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    Sunshine Kids Monterey booster covers

    We have 2 SK Monterey boosters that expired this spring and summer. I need to dispose of the seats, but I'm wondering if I can pass along the covers. They are still in good shape, and I would prefer not to throw them away if I can find a new home for them. Do you know if the SK Monterey booster...
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    Babies R Us Trade-In Event

    I'm trying to help out a friend (or two) who need new car seats. Do you have to use the 25% coupon on the day you bring the old car seat in? I'm wondering if I can go take the car seats and get the coupons, then give them to my friends to get their seats another day. Melanie
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    Graco Turbobooster expiration date?

    Apparently I bought a lot of car seats that were manufactured in 2010. I'm trying to figure out the expiration dates for them. It's so much easier when they include the "do not use after" date on the sticker with the date of manufacture. When do the Graco High Back Turboboosters expire? The...
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    Airplane - car seat size?

    After a discussion about flying with children, my friend decided to take her car seats on a plane trip. This is the first time she is flying with her 3yo twins. She has the Alpha Omega Elite seats. She was told that her car seats were too big to use on the plane so she had to gate check them on...
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    How long to harness? (links)

    Does anyone have a good link about why you should keep children in a 5pt harness beyond 4y and 40lbs? Also, does anyone have a link that describes when a harness seat still fits and is outgrown? One of my friends is receiving pressure from some school personnel to move her child from a...
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    Booster?/5-step question

    I'm trying to figure out what is the safest option for my 9yo DS who is 4'9" tall. I think he is getting close to 5 stepping in some cars. I have some pictures I wanted to share so I can get help. Here are some pictures of him in our Rav 4 without a booster seat. (First time I'm using dropbox...
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    Chest clip question?

    Why does the US have the chest clip on the car seat while the European seats don't have it? Are there any other differences in how the car seats are made? Is there a safety reason for having it or not having it? Melanie
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    Which child in front?

    If I have to have one of my children ride up front, which child should it be? Twins - 8y3m old DD is about 48in tall and weighs 50lbs DS is about 4'5" tall and weighs 70lbs Either child would be riding in a Harmony Literider nbb. There is a chance that one of my friends will need to pick up...
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    Maxi cosi infant car seat?

    One of the moms on a private FB page that I am on is expecting twins. She is currently 24wks pregnant and starting to think about getting baby gear. She was planning on getting the maxi cosi infant car seats. At this point, we are assuming that her babies will be full term and over 5lbs when...
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    Winter coats in car seats?

    Looking for some websites/links about winter coats and making sure the harness is still tight with whatever coat your child is using. I thought we had 2 or 3 good links, but I'm not finding them. Melanie
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    Which child in front?

    My friend might help by picking my children from school when I have to work in a couple of weeks. She has a sedan that seats five - 3 in the back and 2 in the front. She does have shoulder belts in all 3 positions in the back seat. My kids: DD - 7y10m, about 45in tall, 45lbs DS - 7y10m, about...
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    Which is safer?

    I have a which is safer - between two options that I know are not ideal or even legal. My friend picked up our other friend's two children after school today. Their mom is home sick so our friend offer to pick them up and drop them off at home. It's about a mile or two drive from school to...
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    Radian/Maestro puzzling?

    How well does a forward-facing Radian and Maestro puzzle together? I'm trying to help a friend ideas for 3 across. Melanie
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    Booster fit picture?

    Someone here has a great picture of a child in a booster seat with information about what to look for in how the child fits in the booster seat. Can someone please help me find the picture or a link to where it is posted? I would also like to ask the owner of the picture for permission to...
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    Pushing chest clip down - safe option?

    My friend's daughter was pushing the chest clip on her car seat down off of her chest. She has her DD in a Britax roundabout. She said she is using the Bevera sealing clips from IKEA ( below the clip. She puts the sealing clip below the chest...
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    Chicco Keyfit - handle position?

    My friend has the Keyfit 22. What position(s) can the handle be in the car? My friend thought that it had to be down, but I thought it could be up. Are there any positions that cannot be used in the car? Melanie
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    Dodge Durango - center LATCH?

    My BIL and SIL are renting a 2012 Dodge Durango this week. Unfortunately, the rental place didn't include the car manual so I can't find the answer to my questions. Can you install a car seat in the center position borrowing the lower latch anchors from either side? Or do you have to do a...
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    Question Immoveable headrests and booster compatibility?

    We are traveling and I'm not sure if our rental car is compatible with the hbb seats. We are renting a Dodge Charger, which has fixed headrests in the back seat. We are using 2 turboboosters with the backs on. The booster seems to mostly fit, but the back is not completely resting on the back...
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    Which booster for travel?

    We're flying on Sunday and I have to figure out which boosters to take for my kids. We'll be flying into Denver, CO and renting a full-sized sedan for the week. Part of our time, we'll be in Breckenridge so there will be some mountain driving. Right now aren't predictions for precipitation so...
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    Get rid of all harness seats?

    We're going to be making the big switch from harness car seats to full-time booster seats in the near future. I've already got 6 booster seats (because I have twins and the general rule of thumb is 3 car seats per child, right?). My twins are 7yo and in first grade. Is there any compelling...

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