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  1. Brigala

    Harmony Folding Booster

    Can I just say how sad I am that the Harmony World Traveler booster is vaporware? I have an expired Harmony Folding Booster in my basement that I need to destroy. Not just for the folding capabilities, but for how narrow it is, I really want to replace it with another one just like it. It's...
  2. Brigala

    Cosco Finale Review: First Impressions (Please register to see full size pics)

    It's here! Cosco Finale (from Walmart) I ordered the pattern labeled "Outta This World" on the Walmart website, which is a Disney / Mickey pattern. The fabric feels nice, and it looks good. The minimum age on this seat is 1 year old. Minimum weight, 30 lbs. Minimum height, 32" tall...
  3. Brigala

    ISO Spare Covers for BoulevardCT and PinnacleCT

    Hit me up with what you've got and how much you want. Shipping to 97405.
  4. Brigala

    Graco Wayz

    Is this just a Tranzitions with a different name?
  5. Brigala

    Calling Stroller Gurus

    I am trying to help a friend shop for a stroller. New or used (so bonus points if it's common and therefore easy to find on Craigslist, and discontinued strollers are possibly in the running if they can be found). She needs something that will work for a newborn. So lay flat, or available...
  6. Brigala

    City buses?

    Do we have any statistics on the safety of city buses? Specifically for child passengers? My daughter's school will be changing location next year and there's a bus that goes pretty much from my house (well, closest bus stop but it's still a but if a walk) to right in front of her school. There...
  7. Brigala

    In Search Of Casually ISO: Fleece Longies/Shorties/Skirties

    Alexandra is about 15 lbs now with very chunky little thighs. Looking for inexpensive pull-on fleece covers for over her fitted diapers that will fit now or that she can grow into. I'm not picky on having them be girly. The pair of longies she has now (which will be outgrown soon) is brown...
  8. Brigala

    Car seat data & IIHS

    You know what would be handy? IIHS ratings for boosters (and combo seats in booster mode) included in the Car Seat Data forum posts. Just an idea. :)
  9. Brigala

    Sailboat Project

    27 foot Newport sailboat on custom launching trailer. Yeah, we don't usually see big things on Swap-o-Rama do we? :) Exterior is in great condition. Has not been in the water since it had a $6,000 peel and paint job done (before we bought it). Brand new fiberglass hatch hand-built by my...
  10. Brigala

    Question Cinderella Seat

    Those of you who know about the Kids Embrace Cinderella seat: I keep hearing that some of them will have ~15" top harness slots like the old KE seats, and others will randomly have ~18" slots. This makes zero sense. Is there any truth to it? Where did this information come from?
  11. Brigala

    Boba Mini Kangaroo?

    So, now that I have my Boba, I want a matching one for DD. LOL. The best price I can find is $26.99 shipped. Which is a mere $3 less than the normal Amazon price. And it was hard enough to find it for $26.99. I was hoping to find a better Black Friday or Cyber Weekend deal, but so far no luck...
  12. Brigala

    Bogo b-safe!!!!!!!!

    This screenshot was posted on the CSO Facebook page and in sharing it here too. Target is *apparently* having a buy one get one free sale on B-Safe. She says you put one in your cart and Target adds the other one for you. She also said it's a promo for today only. I haven't tried it. I don't...
  13. Brigala

    Harmony Defender 360 @ Baby Depot / Burlington now carries the Harmony Defender, in two colors. Just thought I'd help get the word out. :) Pirate Gold: Raspberry:
  14. Brigala

    LATCH limit vs. Height Limit

    I know, weird question. I have a Complete Air SE (LX) which my daughter is currently using forward facing. She weigh 45 lbs in normal clothing. Although with winter closing in that's going to more and more often have 2 lbs or so worth of winter boots and heavier jeans added to it. The CA has...
  15. Brigala

    Best deal on Boba 4G

    So I've pretty much settled on wanting a Boba 4G. Preferably in the Kangaroo style. I can get one with a registry completion discount through Amazon or Target for about $109. Or I can possibly buy a used one locally off CL (rarity, I've been watching for MONTHS but a listing popped up today)...
  16. Brigala

    Meaningless Dorel Whine

    I know it doesn't do any good to whine about it, but I'm going to anyway. I am so frustrated that Dorel puts all their most adorable designs on their cheapest, lowest-capacity seats. I have a perfectly good infant bucket to use for new squish, but if Dorel would make THIS in an Onboard Air + I...
  17. Brigala

    Mercedes GL450 vs. Volvo XC90

    Thoughts? We scrapped the whole idea of an Excursion and are going back to the drawing board. I think we'll do a big diesel pickup for towing, and something in an SUV with a 3rd row for daily driving. I was surprised to find out that in terms of used vehicles, the Mercedes was comparably...
  18. Brigala

    SUVs: Thinking about a "new" Ford Excursion (2002-2005)

    So, I'm looking for opinions. We have decided we want a Diesel rig for towing. We've been mostly looking at Crew Cab Silverados & Sierras, but I hate giving up the passenger flexibility of our Suburban (Suburbans haven't been produced in a diesel for 15 years or so). Our core family includes...
  19. Brigala

    Play Yards / Pack N Plays?

    I need shopping advice! I'm going to need some kind of portable crib / play yard for upcoming baby. I have several months to shop and watch for a good price. I really want something with a bassinet feature. I tend to use that in the living room until baby outgrows it. Then the play yard...
  20. Brigala

    Maxi Cosi Rodi $95.99

    There's only one, and it's the Origami Rose color, but I just thought I'd post here in case someone has been hoping for a deal. It doesn't specify that it's an open box or anything but I didn't try sticking it in my cart to find out whether it would pop up the typical warning when buying open...

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