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    Clek's replacement policy

    For accidents? I've tried looking it up but can't find it.
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    Does he look like he still fits?

    I know he's getting close to outgrowing it.
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    Which booster next 2 foonfs in an 05 impala?

    Besides a Recaro pro booster. Already have one and want something different. The original turbo booster is to short. So any other ideas? TIA Allison
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    Any other seats besides britax and clek that have lock offs and separate harness straps?

    I'm looking for seats that have both of these.
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    In Search Of Minnie Mouse costumes.

    In need of Minnie mouse costumes in size childs 4/5 and an teen/adult medium.
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    Seats with seperate harness straps.

    Are the diono/radian and britax the only ones with seperate harness straps?
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    Question Frontier 85 in a 2001 Montero Sport

    I have a friend who is getting a Fr85 for her dd that will be going into a 2001 Montero Sport. Any installation tips we need to know about?
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    Question Air bag on or off?

    In a 2002 chevy S10 pick up? Child is 8 yr old child, harnessed in a Britax Regent.
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    Question Is there a chart or graph showing different injuries to kiddos based on rear facing or forward facing?

    Dd1's aunt works for a pediatricians office and one of the doctors doesn't like kids rear facing cause he thinks they will "he says that the kiddos knees will hit them in the face and do damage as well"
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    Question Thinking about clothe diapering.

    I am on my last bag of disposal diapers I had stocked up on before Lilah was born. So I was wondering if I did go to clothe how many would I need? I really like the style that Keri posted. Just wondering if there are any cheaper? Eta I don't mind buying used either. Just don't know where to look.
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    Need help with choosing booster for 3 across in 05 impala

    Right now I am doing a Britax FR80 booster mode, then 2 baseless graco 22pd seats middle and drivers side. I need to be able to use a roundabout 50 and true fit both rear facing. Ds is 7 about 4'2" and 55ish pds. Also ds does not like the Graco turbo booster.
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    Question How much on average do seatbelts stretch during a collision?

    Lets say in a 35 MPH crash.
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    Question What type of crash is usually the most deadliest?

    And does anyone have info I can show proving which is the deadliest?
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    In Search Of Cheap Verizon capable cell phone.

    I need 3 of them. All they need to be able to do is text and make phone calls. We don't use the internet on our phones. So please none that require a data plan.
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    Would you be OK with this install?

    Its a snug ride 22 installed baseless into an 1993 Dodge Dakota P/U. Not sure if its considered an extra cab or extended cab. The seat is installed tight. I'm just not comfortable with how much of the child seat is on the vehicle seat. I said I would get some second opinions though.
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    Question Cheapest place to order a true fit

    I've decided to skip the infant bucket and get a true fit for this one. So does anyone know where I should order from?
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    Question Replacing seatbelts in a 83 VW Rabbit?

    Would it be possible for someone to replace the seat belts themselves in this car? If so where would one order them from?
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    Car bumpers and safety.

    I am having an argument with someone who is saying that bumpers offer no safety advantage on a car versus not having any. That they are basically only for looks since they are made to crumble at 5mph. So are they right?
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    Any booster that can be used with belts that have separate retractors.

    I'm thinking there isn't any. But figured I'd ask since I'm trying to find a seat for my dads lady friend's gd to use in my dads truck if she goes camping with us. I've never seen the little girl but my dad says she is about the same size as my son who is about 47" and 47 pds. Far as I know the...

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