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  1. tjham

    Free Free older small Ride Safer vest.

    Free - older model, but in great condition, in box, blue denim, rarely used. Small - between 30 and 60 lbs. No expiration date. 2009 model In Mesa, Phoenix, Gilbert area - I'd rather not ship but might consider it for cost of shipping. Private message me if you want it and we'll figure out...
  2. tjham

    Discovery 5 canopy

    How do you get it off? Anyone know? I have gone through the manual with no luck. I want to wash it along with the cover.
  3. tjham

    Question Babies R Us trade in?

    Is it just for car seats now? Didn't you used to be able to buy other baby equipment with the discount?
  4. tjham

    Nautilus - renovation?

    Update in case someone just reads this. #6 has best reason NOT to do this. "the harness would be attached at 4 different points on the bottom portion, which is only approved for use with a harness for 6 years- the crotch buckle, the 2 hip straps, and the adjuster strap all run through the...
  5. tjham

    Fisher Price booster cover FFS

    I have a Fisher Price booster cover, back and bottom, good used condition, free for shipping. My seat is expired but there may be some out there that aren't. If you could use the cover, PM me.
  6. tjham

    Getting Nautilus into backless mode

    OMG! What an ordeal. I remember going thru this to take the harness out to make it a HBB. Now I needed to take the back off. I was alone, so no extra set of hands. I finally used my head (and I mean that literally) to head butt the back, to unhook it from the bottom! I will be going thru...
  7. tjham

    Car Seat Check near my house

    It is about 2 miles from my house and I am so bummed! I already have plans to go to downtown Mesa for a tour of historic houses with my daughter. If I didn't have plans, I would totally go hang out at the check and ask if I could help with anything! Will anyone from here be there...
  8. tjham

    Carseats and Flying

    This is going to make it even trickier! :( New seats 17" wide.
  9. tjham

    What do you think of the Evenflo cupholders?

    The ones that are a piece of elastic across the side, like on the Amp and the Maestro. Do kids like them? Since there are two, can you put a cup in one side for little toys and it will stay there?
  10. tjham


    We just had some visitors from England, delightful people! Long story but we had never met before, I walked out to their rental car to say good bye and saw the 3 yr old boy in a HBB with the harness strap over the armrest and all kinds of loose. :( I said 'Oh, he's young to be in a booster...
  11. tjham

    Arizona and booster law?

    I have to admit, I don't watch the news as much as I should. But this morning, I saw that Arizona may soon have a booster law, if it passes! It doesn't sound great - to UNDER 8 (so only 7 :rolleyes: ), but also OR 4'9", although I'll bet they don't enforce that part. What do you think are the...
  12. tjham

    Turning Nautilus into Booster

    OMG! What an ordeal! I THOUGHT I didn't need the manual. :rolleyes: I did not want to undo the top tether because it is in a 2005 Ford Expedition and the anchor is waaaaay down below the back of the back seat and I have the third row seat flat. So I needed to take out the harness straps with...
  13. tjham

    Changing Nautilus to booster

    Here are the facts: My grandson is almost 7 and 50 lbs. He is right at the second to top harness slot on the Nautilus but the straps leave marks on his neck. He uses boosters in several other cars and does great with them. He has not made any comments as to whether or not he cares if he is in...
  14. tjham

    Superlatch top tether?

    My son misplaced the top tether strap for the Radian (don't ask me why :rolleyes: ) so I ordered a new one when it came time to use it for another grandchild. Of course, a week after it came, I went through his garage and found the old one. I never got around to returning the new one and now...
  15. tjham

    Ordering from Amazon through

    I want to do it right! If I go to Amazon through to order one thing and then while still in Amazon, look for something else and add it to my cart, does it still count for cs.o? Or do I need to go back to the banner and start over for each thing? I have several things in my cart...
  16. tjham

    Basic infant seat installation video (seatbelt)

    deleted - video wasn't that good after all! :o
  17. tjham

    Please close thread

    While it is dormant, could you please close this thread? I live in fear that it will rise up again and haunt me! JK - sort of. :o Thanks!
  18. tjham

    I don't need another Nautilus

    but the ones at Target now are so cute. Still grey :rolleyes:, but green and grey and pink and grey. However, they are $179.99! Is that really the going price for the Nautilus now?
  19. tjham

    *Faith-based Argument* for carseat use - blog post

    I NEVER look below the main area, but I did today and happened to see this! What a great post! Thanks, KQ!
  20. tjham

    Why don't they make boosters

    so they stay together unless you want them to come apart? Like have a button to PUSH if you WANT them to come apart. I get so tired of picking up a booster and having it come apart when I am in a hurry and have to fit the little prongs just so to put it back together. What booster seats don't...

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