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  1. SavsMom

    Anyone have a Nissan Rogue?

    Due to a mechanical issue with my beloved Outback I am trading it in and leading a 2016 Rouge. The lease is great and the seating is comfortable, just wondering if anyone else has one and loves it?
  2. SavsMom

    Question Best booster for a 2012 Prius

    Asking for a friend. She is in the market for a hbb for her 6 year old. She drives a 2012 Prius and is wanting suggestions for a booster. She tried my Recaro Booster and it was very tippy. Any suggestions - her dd is 6, probably close to 50lbs and taller than average.
  3. SavsMom

    Traded my 2014 Focus...

    ....and got this beauty! I'm sooooo happy. Loved my Focus but it was too small.
  4. SavsMom

    when to switch from hbb to nbb?

    At what age did you move your kids from a hbb to a backless booster? Dd (7 years 3 months) has been asking and I wanted to hear from others.
  5. SavsMom

    How is the Pria for front to back space?

    I know the blog rated it fairly well. Just wanting opinions from anyone using it daily.
  6. SavsMom

    Trade my 2012 Parkway SG Maui blue cover

    For a pink or tan cover. I know it's a long shot but thought I would try.
  7. SavsMom

    Complete Air 65 - $59

    In store at Sears - it's the black/aqua color.
  8. SavsMom

    Graco Endurance / Milestone

    Who has the scoop on this one? It has a different look than the 4Ever. So anyone know anything?
  9. SavsMom

    convertible with best fabric for a sweaty baby... Florida.
  10. SavsMom

    Clek Fllo?

    Has anyone heard about this one? Just saw it on FB - it sounds like it's based on the Foonf but without rigid latch and with a lower profile and lower price.
  11. SavsMom

    Narrow booster recs

    I got a new Ford Focus hatchback and am rearranging seats. DD has been in a SureRide but is ready to be in a booster full time (she uses a ProBooster in her dad's car and has done awesome). So....I need narrow booster recs. DD is 6, weighs 43 lbs and about 47" tall. She is long and lean. I...
  12. SavsMom

    2012-2014 Ford Focus Hatchback - am I crazy to consider this?

    So I have been driving and love my Mazda5. It works well for us and it's what I wanted several months ago. However... I have the opportunity to sell the 5 for a profit and get into a 2014 Ford Focus Hatchback with 5k miles for very little $. I love the 5 for its space and sliding doors, I...
  13. SavsMom

    For Sale or Trade Trade my KeyFit 30 in Cubes for Graco Click Connect

    Very gently used Chicco KeyFit 30 in Cubes with late 2012 DOM - everything included. Looking to trade for Graco Click Connect 30/35/40 in a boy/gender neutral pattern.
  14. SavsMom

    Bob Motion Travel System $279

    On Amazon... BOB Motion Travel System, Navy:Amazon:Baby
  15. SavsMom

    Price Check KeyFit30 in Cubes - late 2012 DOM

    Gently used for 3 months - ds hates the bucket.Checking price and interest. Would possibly be interested in trading for a Graco Size4Me (or one of the others like it), Peg Convertible...or try me on any other convertible seat that will fit a 3 month old.
  16. SavsMom

    For Trade - New Chestnut CCO Cover set

    Brand new, never used Chestnut CCO cover set for trade. Looking to trade for a Keylime or Blue (cant think of the actual name) set.
  17. SavsMom

    I love Target!

  18. SavsMom

    Talk to me about the Kia Sedona...

    We have been looking at getting a Mazda5 - we were looking at getting a 2012 from the dealer auto auction through my dads dealer license. We have financing through an outside lender and had decided to go this route as we want a vehicle we can own outright within 2 years. That was our plan...
  19. SavsMom

    Has anyone installed a Cocorro in a Jeep Wrangler?

    Just wondering how it fit and if the install is fairly easy. The Wrangler is a 4 door.
  20. SavsMom

    Trade my new KeyFit30 for your Coccoro.

    Possibly looking to trade my new KeyFit30 in cubes for a Coccoro in a gender neutral color (key lime, chestnut, blue) KeyFit has a 2012 DOM and has never been used.

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