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    StratoFix and Unite

    Hi! I remember hearing about the StratoFix and Unite a couple years ago. Did those ever come to fruition? I was helping out a friend with finding a forward facing seat and thought of those two randomly as options. Thanks!
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    Advanced Air Bags

    Hi! Does anyone know what weight is required to turn the passenger airbag on in the front seat? I can't turn on the advanced airbag in my brothers car :( If the airbag won't turn on what would you do in that situation? Thanks!
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    Booster with no headrests

    Hi! I will have my former nanny kids part of next weekend, but no longer have seats for them. 8.5yo is very tall, maybe even 4'9" and we have struggled with the lack of headrests in my car before. Last time I saw her in January she was almost too tall for the headrest using the Graco Connext...
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    Occasional Seat

    Hi! I have been car seat free in my car for 5 months now, but am starting to think I should get a seat to keep in my trunk just in case. My best friend has a 2yo, 4yo, and is 7mo pregnant. We have run into a situation for tomorrow morning that might require me to transport 4yo and I only have a...
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    Rear Facing Height Clarification

    Hi! I was reading over the Rear Facing section on "Car Seat Basics" today and was hoping to get some clarification on the height limit. It mentions the 1" rule which I am familiar with but it mentions the head even with the shell which is one I had never heard before (quoted below). Just wanted...
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    Good Price for Diono RXT?

    Went to a store tonight, most of the things are damaged boxes and they had a ton of car seats. The RXT was $142 with the angle adjuster and some other accessory bundled with it for $7. Are these a good deal? Others were a Prezi ($150), Frontier 85 ($125), Orbit Toddler ($230), Peg Convertible...
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    How to ship a Nautilus?

    Graco is buying our Nautilus Elite back from us to take a look at a broken piece (and because they no longer sell the Nautilus Elite?), but they don't cover shipping costs back to them. So how is the cheapest way to ship it? We also have an extra back that will go back with it which we have to...
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    Shortest nbb?

    Hi! What is the shortest booster? My car doesn't have headrests and the Parkway will not be available for me to use this weekend (watching my former nanny kids for the weekend). 8.5yo is just a smidge too tall in the LiteRider so I need a seat maybe an inch shorter. Does one exist that isn't...
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    Piece Broken on Nautilus

    Hi! I was helping my friend with her Nautilus Elite (I think that is the name, it has lock offs) and noticed a piece broken. It is on the back of the seat where the harness slots are, a small piece of clear plastic at the base of the shield type thing for where the harness comes out of the slot...
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    Loose Nautilus Headrest

    Hi! I just installed my nanny kid's Nautilus and noticed the headrest is very loose and rattles. Is this normal? I hadn't noticed before but it has been installed for about a month so no need to mess with the headrest. On the 1st height it is fine, but anything higher than that it moves back...
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    SG Clip

    Hi! How do I remove the SG clip for the Parkway SG? My nanny kid is 8yo, 70lbs, and probably around 4'8". Neither of us really like the added step of the clip and I feel like she is big enough to not need it. The manual only shows how to adjust the length but not to remove it. I have tried...
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    Graco Affix?

    In my endless search for the perfect booster I just came across this Anyone know anything about it? I like that it has Latch! Sorry, couldn't find anything about it here so thought I would ask. Thanks!
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    Booster Suggestions

    Today I tried out the Britax Parkway in my car, and unfortunately it hits the door frame and is pressed very tightly against the rear window. Is that ok? Car is a 2006 Nissan Sentra. Nanny kid is about to outgrow (or already did) the Turbo Booster high back. I am living elsewhere this summer...
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    Car Seat Shopping Comments

    Tonight I brought my friend out to Babies R Us to get her kids a new seat. While comparing seats (for over an hour) we received some interesting comments from employees. The guy talking to us told us Britax was all marketing and another lady walked by and told us we would be paying for a name...
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    Seat for Large Almost 2yo

    Hi! I think it is time for me to get a seat in my car for my godson. He will be 2 on the 30th. I would love to RF him, but the problem is that he has outgrown the triumph advance RFing (less than 1" above this head and over 35lbs). Is there any budget seat I could RF him in? I know that is the...
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    Bergan Tether

    My roommate lost our dog's Bergan tether :( While I wait to get a new one or find the old one what would you suggest for car rides? I have my nanny kids in the car plus pup today. Would you be comfortable with a latch strap off a damaged Nautilus back? It clips just find onto the tether loops...
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    Safest way to transport new car seat?

    I need some advise... Today I got 2 new car seats for my nanny kid, one for the parents and one for fill in sitters (I have my own seat I use for him). Tomorrow I need to bring at least one up to their house, but the boxes don't even come close to fitting in my trunk. So in my car I will need to...
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    Seat for Babysitters?

    Hi! I am the nanny to a 4yo and 7yo and am taking the summer off and taking my car seat with me. So the little one needs a seat for the temporary sitter's car. He is right on 40lbs and 40in. And right at or just a hair above the 2nd slots of the Nautilus. So which seat would you suggest? It...
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    Graco Backorder

    Sorry for all the questions recently but one more question. I contacted Graco about stress marks on my Nautilus in November. They said they would get a new back shipped out. A few weeks later I called and they said it would be here in 3 weeks. In January they told me it would be here in early...
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    Which booster next?

    Thinking ahead for my nanny kid. She (K) is 7.5yo, around 65 or 70lbs, and maybe 54in. Here is the car situation... I drive a 2006 Nissan Sentra with non moveable headrests in the back. I drive K and her younger brother N. K recently got a back for her Turbo Booster because she got too tall...

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