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  1. mamabear

    rep that is a grey box?

    I clicked on my user CP for the first time in a long while and I have a few reps but instead of a green box it is grey, and it didn't increase my count...not like I really care, just wondering what's up with that. Tried searching for the answer and couldn't find anything...
  2. mamabear

    out of all the strange installs....

    today was the first time I ever saw a seat installed FF in the middle, WITH LATCH,...... but the LATCH was attached where the top tethers go. No seatbelt in the picture. Just one of each LATCH strap connected to the top tether anchors behind the head rests of the outboard sides.:( I swear...
  3. mamabear

    CLEK olli sale $89/free shipping...All colors

    I just ordered from this site...$89 with free shipping........
  4. mamabear

    switched DD to backless today

    I knew it was coming, for some time now. Her shoulder is dead even with he belt guide of her JANE HBB. Her head sticks out the top, and she complains of feeling "squished and crowded" in it. Technically she has one more notch to go up, but then the headrest hits the roof, and the belt guide is...
  5. mamabear

    (sigh) I may need to move my almost 8yo out of her HBB (long)

    lately the belt twists something awful every time she buckles (she buckles herself). Lately she has been begging to get out of her high back. She is the last 2nd grader in a booster at all, much less a highback and is getting teased. I thought she was just carelessly buckling herself to make a...
  6. mamabear

    More children's mediaction recalled ....made at same plant as Tylenol ad Motrin

    now it's 4 Pediacare products. This was listed in this weeks recalls thread, just wanted to bring more attention to it. It makes me really angry that it took so long for this company to come out with this recall knowing it was made at...
  7. mamabear

    Our new MOOO booster and why I love my discontinued seats! *PIC heavy*

    I had to take pics of the FR I'm trying to sell and thought I'd do a photo shoot with my beloved boosters:).I Feel like there is nothing like these on the market right now, and I wish there were!! (I LOVE the old style PW headwings, and the JANE feels so sturdy and solid, and the adjustable...
  8. mamabear

    Price Check Pink Sky Frontier

    Frontier 80 DOM 4/21/2008 New harness and 6 month old replaced cover with minimal wear. DD2 is doing so great booster training we may be out of the Frontier by this summer. It is so difficult to fit the 3 across I need to do to transport my niece with the FR in the back. DH wants to know how...
  9. mamabear

    Vent just when I thought I was getting immune to the usual misuse...I went to BRU today...

    and saw a couple put their baby in the car completely unharnessed! I'm sure. I walked out behind them. She was in an infant bucket with a blanket under her (between the harness and her, you couldn't even see the harness, it was completely under the blanket). They walked to their car that...
  10. mamabear

    when were the old style parkways discontinued??

    and what would you pay for a barely used cowmoo one?? thanks:) mods I'm not selling one, just wondering.....I don't know where this should go...
  11. mamabear

    Difference between Olli and Ozzi??

    Is there one?? I can't tell.....:o
  12. mamabear

    (sigh) My 4yo rides WAY better in a booster than her 7yo sister!!(need advice)

    If I could switch their seats around I would, but my 7yo outgrew her Frontier harness a while ago. I don't think there is any seat that will harness her anymore.But boy could she use it!! She slouches when she sits so her head is never contained in the wings. She also likes to lean out to one...
  13. mamabear

    Britax Bodyguard???

    Are they all expired by now?? My friend came to pick DD up and she has 2 in the backseat. they look like pretty cool boosters, any reason why Britax D/C them?? I like the lap belt lockoffs. Anyway, she has no idea how old they are. She says probably 5-6 years........
  14. mamabear

    Vent Can we talk about this again? DD being questioned and teased at school for riding in a booster.

    She'll be 7 next month. She is 56lbs and 51" tall. She is actually one of the bigger kids in first grade. I'd say in the top 75% size wise at her school, for her grade. Heck, she's even bigger than some of the 2nd and 3rd graders!, but she's one of the only kids over Kindy age still in a...
  15. mamabear

    Price Check How much should I charge for my used Phil and Teds stroller?

    I thought I'd ask here in case anyone ever priced out used ones. Mine is a DOM July 2005 (4.5 years old). It's red and grey. Includes the doubles kit and all original accessories, as well as the recall parts which are wheel well covers and some hinge covers. New canopy and footwell/underbasket...
  16. mamabear

    Vent My sister's car was stolen..with MY Marathon in it!!(need recs)

    I recently moved my DD2 to the Frontier, and my sisters carseat was expiring, so I LENT her my cowmoo MA. It still had 2 years on it. I was cool with letting her use it until it expired, because they are tight on money, but the agreement was she would give me the cover back to sell once she...
  17. mamabear

    Vent HELP!!The MA ruined my seatblet (safety question??)

    I'll try and post pics later (after I pick DD up from school)..... upon removing my MA a moth ago, I noticed it cause the seatbelt to look like it was sliced with a razor in several lines down the shoulder portion of the belt.It's not "cut", but bends in half really easily on those lines, and...
  18. mamabear

    two "interesting" firsts that I never fathomed

    Last week I witnessed these 2 things that left me:confused:I have to vent because no one in My RL cares:o 1. a car driving by with just the driver and a backseat adult passenger holding an infant carseat on her lap, baby strapped inside.:mad: 2. my neighbors getting out of their car with their...
  19. mamabear

    how do you edit a thread title??

    I know it can be done, but have never been able to figure it out past the "window of time" frame??????
  20. mamabear

    The saga continues...YEAH!! I'm getting the booster I wanted!!...

    ....:D I found the JANE online!!!! I had to call the owner of the website directly since they were gone once I went to order, and he located me not one, but two!! He was awesome, so if anyone is looking for a regular JANE INDY, he can get you one...

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