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  1. ThreeBeans

    ISO belly pad

    For a Wizard. Hoping for either a black plush or the midnight blue that the original was. Will throw shipping plus a few extra dollars your way. :thumbsup:
  2. ThreeBeans

    Anyone with a LATCH manual

    Because I can't find mine :rolleyes: Top tether locations for a 2000 Dodge Caravan?
  3. ThreeBeans

    Ambulance CSRs

    I thought some of you might appreciate this. Transporting children in an ambulance has a certain amount of difficulty to it. It's fairly impossible to securely place a small child on a stretcher. The harness simply does not secure tightly enough. Furthermore, EMS is required by law to use...
  4. ThreeBeans

    Um...what happened to the Nautilus?

    I sat down to order it from and it's out of stock. Say what? I need one. Hmph.
  5. ThreeBeans

    The Graco SS2

    WRT to the thread in the Car Seat forum, it was noted there seems to be a significant discrepancy with measured top harness position vs. torso height and fit in the seat. I asked people to upload photos and measurements as they are able. FTR, Bean the First's torso height is 15 1/8" As you...
  6. ThreeBeans

    Oh, Britax Under 'install questions', bolding mine. Has anyone contacted them about this, or do I need to call customer service? *twitching*
  7. ThreeBeans

    Graco SS1

    When did your infants move from the first set of shoulder straps to the second? Last night I realized my four month old was actually a cm or so above the second slots, so I moved the harness. (It was covered by the infant insert so I hadn't realized how much he'd grown.) For some reason I...
  8. ThreeBeans

    My 30 dollar FPSV booster came

    :D I know, I don't need a booster. But now I have a place to put it! Because I have a minivan! It is NOT bad for a lil 30 dollar jobby, I like it better than the Graco Turbobooster...seems more solid and less of a flimsy design. It does adjust for width. I sat DS in it and it fits him...
  9. ThreeBeans

    How tall was your child

    When he outgrew the Roundabout RF by height?
  10. ThreeBeans

    Check this out

    My 2003 Santa Fe The front end damaged I caused in my M***hole episode a month ago The rear end, aka my political canvas :whistle: Crammed in like fat little sardines See how depressed they are? I don't like this. I think I'll switch it up a bit. How bout this? And this...
  11. ThreeBeans

    Another LATCH manual question

    Gosh, i can't wait till mine comes in the mail :p Can someone look up lower anchor and top tether positions for a 2005 Ford Freestar? Danke.
  12. ThreeBeans

    Horrible nightmare

    I dreamed I bought a Monarch for my three year old and I was placing him it thinking, "This is so wrong, this is terribly wrong, what am I doing, help help help!" *shudders*
  13. ThreeBeans

    SafeKids Seminar today

    Local SafeKids chapter arranged a seminar with the local BRU. They are going to bring everything over that is brand new for us to check out and comment on. I'm sort of hoping I'll see things that aren't on the shelves yet although that seems unlikely. If I see anything good (oh, like the...
  14. ThreeBeans

    Anyone have a LATCH manual handy?

    Dodge Caravan 2005? Thanks.
  15. ThreeBeans

    Graco CarGo

    Quick question, is there a place on the shell to hook a top tether if it isn't in use?
  16. ThreeBeans

    Looking for the brightest minds in CPS

    Because I have a puzzling job for you :D This is what we have. A 2000 Dodge Minivan with the following arrangment C, 9 years, 65 lbs, backless Graco M, 6 years, 35 lbs compass B510 J, 5 years, 35 lbs, compass B510 S, 3.5 years, 24 lbs, FF Britax Marathon T, 21 months, 24 lbs, FF Britax...
  17. ThreeBeans

    Two questions

    A. What happened to the buckle 'tongs' and other things on the sunshine kids' website? and the infant insert and whatnot :confused: 2. When did Generation 3 seatbelts stop being used?
  18. ThreeBeans

    Who had information about a new Graco seat

    that had a higher weight limit :confused:
  19. ThreeBeans

    Carseat photos, part II

    Alpha Omega We were discussing in the first thread that possibly the top harness height had gotten taller? I measured and found roughly 15.5 inches, close to 16 depending on how hard i buried in the seat. DS had about 1.5 inches left in this seat Evenflo Titan Please note the sign, then...
  20. ThreeBeans

    Carseat photos Part 1

    Model: 3 years old, 35 pounds, 40 inches, roughly 15 inch torso. The BRU employees think I'm nuts with my camera and tape measure :rolleyes: Unfortunately my camera died half way through my selection. (This exchange took place when that happened: Me: Crap! I ran out of juice! Bean the...

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