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    Urbini petal redesign?

    Has the Urbini Petal had a redesign since launch in 2014 with changes to insert, strap covers or canopy? I have a friend with one manufactured in April 2014. She had pink for her daughter and is now having a boy. She called or emailed Urbini to purchase new partsin a boy or gender neutral color...
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    ISO: Urbini petal infant insert, strap covers and canopy!

    Any chance someone has a gender neutral or boy color Urbini petal insert, strap covers and canopy to sell or trade? I have a friend with one manufactured in April 2014. She had pink for her daughter and is now having a boy. Called urbini to be told that they changed them and new replacement...
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    What to do with repaired recalled bsafe35

    So, my 1 yr old is about to outgrow her Britax Bsafe35. As you all know, it was recalled for the handle. We will have the reinforcement bracket in a few days. And it was rarely carried by the handle in the first place. I had initially planned to resell the seat when she outgrew it since it has...
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    Favorite convertible carseat

    I haven't bought a convertible carseat since we bought the Nextfit when it was brand new in 2013. DD just turned 1 and we are about ready to move her out of the Britax Bsafe35. She's 29" and about 21 lbs with more than 1" over her head, so I have a little time to think about it. My initial plan...
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    Any interest in a Petunia Picklebottom boxy backpack? Blue/yellow humming bird print.

    Any interest in a Petunia Picklebottom Boxy Backpack? Blue/yellow hummingbird print. Hardly used. Just checking interest before posting. I'm thinking $40-50.
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    Recaro performance booster $89.99 on amazon! : RECARO Performance BOOSTER High Back Booster Car Seat, Ruby : Baby Good deal on performance booster! Lots of color choices as well. Is Ruby a new color offering??? Looks more red than the Redd color to me! Trying to decide between this and a Parkway SGL for DS1 still. May have to...
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    Favorite infant seat? Can't decide!

    I'm due in early April with baby #3 and I'm having trouble deciding on an infant seat. Originally, I thought I might just pass the Nextfit down to the baby, but I leaning away from that option. I may sell it instead and purchase an infant bucket. I like the convenience when baby is still little...
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    Keyfit 30 Zip?

    Looks like there is a new zip version of Keyfit 30. Fabric looks similar to the Nextfit, although I haven't seen in person yet. I don't find a huge value in the zip off feature for the infant seat, but I'm wondering if we...
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    Anyone in NC interested in a purple Nextfit? Make me an offer!

    I have a purple (Gemini) Nextfit that I'd love to sell locally (in NC). Manufacture date is January 2011. I purchased in March 2011 for $250. Cover is in good shape. Has the shorter buckle, but Chicco is sending me a longer one. We loved it rf, but Ds2 is past the rf limit now and I am going...
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    Feeling indecisive about booster! Please help me choose!

    I'm having a hard time deciding on a booster for ds1. Now that ds2is 40 lbs and forward facing full time,I want to move him to the Frontier 85 that Ds1 currently rides in. I am not loving the Nextfit forward facing and thinking I want to sell it to purchase an infant seat for baby coming in...
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    New Britax covers - any coming for Parkway boosters?

    I know the ABC expo is going on right now and Britax has the new clicktight convertibles coming out soon. I've seen photos of a cowmoo cover for the Frontier 90. What about the Parkway?? Any new covers coming for those?? I personally am less than thrilled with current cover choices!
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    Clek ozzi fit?

    What size child on average will get a good belt fit with a clek ozzi? I ordered one to try for my 6 yr old son. He is 48" and about 46 or 47 lbs. This would be used mainly with Nana in a 2011 or 2012 Honda Pilot. I know there isn't a shoulder belt clip, so what are my chances that it will work?
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    Backless booster 48" child in 2011 or 2012 Honda Pilot

    So, I was thinking of buying a Harmony Transit booster from Target for Ds1 to use with Nana. I haven't tried him in it for belt fit yet. However, upon perusing Target's website, I noticed the Clek Ozzi on sale...
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    Anyone know anything about this booster?? (Dream On Me Turbo Booster)
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    Backless booster with padding

    Ds1 needs a booster for Nana's vehicle. He usually rides with her about once per week for short more than 30 minutes. She has a Nautilus that we are now using for DS2. I had thought about getting a diono cambria, but as we will need to purchase a booster for our van soon, I need to...
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    2010 honda ody 3 across question

    I know we don't have specs for the diono cambria yet. But do you think there would be a chance of fitting a ff Britax Frontier 85, rf infant seat with a base and a Cambria 3 across the second row?? I would also consider a Britax Parkway sgl, but I'm not crazy on the current covers. And if so...
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    ISO bed wetting alarm

    Ds1 has started wetting more heavily again at night and is overflowing through his goodnite pull-up and soaking his pajamas and bed. Looking for a bed wetting alarm to see if we can night train. Thanks!
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    Top nautilus hbb guide

    My mom has nautilus in her vehicle that ds1 is about to outgrow the harness. He just turned 6 earlier this month and is 47.5" tall. I've been waiting for the cambria to come out to purchase for him to use in her vehicle. I'm debating converting the nautilus to booster mode for now. Not sure...
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    Information for proper booster usage- why not to tuck shoulder belt behind back

    Just wondering if there is a simple booster usage info sheet out there that I can share with my cousins. I don't want to offend anyone, but the booster usage just scares me for their kids. I do think they would benefit from remaining in harnesses, but it is just not going to happen. One child...
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    Cambria or performance booster for Honda Pilot??

    Ds1 is rapidly outgrowing the harness on his Graco Nautilus that he uses in Nana's Pilot. I checked with a butter knife today and he is just about even with the top slot. So we will probably go ahead and switch by mid June after he turns 6. He is about 45 lbs and probably almost 48". He rides in...

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