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  1. daniele_ut

    Nextfit headrest question

    I bought my 4 year old a Frontier CT so I took his Nextfit out to wash the cover and was planning to sell the seat. When I was putting the cover back on the headrest, I noticed that there seemed to be more give in the headrest than I remember. It's not loose up and down, but there is some give...
  2. daniele_ut

    Eddie Bauer Surefit Infant seat

    Is this seat a clone of the OnBoard 35? My nephew and his wife registered for the EB SureFit Infant seat and Endurance jogging stroller at Target. I want to make sure that it actually fits newborns well and is an ok seat before I step in and make any alternative suggestions. I know they are...
  3. daniele_ut

    How do you feel about a 10 year old in the front seat?

    DH drives carpool in the morning because he works at the school my kids attend. It is a 30 minute drive, mostly on freeways. They come home with the other kids' mom. He drives an 11 year old girl, a 10 year old boy, a 9 year old boy and a 6.5 year old girl. I've been making him drive my van...
  4. daniele_ut

    Road trip carseat quandry

    We are driving cross country again for my work. We are taking a 2012ish Dodge Grand Caravan from my company motor pool. They are giving me a hard enough time about taking a vehicle for 5 weeks so there are no other options for vehicles. All of their minivans are Caravans anyway, and the 12...
  5. daniele_ut

    Good deal on a Britax Parkway SGL?

    I ordered a Britax Parkway SGL in Tango from Kohl's last night for $106 including tax. Was that a decent deal or should I keep hunting? The pink one at Target would have been the same price with Redcard but it's out of stock. I'm not in a huge rush as DD is not complaining about riding...
  6. daniele_ut

    Delay on the Incognito?

    When I just searched Amazon for the Safety 1st Incognito it didn't come up, though I can get to the page from my order history. My expected delivery was November 19th for the black one, but it now says the product is unavailable for all colors. Anybody know what's up with the delay?
  7. daniele_ut

    Where is the DOM or expiration located on a Diono Monterey?

    Title says it all.
  8. daniele_ut

    I need a better solution for dh's 2005 Outback wagon

    I had to switch cars with dh today because he got a flat last night and I had to go get it fixed ($700 and 4 new tires later, of course). He drives a 2005 Subaru Outback XT wagon and we've only had it for a few months. I had to fit all 3 kids in it to go to swim lessons and back and I'd rather...
  9. daniele_ut

    For Sale EUC JJB MightyBe in Sweethearts. $35 shipped

    I only packed this up once so it is in EUC. Asking $35 shipped
  10. daniele_ut

    Is someone at Ford smoking crack? Latch and seatbelt together.

    We are driving one of my department's 2010 Ford E350 12 passenger vans across the country so I was just reading the child restraint section of the manual and came across this gem on page 124: On a positive note, it seems that I won't have any trouble top tethering DD's Nautilus, since there...
  11. daniele_ut

    For Sale EUC Auburn Tigers MA cover $35 shipped

    I still have this awesome cover but my MA has expired. Someone please give it a home! It is in very excellent condition. Asking $35 shipped
  12. daniele_ut

    How's the fit? DD 5y3m old in Monterey

    I've been toying with the idea that I need to booster train DD in preparation for Kindergarten and carpooling starting in the fall so I picked up a Monterey last week during the Kohl's sale. I needed something to replace my beloved old style Parkway that expired a few months ago. It works very...
  13. daniele_ut

    For Sale Chicco KeyFit 30 cover Extreme, $25 ppd

    Miro is SOLD! Extreme is still available! Extreme is in VGUC. $25 ppd Miro SOLD! Miro is in VGUC with a couple of faded spots on the corners that are below the belt guides, as shown in the pics. There are 2 small white marks on the hood and a couple of scuffs that can also be seen...
  14. daniele_ut

    Any interest in a Cowmoo Old Style Parkway cover?

    My beloved Old style Parkway finally expired and I have a Good to very good used condition Cowmoo cover to sell. I have no idea if there are any left that haven't expired but I thought I would check! If anyone is interested I will post pictures.
  15. daniele_ut

    Stride Rite, Jack & Lily and Robeez shoes for sale

    Bottom Row: EUC Robeez Polar Bear size 0-6M $10 $12 shipped in the US Like New Stride Rite SRT first walker shoes. Super flexible sole, size 3.0M. Asking $15 $18 shipped Middle Row: EUC Stride Rite SRT first walkers. Super flexible sole, size 3.5M. Asking $15 $18 shipped SOLD! EUC Jack &...
  16. daniele_ut

    EZ On Modified vest or something else?

    I have a friend with a 2.5 year old with a very rare condition called Vici Syndrome. When I say rare, I mean that there have been less than 50 cases diagnosed in history worldwide. The syndrome is characterized by the absence of the Corpus Collosum and results in low tone, significant...
  17. daniele_ut

    2005 Subaru Outback

    We are going to look at a replacement for dh's 2001 Impreza outback right now. It's a 2005 Outback. Do I have a prayer of fitting a RF convertible, LBB and a combination seat or FF convertible in it? It won't happen often since the van is our main family vehicle. I currently have a Harmony...
  18. daniele_ut

    Tethering a 2009 Cocorro RF

    I have a Cocorro with a DOM of 3/2009. DS still fits in his KeyFit but he threw up all over the seat this morning so I installed our Cocorro for him while I get the other seat cleaned up. RF tethering on the Cocorro was made retroactive, right? Do I just need to get a d-ring from Combi? Does...
  19. daniele_ut

    Girl's Shoes - Pediped, Pedoodles, Crocs, Rocket Dog

    If you don't like the prices, please MMAO! SOLD EUC Pediped - 6-12 Months $10ppd SOLD EUC Pediped - 12-18 Months $10 ppd EEUC Pediped Isabella Black Patent Size 21 $15 ppd SOLDBrand New Pedoodles Mary Janes Size XL (6.5-8) $15 ppd SOLDBrand New Pedoodles Size XL (6.5-8) $15 ppd...
  20. daniele_ut

    Beco 4G Ella Print, EEUC, $75ppd

    It pains me to do this, but this carrier has seen no love! I bought it in 2008 when DD was little, but she hated to be carried so it got used a max of 6 times. I held on to it in case we decided to have one more, and we did - but he's a boy and I can't bring myself to carry him in a pink Beco...

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