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  1. emtb79

    ISO: Kiddy world Plus

    I am looking for a Kiddy World Plus not picky on the color. I just don't want to pay a small fortune for a new one that would get used maybe 2-3x a month in the grandparent's car.
  2. emtb79

    pictures of newborn on my ride

    This is Nate at a week in a my ride.
  3. emtb79

    Can I SEE your Radians?

    These ar my plum and cobalt pictures
  4. emtb79

    Fit opinions

    So Nate just had 4 month well baby and so his primary seat is the CCO in moms car and the little van. I took the insert out but after looking at Chely's picture of T4 I need opinions on Nate. The blue was from yesterday and the others are from 2 weeks ago. He's 14lbs 15.5oz and 25in.
  5. emtb79

    My new van set up

    I have an Ford E-350 12 Passenger van for the daycare. I have 7 daycare kids and mine. J-7, B-6, S-6, M-5, K-3, K-2, A-7 months, Nate-2months. We have 2 setups one fore school days and another non school days. In my work of new setup I found only one set of seats that couldnt fit on my benches 3...
  6. emtb79

    WHat do you guys think??

    I have a Ford E-350 and in the second bench row I'm tried to put all my Frontiers on the bench. They fit sorta. Would you guys be comfortable with it or just put the 3rd one back on the 1st bench. Just because it looks pretty. Now the important shot.
  7. emtb79

    Dang adjuster strap fraying

    Ive heard you guys talk about this and Ive seen pictures of it but Ive never seen or heard of it happening in a seat that is just only 4 weeks into its use. And dang it the customer relations are in training until 11:45 AM.
  8. emtb79

    ISO: A very Specific binky

    Nate is showing his very picky side on binkies. Im looking for Gerber nuk genius binkies. I have checked all the local stores and they dont have them anymore. Im looking for 6-12M or 6-18M whatever the size happens to be. These are what im looking for.
  9. emtb79

    What color combinations have you made with a Cocorro

    I have a black one and will be getting a new cover well new to me and another CCO with orange maybe. What funny combos have you come of up. Visuals would be great.:D
  10. emtb79

    I've taught my daycare kids right.

    This morning I have my girls(Sydnee, Margarete, Hannah) sitting there playing with the dollhouse complete with car and carseats. The girls are playing with the car and babies. Margarete: Here Sydnee your turn with the car. Sydnee removed the car seat from the backseat and the groceries from...
  11. emtb79

    Would you still use the lock off?

    I was trying to put the True Fit back in again after taking it out and then did this to the dumb lock off. The lock off now has those sort of stress marks now.
  12. emtb79

    Give me seat ideas

    I am finally trading in my Roundabout 40 during the trade in event. I thought I had my mind made up on the My ride 65. I definitely want a convertible I think. :rolleyes: I have currently that rear-faces a BLVD70,MR65, TFP, and a SR30 and SR35. I also have the 2 Radians but I got them for the...
  13. emtb79

    Has anyone seen this? The ARGOS on Presale Expected in September 2011.
  14. emtb79

    Well today was Craptastic

    I had to go get one of my daycare charges from school 2 hour early dismissal. Then another one of my boys goes to another school and I missed his bus and I had to go to the school to retrieve him off the bus. Then the gas was low so I had to go to get gas. Im sitting in line to get gas and this...
  15. emtb79

    Vent: My Adoption Agency and Carseats

    My adoption agency lady sent out a mass email to the waiting parents, stating that she had just taken the CPST class and wow she learned alot of stuff great. Best part was she learned that we dont have to have a bucket seat we can use a convertible to take the baby home. But the best part was...
  16. emtb79

    OT: Seat belt extender

    Im not sure where to put this topic so I apologize ahead of time if its in the wrong spot, my seat belt fits me not so great I have room in the length of the belt but no matter how I move the belt height adjuster it is still on my neck. So I searched a found extenders on Ebay, but was still...
  17. emtb79

    Belt Shortnening Clip

    So I have finally figured out my van has a broken seat belt and the only way to use the belt with the shortening clip. I called Ford and the have never heard of one. SO now what do I do?
  18. emtb79

    Selt Belt is not working right

    SO Ive just got my big van out of the shop and the little baby left so I removed the base and began to retract the seat belt only to find it wouldnt go back in. SO now it is flappy in the van. I have taken a locking clip and basically tied it up so none of the kids get caught up in it or...
  19. emtb79

    My take on the Snugride

    Thats supposed to be Snugride 30. I sold my SR35 because i thought of course I had my 2 babies and they were out of the carriers. Well one of them left for difference of opinions. Well now I get a new little daycare baby :D great reason to buy a new seat right? So I bought the Snugride 30 B is...
  20. emtb79

    Awsome car seat today

    In my little county in Southern MD, St Mary's county. I sighted 4 awsome sighting in 2 different cars. One I parked next to with 2 rear-facing cowmoo seats. The other was a Isuzu suv with 2 Radian XT's one Petal the other Bently. And my county is pretty much what you can find that is the least...

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