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    I have our 3yr old daughter's rainier FF in a 2012 camry (center seat belt install). Please just reassure me that if it doesn't move an inch side to side with one hand pulling/pushing it is good...despite my being able to move it about an inch with two hands firmly yanking and forcing it...
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    LATCH limits 2012 Camry + DIONO

    Sorry, I did try to search for the answer first... What is the LATCH limit in a 2012 Camry with a FF 2013 Radian and a FF 2015 Rainier? In Canada if that matters.
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    Ranier Questions

    I have a new Rainer and a few questions with it as it is slightly different than our Radian. There was/is some foam type packaging under the head wings in the track. It isn't Styrofoam like my radian had but is rather like the sheets of foamy stuff that packages come wrapped in. Do I leave it...
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    Canada, 2012 Camry Combination seat

    I am looking for recommendations for a Canadian combination seat that will have a great install in the centre of our 2015 camry. It needs to have a high height limit for harness mode. Our 2.5 yr old, approximately 32lb 38(ish) inch daughter is now forward facing in her Radian and is on the...
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    flying with radian tips

    I'm traveling alone with my 2.5yr old tomorrow. I bought a Samsonite travel cart for the radian. It fits on it nice, the cart has a built in bungee cord to secure it. The cart folds small and is a bit narrower than the radian. My carryon bag fits on the car seat under the bungee so it (and my...
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    2010 Hyundai elantra touring + radian

    Anyone know if a FF radian fits well in a 2010 Hyundai elantra touring? We will be flying to visit family and they have a new (to them) car. I can have my brother install one of their extra seats before we arrive if the radian will be difficult to install at the airport. I'd prefer to use our...
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    FF radian

    My 37", 31lb two year old is now forward facing in a radian. I'm curious about the head wings. The straps are above her shoulders (2nd from top straps). It seems like I have to keep the headwings above the straps right - otherwise the seat is hard to tighten which implies the headwings...
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    Middle seat use

    I would really prefer my daughter to be in the center but it just looks off to me every time I try. We have a 2012 camry. The center distance between the two buckles (drivers buckle and center buckle is only about 11". There is no overlap on the seat belts. But this 11" means that their is...
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    Chase for air travel?

    Would an evenflo Chase be a decent seat for air travel? We leave on Sunday for a 4hr flight to Cuba (from Canada). My understanding is we will not be using the seat once we land, as we'll travel by large tour bus to our resort and it is rare to find a taxi (or other vehicle) that has any seat...
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    travelling, vest help?

    We are looking to travel for 2 weeks in February. Cuba for a beach resort with some possible day trips. I am wondering if a travel vest would be helpful to us. Our daughter will be 23months old at the time. She is currently about 29lbs, 35inches with a long torso. She tends to wear size 3...
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    light-weight locking latch plate confirmation

    I looked up the instructions on here and I would like to just confirm I did this correct as it was very different for me. I just installed an Evenflo Triumph rear facing in the back of my mom's 2000 cavalier. It is level to the ground, and it does indeed rear face to 40lbs (I had previously...
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    Uh-oh Help!

    We are using my nephews car seat while visiting my mom over the holidays. My brother was kind enough to install it rear facing in my mom's tiny 2 door car. He is pretty good with installs and it seems solid. I decided to google the manual for the seat to make sure it is on the right recline...
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    Winter gear system

    Not sure if this is of help to anyone but this system is working great for us. We have a 19month old RF daughter and I care for a 23month old 3 days a week, so I have her car seat RF in our camry as well. With the colder and soggy weather upon us (we're in Canada) I have found it difficult...
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    What are we doing wrong?

    I hear a lot of people saying they don't adjust the harness on their seats. I can't tell if we are doing something wrong or if we just have a weird kid but we have to do some pretty big adjustments. We have a 19month old (about 27#, 35" and long torso) in a rear facing Radian GTX. We try to...
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    honda accord RF

    Hi. My daughter will be with a sitter this Saturday and Sunday. They have a 2010 (ish) Honda Accord. I will install her seat Saturday morning for the weekend. She is 19 months, rear facing in our car in a Radian (with AA). We also have Titan 65 that we could use. Will they both fit rear...
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    snow pants

    I tried searching past posts but couldn't find anything...despite knowing this has likely been asked many times. I have my own 18month old (RF in radian) and a 22month old I care for 3 days a week (RF in titan 65). We will be doing outings throughout the winter which will require us to walk...
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    rf touching front head rest?

    I have a 22month old that I now take care of. Her parents bought a Titan 65 so I can rear face her in my car. I got a great install behind the passenger seat (my daughter is rf behind driver). We have a 2012 camry. I know seats can't touch the front seat but is it ok if the Titan slightly...
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    1 inch per year

    Just curious. I often hear that we can predict that most children will grow about 1" per year in height. But...when does this 1" per year on average start? Is it when they are school age, preschool age? I'm just a tad worried as our 18month old grew 2.5" in the last 3 months and is now off...
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    Honda Elantra + Graco Clic Connect

    I am out of town visiting family and spent the evening with my 35week pregnant friend. She asked me to check their car seat install. I don't have all the details but she drives a Honda Elantra (not positive on year but 3ish years old). I only installed the base and didn't see the infant...
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    new seat for plane canada

    I need a new seat for the plane ASAP since my husband is no longer able to come for our trip to visit family this Friday. We have a Radian RXT that I have no desire to try and wrangle through the airport without my husband with my 16month old in tow. I am not bringing a stroller...just my kid...

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