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    Help arrange 4 carseats in Sienna!

    We are expecting baby #4 in August and I just can't wrap my mind around 4 carseats in the car! I feel like I should be able to figure this out but this was a big surprise and I was loving our setup, so this really changes things. We currently have 2 RF advocates 3rd row driver and passenger side...
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    Clicktight issues!

    Am I the only one who thinks the clicktight seats are more difficult to install?? I now have 2 of them and I found them to be so incredibly hard to actually CLICKTIGHT. Am I making it more difficult on myself somehow? It gets tricky for me once I try to get the slack out of the shoulder part to...
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    Received open boxed new seat >:(

    I've been so excited to get dd2 new seat and it finally arrived but the box was cut open. I grabbed the box from the porch the minute UPS dropped it off and came in excited to get my hands on it only to find the tape across the top was intentionally cut all the way across, leaving the box...
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    Best option for tall 5 yr old w/ long torso

    I just moved DS harness to the top slot on his performance sport and he's got maybe 1-2in of space until his shoulders will be at least even. No clue how long it will take to get above there but looking at options since his last growth spurt put him over the previous slots. I am very...
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    Quick help!! RF recline positions for Nextfit

    What number is acceptable for an 18 month old? The instruction manual only says position 1 for infant and then position 9 for FF. This is my first nextfit install so I just want to make sure I don't put it in unsafe! I know dd can sit upright at this point but the manual is unclear on which...
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    recommendations for 3 seats/positions in 08 Sienna

    We are expecting baby #3 in February and I am not sure how best to arrange the kids in the car with our current seats! Right now we have the passenger captain's chair moved over and ds performance sport in it with dd rf advocate next to him. This obviously won't work come Feb! We have a...
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    we got in an accident :(

    We were driving on the highway and got rear ended pretty badly. Everyone is ok, and I'm so thankful ds wasn't with me since he is ff now. I hit my head good and have quite a bit of neck, shoulder and back pain, so I know he would have been hurting. To top it off i am just 6 weeks prego w/ #3...
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    britax harness sticking

    Are there any known issues currently with Britax harnesses? DD chaperone has been fine (granted the chest clip has always been nearly impossible to slide easily) until this past week or so. Out of nowhere I went to tighten it and it didn't want to pull all the way tight, like it was stuck. I...
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    alternate site for downloading crash test videos

    I know there are tons on youtube, but is there anywhere else I might be able to download a video from that would show rf vs ff crash test? I am putting it in a powerpoint presentation and will not have internet access, so a link won't work :( This was one of the main things I wanted to show!
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    anyone seen this contraption before?

    I haven't been around here much lately, so this may have been discussed before and I missed it. I came across this while looking for pictures to put in my CPS presentation. I clicked on the pic because it looked like it was going to show how internal injuries occur when the chest clip is too low...
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    making CPS presentation -help!!

    I am speaking to a moms group that I am a part of on the topic of cps. They know I am a tech and asked me to be one of the speakers for this semester. I have compiled some facts and planned to do a powerpoint type presentation with some video clips of rf vs ff in crashes, etc. I was also...
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    need quick recommendations for narrow 3 across

    What is a good narrow 5pt to booster option for 3 across? I am not too savvy on boosters since they are so far in our future and don't have any advice to offer! I saw a friend online about to booster their 3 year old and had to weigh in.... hopefully it seems they have taken the advice to keep...
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    which seat would you use for road trip?

    DS ended up making to 4 rf in his xtsl. I had already ordered a prosport thinking he wouldn't so we have that ready to go in the car. I am a terrible judge of knowing when the seat is outgrown by height when it starts getting close. I THINK he has about 1/4in but that solely depends on if I'm...
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    please tell me he's safe ff!!!

    Please tell me that the first ride ds takes as a ff is not going to involve an accident! I just have all these visions and horrible thoughts like the pic I just took of him in his new seat will be the last one, etc. I know it's crazy but I can't be the only one here who's had these thoughts...
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    I practically "stole" a Recaro...

    Because I just scored a Performance Sport from for $182.49 + free 2-day shipping!!! :D That's like 60% off! They are already on sale for $202 and the code DIAPERS49 took the rest off :dance: This is by far the best deal I've ever gotten and you are the only people who can appreciate it!
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    material on prosport/prosport performance

    Well that dreaded time has come....ds has finally reached the height limit to rf in his xtsl and is a pound away from the weight limit on all the other erf seats :( We are getting him a prosport but I want to know what the materials are like on the different colors before giving him options to...
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    infant foam w/ chaperone

    Do you usually need it for newborns? I put it in and it makes the seat look kinda weird but went ahead and installed it. After some complications I found out I'm being induced in the morning. The ultrasound this morning estimated baby at 5 lbs 8 oz....
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    baby jogger coupons/exclusions, albeebaby?.... need best price!

    I want to buy a city mini double gt and obviously would prefer not to spend the $579 it costs! Is there anywhere that does not exclude baby jogger from their coupons? Or do you known here I can find the lowest price? EBay is looking best right now....unless I can find a coupon that will work...
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    how does weight factor in with safety of rf vs ff?

    I should probably know the answer to this, and maybe I do and pregnancy brain is blocking my memory, but how does a child's weight and/or head size factor in to their safety rf vs ff -if at all? I've seen several people mention their light weight kiddos or that they have a larger melon so it got...
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    anyone pre-ordering a Nextfit?

    It is all I can do to keep my fingers from placing an order:p I'm really intrigued by this seat, but worried it wouldn't give me any more rf time (which is about zero) than the Headwise we just got for grandma's car....I'd put the nextfit in mine to keep ds rf til 4:D He's a minute away from...

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