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  1. Lilsid

    RF Seat in 2014 Sienna

    I just bought a 2014 Sienna and need to take my neighbors 8 month old with me some times. I want to get her a convertible car seat for my van but I don't know which ones are compatible with my supper angled captains chairs.
  2. Lilsid

    Question The best car seat for a 5 year old.

    Its been a while since I have have done any car seat shopping, I thought I was set for a while. DS is 5 and weighs 41 lbs. he is 41" tall. I have him in a Boulevard 70 but I just realized he is at the top and has no more room to grow. He had a huge growth spurt lately. He rides fine in a...
  3. Lilsid

    Question What infant seat will fit in a 1997 Jeep Cherokee

    My girlfriend is 23 weeks Pregnant and we need help finding the best infant bucket for her 1997 Jeep Cherokee. She wants a bucket but she may not find one that will work in her car. She is 6'2" and her hubby is 6'6" so they are tall and need all the room they can get. I think they want a new car...
  4. Lilsid

    For Sale 0-6 month Peacock Costume

    SOLD thanks
  5. Lilsid

    In Search Of Boys 4/5t PJ's, Summer and Winter

    DS is out of PJ's we sold them and now I want to restock his drawers. Let me know what you have. We need Summer and Winter in 4/5T.
  6. Lilsid

    Regent for sale in AZ

  7. Lilsid

    Question Driving for a Field trip

    DD's first grade class is going on a last minute field trip. Her teacher asked parents to drive. I signed up so I can drive DD. I have an Odyssey so I have 4 extra seats for kids. DD's class is first, second, and third graders. DD goes to a Montessori school so its small and they can do these...
  8. Lilsid

    For Sale or Trade Pacifiers and clips

    DS no longer needs a binki so here they are. $5 shipped, I figure it will cover the shipping and the box.
  9. Lilsid

    Monterey issues

    DD is in a monterey booster in my van. It drives me crazy because the side wings will not stay in. I turn the knob in the back, but in one trip the wings are back out. It this common, or do I need to call on this. DD is 6.5 yrs old and 65 Lbs.
  10. Lilsid

    For Sale Boys Summer PJ's 24 Months

    SOLD Thanks
  11. Lilsid

    Infant seat that fits in a 2002 Odyssey

    We just bought a 2002 Honda Odyssey van tonight. I am expecting our 3rd baby in August. I know I want a baby bucket seat at first. What fits the best in my new van. My fav is the Keyfit 30, and my next are the Graco 30, 32, 35 seats. I am so confused on which is the most user friendly and fits...
  12. Lilsid

    DS Puked in his Blvd 70, Yuck

    Today on the way home from taking DD to school DS puked in the car in his Blvd 70. I have not had the pleasure of taking it all apart until today. Well, I am 9 weeks Pregnant and oh so grossed out and sick to my stomach. I took DS and his seat all out of the car together. DS had warm Strawberry...
  13. Lilsid

    Wool Longies Almost FFS

    New Born Wollies. $3 shipped Size 4T wool Longies $5 shipped
  14. Lilsid

    X style Carrier for 6+ months

    I loved this carrier. It was so easy to use and folds up so small. I was a size 14-16 when I used it. I would suggest using it with a child 6 months or older. $12 shipped.
  15. Lilsid

    Wool Longies 3 pair

    These are upcycled wool longies all washed and lanolized. I made these for my son and he wore them from 16-28 months but he is small. So I included all the mesurments. $7 each shipped or $18 shipped for all 3 pair.
  16. Lilsid

    Size Large Cloth Diaper Lot HHS

    Diapers Size Large. Outer shells are fleece and the inners are flannel. The soakers are Organic Bamboo Velour and Organic Bamboo Fleece. All the soakers snap in. These are the Hippy Hippy Snap diaper. First red diaper. Second Red diaper just the same. Third Red diaper Same but with dogs...
  17. Lilsid

    Boys Pants and Overalls 24m-2T

  18. Lilsid

    18M Boys Holiday Outfit

  19. Lilsid

    Retrofit TA hooks on a 1989 Volvo 240 Wagon

    I need to know if I can have a TA or two installed in a 1989 Volvo 240 Wagon. I am selling my 1999 4 Runner and getting a mini van. We have to sell the 4 runner first and then I can find the van I want. So while I am mini van shopping I am borrowing my brothers 1989 Volvo wagon. DD is in a...
  20. Lilsid

    1998 Odyssey Van info

    I am looking at replacing my 1999 Toyota 4 runner with a 1998 Honda Odyssey EX van. Does any one have this van or have had it? Can I get TA's installed and where and how many can be added to this van? I have herd its reliable. I like that it is small and yet still has plenty of room. Please...

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