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    Question Chest clip question on use + USA vs. Europe

    I know how this sometimes is a topic here. Did you know that as of July 2013 chest clips were made legal in Europe with the new ECE R 129 regulation? There aren't any seats. yet as far as I know, that comes with the clip but they do sell loose chest clips here. In Norway experts are now...
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    News 1 YR old survived frontal on road w/speedlimit 55 mph

    The one year old sat in a rear-facing car seat in the front passenger seat. The airbag was turned off - an active airbag can be lethal so a child should NEVER sit in front of an active airbag. In Sweden it is very common to turn off the airbag and have the child RFing in the front seat, this is...
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    Question Extended harnessing?

    Can someone please enlighten me a bit on this subject? I have never seen any information about this here in Scandinavia. We have one car seat that can be used with internal harnessing up to 55 lbs, that is the convertible car seat we currently use RFing and it will be used that way until the...
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    News New pro rear-facing information video

    The Norwegian traffic council has made this video and translated it into English to spread the important message: YouTube- Rear facing vs forward facing position in the car
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    Question The pictures of infant RF in front of an active airbag

    Does anyone have the link to the page that showed an infant(doll) in a RF car seat and then a picture of what might happen if the airbag deploys?
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    Question Has anyone heard of Dooby car seat?

    I just came across a ad where someone sold two Dooby car seats. I have never heard of this seat(I have tried to google it as well), can anyone enlighten me?
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    Question Help to identify Britax seat

    Can someone please tell me what kind of Britax seat this is? I think it is an American Britax seat, another Norwegian lady found it on a Norwegian marketplace(the seller forgot to mention that the seat wasn't Norwegian and not legal to use here :rolleyes:). The ad also stated that the seat could...
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    Question What do you call theese kind of car seats in English?

    High back booster? And????
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    News New European research - kids should RF up till four years

    Read more HERE Accident facts from US as well in this report.
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    Question Information about seat belts for pregnant ladies is needed

    Does anyone have information/links about these seat belts in questioning? I have only seen information stating that these belts are for comfort only and that they have nothing to say for the safety of the unborn child.
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    Question A US RF research? Supposed to be finished in 2007

    I remember seeing a post here about a researcher on a University where they did research on the safety advantages with RF. Does anyone know if this is published yet?
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    Car seat installed with LATCH/ISOFIX vs. seatbelt?

    In Norway the traffic organization says: The difference between the two is that LATCH dramatically reduces the risk of installing the seat wrong and it is easier to install a seat with LATCH. If you install a car seat and fasten it correctly with the car seat belt it is just as safe as a seat...
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    Crash test? Kid in booster vs. seat belt

    Does anyone know of a video clip showing a kid in a booster vs. a kid fastened with only a seat belt?
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    Safety-net/Boxette illegal?

    Here in Norway it is three options(unfortunately) for securing a baby in the car. 1. Rear facing car-seat for infants. 2. Safety-net. Picture number. 1. 3. Boxette. Picture number 2. Are any of the two last options legal here? All the experts on car safety for kids both in Sweden and...
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    Pictures of Swedish and Norwegian car seats RF up till 55 lbs

    Just wanted to show you some of the Scandinavian seats that kids can sit RF for up till 55 lbs(or till they out grow the seat in height). Most of the seats have various colour combinations to choose from as well(not that matters, the important thing is the safety). Britax Secura Britax Two...
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    Little legrom - RF

    Today we were at a childs birthdayparty. One of the mothers said that she had to turn her sound FF soon because he had so little leg rom. I said that it isn't uncomfortable or dangerous for the child. My question is, do any of you have any good links with facts saying that it isn't dangerous? I...
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    Important videos about carsafety?

    Are there any thread in here with a collection of links on videoes about carsafety? I have a little collection in my blog HERE(under the menu "Videoklipp/kollisjonstester"), but I'd like some more links.
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    Airbag video?

    Does anyone know of any videoclips showing what might happen if you put a child in front of an airbag? I would be grateful if I could get some links :-) I'd like to see videoes of children in carseats and without carseats(if it exsists). In Norway it is reccomended that children stay in the...
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    Norwegian rearfacing gallery

    I thought this might interest you? It is a gallery from a Norwegian discussion board for mothers. My son is also in the gallery ;) You can see it HERE

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