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  1. UlrikeDG

    Britax on Amazon TODAY

    Gold Box Deals | Today's Deals - The selection has been changing. Right now, it's the Britax Parkway SG G1.1 in Knight for $76.69, Britax Advocate G4.1 in Broadway for $227.99, and Britax 2013 B-Agile Stroller in Sandstone for $142.49.
  2. UlrikeDG

    Guess that seat

    I gave my sister an expired seat for the BRU Trade-in. Before she took it, I snagged a few pictures. Can you guess what this seat is? If not, I'll add another photo hint.
  3. UlrikeDG

    Best deal on Graco 4Ever?

    My sister is looking for a 4Ever in Cougar or Matrix. If this seat qualifies for the BRU Trade-in, that brings it down to $224.99 plus tax ($299 - 25%). Is that right? She confirmed that it's in stock locally. It's also on sale at for $239.99. I found some coupon codes, but none of...
  4. UlrikeDG

    Wed AM - WeeRide Bike Seat deal

    WeeRide LTD Kangaroo Child Bike Seat will be a Lightning Deal Wednesday morning. I have one and loved it when Kira was smaller!
  5. UlrikeDG

    Julius Stripe Foonf $300 today only!

    cevamal mentioned this in the other thread. Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat, Julius Stripe Deal Price: $299.99 Deal ends in 7 hours.
  6. UlrikeDG

    Clek Foonf in Paul Frank Heart Shades and Julius Stripe

    Clek Foonf in Paul Frank Heart Shades $290 Clek Foonf Julius Stripe $390 No idea how long those prices will stick. I haven't seen Julius Stripe that low before.
  7. UlrikeDG

    Wednesday Deal: Clek Olli ($85) and Foonf ($440 & $350)

    The Clek Foonf 2013 Convertible in Julius Stripe and Clek Standard (backless) Booster Seat in Julius Red are both listed in tomorrow's Amazon Lightning Deals. The price won't be announced until the deal starts.
  8. UlrikeDG

    LIGHTNING DEAL: Britax Boulevard 70 G3 Convertible Car Seat, Cavalier

    NOW! $206.69 (35% off) 17% claimed in the first 2 min, so if you're considering it, add it to your cart right away.
  9. UlrikeDG

    $227.99 BOB Sport Utility Stroller

    Blue or Orange on
  10. UlrikeDG

    LIGHTNING DEAL: Britax Advocate G4 $265.99 right now Current price: $294.99, so the lightening price will be lower than that. Starts at 7 pm central time.
  11. UlrikeDG

    LIGHTNING DEAL: Backless Clek in Julius Red

    Deal Price: $74.02 & FREE Shipping. FREE Returns. Details You Save: $45.97 (38%) Clek Standard Booster Seat, Julius Red 100% Claimed, but there are more than 3 hours remaining, so it might be worth getting on the waitlist. ETA: I joined the waitlist when I posted this, just out of curiosity...
  12. UlrikeDG

    WWYD (Harness vs Booster)

    Kira's 6 years old and 38.6 lb dressed, w/o shoes or coat. Vehicle is a Honda Odyssey. Options: 1) Evenflo Symphony. 40 lb FF Harness limit. Advantage, easy to install w/ LATCH, and she can unbuckle herself. 2) True Fit Premier. 65 lb FF Harness limit. Disadvantage, harder to install, and she...
  13. UlrikeDG

    LIGHTNING DEAL: Britax Car Seat Storage Pouch

    . Britax Car Seat Storage Pouch by Britax USA Deal Price: $6.39 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35. FREE Returns. Details You Save: $3.60 (36%) A little over 3 hours remaining w/ 40% claimed.
  14. UlrikeDG

    Robot Turtles on Amazon (limited stock!)

    Robot Turtles Price: $39.95 & FREE Shipping Robot Turtles sneakily teaches programming basics to kids ages 3-8. I got my copy through the Kickstarter campaign*, but we haven't played it yet (it's for Christmas!). Amazon has the last 500 copies up right now, and when they're gone, they're gone...

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