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  1. Chex

    IOS 7 has a built-in level

    Sorry if there's already been a thread about this. I just saw this info and got all excited! Using it for carseats was my first thought, lol. :thumbsup: Here's what I saw: iOS 7 has a built-in bubble level, of all things. I thought it was a pretty strange addition at first… but then I found...
  2. Chex

    Looking for a convertible carseat......

    ....that takes up the smallest amount of room front-to-back when in RFing mode and will accomodate a kid up to 40 lbs (and is actually big enough to get them to that weight). I admit I have been out of the loop with carseats for a while now. So I have no idea what's come out in the last year or...
  3. Chex

    Stroller experts, help me out

    I bought a used Bob Duallie Revolution a couple of years ago. Both seats now have holes where they meet the middle of the stroller. That seam has started to come apart. It's too old to order a new cover, Bob no longer has any. So my only option is a new stroller. Do I want another of the same...
  4. Chex

    Need single jogger recommendations

    Alright, wise women. I turned to you when I needed a double jogger and you helped me find the right fit. I'm out-of-the-loop when it comes to strollers. Now I'm in need of a single jogger. I'm pretty sure I want a swivel front wheel because I hate trying to turn a jogger without one. This will...
  5. Chex

    Why won't my title change?

    I have a post in Swap and I tried to change my title to include Ju-Ju-Be (so people know I've got JJB stuff in my thread) and it isn't changing. When I have the thread open, it shows the title change in the first post, but that's it. Help?
  6. Chex

    Nissan NV!!! (Pics!)

    Couldn't get pics to show up in the thread, so here's the link: The guy from the dealership called DH to let him know that the NV that his neighbor ordered was in and we could come take a quick peek if we wanted. We were in a...
  7. Chex

    Checking interest- Tiffany OS Pkwy cover

    SOLD I've got a Tiffany Pkwy cover that is in great shape. Washing her up now. Just wondering if there might be any interest. Not even sure how many people still have an OS Pkwy, lol. I have no idea how to price her. I know she's HTF, but like I said, not even sure how many people still own one...
  8. Chex

    Ju-Ju-Be, Diapers, carriers, swaddlers, misc for sale

    I'm doing a big sell-off, trying to get rid of all the stuff we're just not using anymore. UPDATED and Reduced prices on a lot! Deleted sold and added new items! Ju-Ju-Be: The diapers: I've got pockets, covers, inserts, wipes...
  9. Chex

    ISO: Ju Ju Be stuff in Pretty Tweet

    It's my new favorite pattern. Let me know what you've got. There will be some things I don't want and/or need (like a Be All). :) ETA: I should probably specify that the only diaper bag I think I'd want is a Spicy. But I'm interested in accessories as well. :)
  10. Chex

    Has there already been a thread about the new Nissan NV3500 passenger van?

    I looked, but not super hard. Sorry if it's already been discussed.
  11. Chex

    Help me w/a FB debate

    This guy is bringing up this study: So he thinks that Steven Leavitt is totally reputable and therefore he doesn't need to have any of his children over the age of 2 in a carseat at all. I told him there were many studies to...
  12. Chex

    In Search Of JuJuBe Wardrobe Station

    It doesn't look like they make the Wardrobe Station anymore. Anybody have one they want to sell?
  13. Chex

    Envirosax on

    I LOVE these bags. I use them all the time. They're so great! Just wanted to pass along the great deals. The pouches (with 5 bags in them) are a really great deal!!
  14. Chex

    Help me figure out a 3-across for my BIL's Pilot

    Here's what they've got: 3 boys 3 and under. The oldest 2 are FF in Sceneras, but the bigger child is nearly to the weight limit. So they want to give his Scenera to the baby (almost 1yo) to use RF and get him a new seat. They would also like to keep them all on that middle row in their...
  15. Chex

    Lots of dipes! Come see!

    First I'll list what I have and then link to the pics and prices. There are too many pics to post in one thread. ;) 2 M Thirsties stuffable AIOs (sage and periwinkle) 3 M Thirsties covers (pale yellow, lavender, candy pink) (Yellow SOLD) 1 M SB cover (brown w/pink edging, snaps) 6 L BSWW (2...
  16. Chex

    I can't modify my van like I thought I'd be able to

    Last summer we bought an '09 Chevy Express (12 passenger/shorter wheelbase). I know a guy who does custom modifications on all sorts of vehicles. He really knows his stuff and I trust him. So we bought the van with plans to have headrests installed in all 10 rear positions. My oldest has...
  17. Chex

    Got a BabyTrend Flexloc off Woot for $50

    And found out why they were so cheap.......DOM 4/2007. :thumbsdown: I mean, I figured it would be an older seat, but I didn't think it'd already be almost 4 years old! We haven't owned an infant carrier carseat for quite a while now (we borrowed my sister's for last baby), and decided $50 was...
  18. Chex

    FOR TRADE: FR85 cover (I have red, want pink)

    Cover is brand new. Would love to trade for a pink cover.
  19. Chex

    Inspired By Finn amber necklaces 20%-40% off!/notes/inspired-by-finn/40-off-amber-childrens-items-babylegs-anyone-can-participate/130561840317408

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