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  1. CTPDMom

    Car suggestions? 7 passenger vehicles, two RF kids, easy third row access

    A friend asked for some suggestions. But I just have one, and there are so many newer/updated models of vehicles out there that I'm not sure what to suggest. She plans to lease, so this would be a 3 year solution. Current kids are infant and 1 yo, in Chicco NextFits, and she plans to RF to...
  2. CTPDMom

    Can anyone identify this base?

  3. CTPDMom

    Price for these Cars quilts?

    I have two of these twin size Disney Cars quilts. Any clue what I should sell them for??? Not handmade. Machine washable and dryable. About 5 years old, like new condition. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. CTPDMom

    Bob Revolution Duallie

    Can anyone give me an idea of a good price for an EUC Bob Revolution Duallie? My boss wants me to list it on a tag sale page for him, and we're wondering what is a good price to list/sell at. He says it's pristine. His twins are 5 now so my guess is it's about that old.
  5. CTPDMom

    Ingenuity car seat?

    This is new, who makes this???
  6. CTPDMom

    CSFTL - attention Emma!

    Not sure how else to contact you. Regarding this article: It appears that the Evenflo info is not correct, at least for some SureLATCH seats: Just FYI so you can...
  7. CTPDMom

    Honda Pilot 3 across in THIRD row

    It's my turn for a question now! I know nothing about Honda Pilots. Trying to get some ideas before we go start buying/playing with seats. A friend owns a Honda Pilot and has 2 children. She has a friend with 4 children. They want to be able to go out together on a regular basis, all in...
  8. CTPDMom

    Something funky is going on!

    Is anyone else experiencing quote weirdness? As in...I quote one thread and it shows that one thread but there's a new thing that tells me I quoted something not from that quote and do I want to keep it or deselect it? And I swear at home last night or night before I multi-quoted and it...
  9. CTPDMom

    Two CSPSTs go to an amusement park...

    ...and what are they taking pics of?? LOL (p.s. These are NOT our kids, just random park goers that happened to be in the shot...)
  10. CTPDMom

    Bundle Me car seat

    Just FYI! I was dismayed to see a nice big Bundle Me ad with it being used in a car seat. Darren, I emailed a screen shot to you.
  11. CTPDMom

    Bus Harness for 1st Grader

    I am helping a friend with a bus issue. Her son had special needs, is in first grade, and they were given this harness for him to wear on the bus. Can anyone identify it?
  12. CTPDMom

    Graco Naitilus, crotch strap sewing comes undone?

    My sister just called me to share that her dd's GN crotch strap just came undone when she went to buckle up. Sis reports the thread is in the strap, but came undone. Does not appear to be cut. She is in another state, so I can't go take a look, but she said she'll send pics in the morning. I...
  13. CTPDMom you REALLY want me to PIN...

    ...stuff in CMCB and SCM? Really?! LOL :cool: The Pin it buttons are back, FYI.

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