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  1. PikkuMyy

    Carpooling to a birthday party

    I feel like this is the only place I can vent about this, knowing that others will understand where I'm coming from. My 7 year old was invited to a birthday party this coming Friday. School ends at 3:30 and the party is at 4, 20-30 minute drive from the school depending on traffic. The birthday...
  2. PikkuMyy

    Evenflo SureRide RF height limit changed from 40" to 37"

    I had a parent contact me today regarding a discrepancy between the RF height limit listed on the box and the manual of an Evenflo SureRide she bought last week. In one place on the box, it says 37" and another 40". The manual says 37". I looked up the manual online and sure enough, Evenflo...
  3. PikkuMyy

    Booster with a locking shoulder belt guide?

    I'm looking for a booster with a shoulder belt guide that locks. I know the Rodifix fits that bill but it's not in the budget. My son has a Graco Turbo w/SS in his dad's car ('98 Monte Carlo). Recently, I noticed that he has not been riding safely due to his father's carelessness. :/ I decided...
  4. PikkuMyy

    Harmony Folding Booster review with lots of pictures + video!

    We've had this seat for about a month now. I finally got a chance to take pictures/video of the seat in use. Overall, I like it, but no seat is perfect. My vehicle is a 2008 Mazda 5. I have not been able to test this booster in a 3 across situation. One of the reasons I got the Mazda 5 was to...
  5. PikkuMyy

    '97 Geo Tracker with soft top -- Safest place for 8 yo?

    A friend of mine called me earlier with a question and I don't have a clear answer. Her daughter, E, will be 8 in October and rides in a Graco Turbo. E's father has a Geo Tracker (year unknown) with a soft top. The back seat has no head restraints and my friend is also concerned with the lack...
  6. PikkuMyy

    Lands End Down Jacket OK in car seat/booster?

    This is a new item at Land's End but I'm wondering if anyone has had a chance to try it out in a car seat/booster? Sending my son to school with a thin enough jacket for his car seat was a problem last year. I would usually have him wear the fleece layer of his 3-in-1 Columbia jacket and send...
  7. PikkuMyy

    Differences between Snugride 35 Classic vs Click Connect?

    I've Googled to my heart's content with no luck, so I come to the experts. :) I know that the bases and how the seat connects is different, but are the height of the harness slots the same? More specifically, would a Graco Click Connect 35 accommodate a preemie well?
  8. PikkuMyy

    Britax Diplomat rear-facing height limit?

    I've read the CR manual and the CSO spreadsheet. The CR manual says that the child's head must be 1" or more below the shell. CSO spreadsheets says 40" is the max. I know the new Britax seats go by the outer shell and the child's head must be 1" below that. Does the same pertain to the older...
  9. PikkuMyy

    Radian RF boot pushing firmly against buckle stalk. Bad or ok?

    I'm trying to get a 3 across in my '98 Lexus es300. My 6 year old son rides in an FR85 and I just bought a Radian R120 to use with my nephew (19 months). I also carpool and the 9 year old needs to fit in a NB booster in the back (I have several options). I have the FR85 installed outboard...
  10. PikkuMyy

    Graco Headwise 70 LATCH connectors and recline angle indicator different than Size 4 Me/My Size 70

    I went to Target a few days ago and checked out the Graco Headwise 70. At first sight, it looks very much like the Size 4 Me and My Size 70. It seems a little more padded but lacks energy absorbing foam along the sides. I know some of you wondered if there was more foam. I only found it in the...
  11. PikkuMyy

    Stress marks on Bubble Bum belt guides?

    I just took a brand new Bubble Bum out of its packaging. It looks like there are stress marks around the holes on one belt guide but not the other. Should I be concerned or not a big deal? I tried taking a picture but wasn't terribly successful. It looks white and spider web-ish around the...
  12. PikkuMyy

    Will a Bubble Bum work in place of Literider when limited head support is a concern?

    I want to try to squeeze a Bubble Bum here. It would be for a 6 year old that is about the same size as my almost 6 year old. The top of my son's ears are just about even with the seat back with a Literider in that position. Would a BB be lower, giving more head support? A vest is not an...
  13. PikkuMyy

    change in carpooling set up--WWYD

    The time has come. My son has outgrown the Evenflo Maestro by weight. :( It's the only seat I have that fit in my narrow center seat without covering the outboard buckle stalks. I carpool 9 and 12 year old sisters. The 12 year old is turning 13 next month. My back seat only has head restraints...
  14. PikkuMyy

    The small things in life bring joy to a rookie tech like me!

    I did a private seat check at work yesterday. RF Graco My Ride in a '98 Volvo. I was *so* excited when I realized it had a switchable latchplate!! It looked like this: Mom was also excited when I told her the locking clip...
  15. PikkuMyy

    Frontier 85 in third row of Mazda 5 (2008)

    How does the FR85 install in the 3rd row of a 2008 Mazda 5? Are there tether anchors back there and will the LBB work with the seat belts? We're supposed to be going on a mini-trip with friends tomorrow. The plan is to squeeze 3 children and 3 adults in there. Should be fun, right? ;) Their...
  16. PikkuMyy

    All new seats at Target! A few Evenflo Sureride (Titan 65) pictures!

    I stopped by a different Target today to see if they had further reduced prices on their clearance car seats. I was shocked to find an aisle full of new style seats! So, naturally, I took pictures...while feeling like a weirdo. :P I had my 5.5 year old, ~46 inch, ~45 lb son sit in the Sureride...
  17. PikkuMyy

    Feedback on a seat check flyer

    I created two copies of this flyer. One has children's pictures that were approved for a flyer to be posted at the daycare where I work. I will not be posting that copy here. I made a second copy to post publicly and that is the one I'm posting here. The layout and info is the same as the other...
  18. PikkuMyy

    Friends keep friends safe

    Brianna and I got together today to play with some car seats. I ran out of space to safely transport seats in my car, so FR85 kept his friend Literider safe. ;)
  19. PikkuMyy

    I'm in need of a picture of an infant in an infant seat & big kid in a booster for a seat check flyer

    I'm working on a poster/flyer for a seat check event I'm arranging at the daycare where I work. The poster/flyer will only be posted/distributed to parents at the daycare. I want 4 pictures on the poster, each showing proper harness use: RF infant (in an infant seat), RF toddler, FF child...
  20. PikkuMyy

    Infant Seat for 2012 Toyota RAV4 & Mazda 3 Hatchback

    A good friend of mine is expecting a baby in December and just bought a 2012 Toyota RAV4. I've tried to get her to go look at car seats with me for a while now but she's been very busy with planning a move across state lines. They're moving to Nashville, TN on Saturday and there will not be a...

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