or a small used preschool bus (which I've seen recently for a large family and worked...
  11. Brigala

    Vehicle/seat recommendations

    It looks like 2016-2017 Ford Transit Passenger vans are available in your general price range. I think I'd start my search there.
  12. Brigala

    Vehicle/seat recommendations

    Since she is rear facing her 38 lb. 3 year old, I think it's safe to say yes, she's probably familiar with the benefits of extended rear facing. Let me poke around and see what kinds of cars I can find in that price range. :)
  13. Brigala

    Vehicle/seat recommendations

    What is your budget for a vehicle? Comfortably fitting six car-seat aged children in any one vehicle is a tall order, but it can be done. It would help to know what your "ceiling" is. The new Kia Telluride and its cousin the Hyundai Palisade look very promising for large families, but as these...
  14. Brigala

    Car seat in classic car

    Without seeing the car, it's hard to be sure. Most lap/shoulder seat belts are fine with boosters, and they don't have to be equipped with a pre-crash locking mechanism. But the belts DO need to be able to lock on impact in a crash, and if the classic car was retrofitted with aftermarket...
  15. Brigala

    Truck safety for carseat

    The situation really depends. How old is the truck? Does it have air bags? Does it have top tethers? Is the seat rear or forward facing? Does the air bag turn off with a key or switch? What does the truck manual say? There isn't a one-size fits all answer to this question. Some situations may...
  16. Brigala

    Replacement seats after automobile theft

    I have a Rodifix and like it a lot, although it's seen very little use in my house as I got it only to discover my child wasn't booster ready until she was too tall for it (long story and nothing to do with the booster not being tall enough or anything, she just has special needs and is super...
  17. Brigala

    ISO Coccoro Sets

    I have Licorice. It's off an old one so the insert is the one-piece design that they used to have. I only have one strap cover though. I am trying to find the other one... It's in pretty good shape. This seat was only used a few times before Grape came out and Licorice went into the spare cover...
  18. Brigala

    Free or reduced carseats for family in need.

    I don't think there are any programs that are going to be able to help her purchase a Radian. I would recommend she take the money she has and buy her daughter an affordable seat that will last her baby through Kindergarten, such as the Evenflo Titan65/SureRide or Evenflo Sonus or maybe a Graco...
  19. Brigala

    05 Chevy Silverado crew cab

    The Silverado/Sierra Crew Cab (make sure it really is a crew cab, not an Extended Cab) is very car set friendly. We have a 2012 but I've worked in model years all over the place including older ones and they are generally very easy to install in. Some things to watch for: The center position...

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