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  1. livilou


    When I see someone improperly using a car seat, I offer them some information to help them. I don't shove it in their face, I just nicely give it to them and that's that. Now a friend on Facebook keeps posting pictures of her son in his car seat (they are in the vehicle and in at least two of...
  2. livilou

    Anyone have IRL Nautilus pics?

    I would love to see some. I obviously won't be using it for a LONG time but am considering purchasing one for when the time comes as they're on a really good sale right now.
  3. livilou

    Safety 1st strap covers... anyone know?

    So I had been in contact with Dorel about the straps bothering DD's neck and my last e-mail sent to them I told them that I was in the store and saw that some other Safety 1st seats had the covers and asked if they could just send me a pair of those. The woman told me that NO Dorel car seats...
  4. livilou

    "Borrowing" LATCH

    So I Googled and came across this thread here in which the person says that there is no center LATCH (which I found out after reading the manual to install in MIL's car yesterday) however they say that you can borrow - this person has a 2006 Escape and MIL has a 2007 Escape, so can DD actually...
  5. livilou

    Just an FYI...

    The Safety 1st Enspira is a NIGHTMARE! I think I read somewhere that in the US it goes by a different name (not sure what that name is), but holy cow if you are just looking for a car seat, avoid that one at all costs! There's my two cents.
  6. livilou

    What do you think of this seat?

    So, I'm not near as in love with my CA as I once was. And that's saying something since I've only had it for a month. Anyway, I'm about to replace it with another Dorel seat and from what I've looked at, I think I like this one the most.
  7. livilou

    Inexpensive seats

    It's been decided that a carseat is needed for mother in law's car. I hate the idea, but it's beyond my control. Anyways, the car is a 2005 (or similar year) Ford Escape. Obviously I need something that will fit in that vehicle. On top of that, I need something where the straps don't dig into...
  8. livilou

    Car seat strap cover

    Would you be comfortable using them? I put a sock on the strap but even with the sock DD's neck still got irritated so I made some covers (I didn't like how thick the others were so I made some thin enough for comfort) It is temporary as I've been speaking with the company and sent them all...
  9. livilou

    Complete Air

    The belt really digs into DDs neck and leaves a bit of a red mark. The stats below are the most recent that I have. She has been wearing a fleece sweater every time we've been going out but it was finally warm enough yesterday that she only needed a long-sleeved onesie, so I'm guessing that's...
  10. livilou

    Links PLEASE!

    So I'm currently talking to a friend about ERF. She asked me about it and I told her why it's so much better, but I want links to back it up. I never saved any links after I read them so I'm not sure what the "best" and most current links are - anyone share please?
  11. livilou

    Selling non 2012-compliant..

    Just a quick question. I'm aware that you can't sell/give away/other car seats that are non 2012-compliant, but what about the bases for infant car seats??
  12. livilou

    Carseat for Ford Explorer

    Looking for a seat for grandmas car. Can anyone suggest anything good for a Ford explorer? DDs stats are in my siggy.
  13. livilou

    Quick.. please help

    What is that car seat called, that isn't a car seat? It's just like a harness almost but the child wears it against the seat? I hope someone knows what I'm talking about.
  14. livilou

    What do you think about this article? I hate how she is basically saying that people have these seats just because they went, saw it, decided it was good enough and took it. I have this seat, and I have this seat after doing MUCH research on...
  15. livilou

    CA expiry date?

    How long until these expire? I've Googled it but all I can find is "6 to 8 years" but that doesn't really help much. DOM-Feb 6 '12
  16. livilou

    "Community Member Coffee Break"

    I see that it's private - is it just for admins? Do you have to be a member on this site for so long? So many posts? How exactly does that work? Thanks. :)
  17. livilou

    Please explain boosters

    Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I'm confused. I see people talking about high back boosters, low back and no back. I always thought that babies went from infant car seat, to convertible car seat, to a booster. However the only booster I was ever aware of was this type of thing...
  18. livilou

    What is this problem, and how can I fix it?

    The one strap is nice and tight and snug. The other one is loose in one spot only. I took some pics to help explain what I mean. Here you can see both. It's the one on the left side of the picture that has a bit of a problem And here is exactly what I mean. I can pinch this part on the...
  19. livilou


    If you knew someone who was practicing unsafe (and illegal) car seat use and you have told them before about it but they choose to ignore it, WWYD? I know someone who has her ten month old son forward facing and he has been forward facing for about a month. She posted a picture on Facebook...
  20. livilou

    Did you use an infant car seat?

    When your LO(s) was a newborn, did you use an infant car seat and later switch to convertible or were they in a convertible from birth? If you used a convertible from birth, which one did you use?

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