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    Anyone near Pittsburgh - 2 cow fr85s, 2 nextfits

    Twins are in boosters so shuffling many car seats - anyone local have interest? 2 cow fr85s, all pads, excellent condition, one has taped foam on headrest (the usual, toddler grabbing while coverless and breaking it deal), other foam is fine. I was thinking $150 each, I don't know what is...
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    What happened to the Britax bike seat?

    Anyone know? It hasn't been available for a while now on Amazon. I've been using a Topeak but had to take the rack off to be able to use a trail-a-bike and if the Britax design works on my bike I think it might work around that (not to be able to use both at the same time but to be able to use...
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    All terrain stroller where the child can sit up well?

    I don't know how else to phase is. I have an old Bob (2007 I think) that has served me well and handles great outside and all - but I think my son is getting tired of feeling like he is sitting in a hole when we walk. The seat is just so slumpy. For now, walking is just in the mall since it...
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    Anyone gotten through to Graco for non-buckle issues lately?

    I ordered an affix from amazon and I can't assemble it - the part in the base where the right arm clicks in is deformed. Problem is I already clicked in the left arm before I realized this, and I don't think I can get the left arm back out - which means it won't go back in the box and I can't...
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    How is Chicco's customer service?

    I really want to get a studio nextfit and sell my mystique but I am afraid of the fabric getting weird/pilly over time since it is textured and different. Anyone ever have them replace a cover if it doesn't hold up well??
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    Price check - classic MA cowmoo covers

    I think I am ready to part with them. One is from a wrecked seat and the other is from a spare that I really don't need any more and can't justify keeping one of my radians if I don't get it out of here (it expires this month) One is in decent shape with a little baldness at the top back...
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    Broken foam in headrest of fr85

    I had my fr85s apart for cleaning and my 2yo pulled out the headrest foam and snapped it in half. I quickly removed the other one and put both out of reach. Then I tried to call Britax but they are closed today for weather. Is this one of those cases where you can put it back together with...
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    Name of booster in carseatblog header pic?

    What is the booster that the girl is sitting in on the far right of the header pic? Looks like there is a hole in the headrest part? Link to make it easy:
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    Do any boosters besides Recaro have latch that doesn't tighten?

    Trying to decide if I want to keep the recaro boosters we just got. They are super comfy and solid for the kid. Kid of hard to buckle due to how wide they are. The latch part is ... I won't say useless but it is puzzling. I KNOW the point of latch is so the seat won't become a...
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    Recaro booster narrow in shoulders for bigger kids?

    I need 3 boosters - 1 for husband's car, 2 for mine. They need to come in pink, purple, and red. (OK, "need" is subjective) I'd like them to latch. The only boosters I have used before are turboboosters and my main complaint was they are short. I have been eyeballing the Affix anyway...
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    What color is Tango (parkway) irl?

    I can't tell if it is red and black or red and dark brown. Anyone have one?
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    The only thing I don't like about our nextfit is digging the straps/buckles out from under my kid's butt when I put him in. I'm wondering if the lulaclips really help. I don't quite get how they attach to the seat though. Are they magnetic? Wouldn't a kid just rip them off? Are they meant...
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    Has anyone bought a Juno nextfit?

    I'm dying to know how it looks irl. It looks like a sinus infection on line. Does it look any better in person?
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    How well does your child sleep in the radian?

    Forward facing? In a convoluted way, the answer will determine whether or not to return the roundabout 50 that I have hidden in my 10yo's closet. (trust me, it is quite convoluted. I am the best overthinker I know.) My radians are rxt's if it matters. I'd like to get a 120 but they are...
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    ISO soft gray and/or black cover for rxt

    I think it's storm? The soft gray one, not the slippery dark plaid one. But trek or that darker one for the fancier rxt will do, too.
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    Checking interest - red and blue turbo booster covers?

    For high back turbo boosters. They were from the ones with the luxury foam but I am not selling the foam part. If interest, I can include pics. One is red and black, one is blue and black.
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    Affix LATCH slippage

    I've read of this problem and went to the store to look at the seat and sure enough due to the design you can easily pull one side without pulling the lever. However - if you tie the straps together in front - just one go around, not a double knot or anything - no slippage. Solid as can be...
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    Are there radians in countries other than the US/Canada?

    When Sunshine Kids became "Diono" and a lot of people speculated it was to hide from the superlatch mess, Diono claimed it was so as to have a more "global" sounding name. But looking at their website - I haven't snooped every single country yet - it seems like the US and Canada are the only...
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    Does anyone else dislike non-handed latch connectors?

    I freely admit I probably only notice this because of the weird spot in my van I keep trying to find a seat that works - center of 2nd row, new odyssey - but I keep feeling like if X seat didn't have non-handed LATCH, it MIGHT work. Does anyone else not like them? I don't have a problem with...

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