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    2002 Sienna

    Just saw a deal on an '02 Sienna, what are the details on that model year? Latch & Tether locations, does the 3rd row fold flat? Second row bucket configurations? Should I worry about a large dent in one sliding door? It has 190,000 mi on it, any potential reliability issues to watch out for...
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    Booster for field trips

    My oldest is starting Kindergarten this fall. It is a small private school, so they don't have busses. They do some field trips, so I need to provide a booster seat. DD is still harnessed in my vehicles, but she will be six in Nov. and is pretty mature, so I think she will booster train well. I...
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    Bracing question

    Can a tech confirm that I have this right? I should be able to brace a Diono Olympia on the passenger side of my '98 Cavalier right? There is no mention of keeping things clear of the seat in either the airbag section or carseat section of the manual. Advanced airbags didn't exist in '98 though...
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    Almost outgrown by height?

    When I put DD in this seat I feel like she's almost too tall, but that's not actually right is it? I think I have at least an inch of growth room, but I keep second guessing the angle. It doesn't help that the shell is curved. (How do you measure at right angles to a curved line?) How long is...
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    Defender in '05 Town & Country 3rd row

    Has anyone managed to get a good install in the 3rd row center of a T&C or Caravan with stow n go and lap belt only in that position? I tighten it down but it still slides forward a few inches. Twisting buckle doesn't help, adjusting recline either. I can't install it to far forward since...
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    successful, but not ideal, 3 across

    I have actually managed to tightly install 3 seats in my '98 Chevy Cavalier convertible, but I'm still not happy. The infant carrier handle is tight against the side of the car so I need to be really careful that it locks into the base completely. And I'm not sure how I feel about the Defender...
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    which seat for Aunt/Uncle to use?

    Baby#3 is due late next month, and the plan is for DD1 to come to the hospital with us. (My mom will be there with her too.) And DD2 will go to my Aunt & Uncles house and they will bring her up to the hospital after her baby brother is born. She will be 3 in early August, and usually rides RF in...
  8. L has the new Commander But it's twice the price of the Defender, and doesn't look much different. I want to know what they've changed to justify that price!
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    Using D-ring for FF TA is not ok right?

    Because sombody on a facebook thread suggested it as an option and is doing it. I advised against it, but I haven't actually seen official info on the subject, so if somebody has specific reference that I can pass along that would be helpful. I imagine a ff tether would be subject to greater...
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    Defender in possible 3 across?

    Does anyone know if the Harmony Defender puzzles well with any of the following, Britax Chaperone, RF Onside Air/Scenara, or RF Radian? I am hoping I can get a good 3 across in my Chevy Cavalier convertible. It's a secondary car, so it's not essential, but I would like the option. I also REALLY...
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    Chicco stroller compatability

    Does anyone know what, if any, other brand infant seats are compatible with Chicco Cortina strollers? (Single and double) My cousin got a Cortina travel system with her first, then the double stroller with her second, she's adopting a newborn in March:love: and her Keyfit is expiring soon. Does...
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    Kohls has sale+coupon+kohls cash

    And they've restocked Radians. RXT sale price is $314.50 Try code NOTEBOOK30 for 30% off, it was supposed to expire yesterday but it still worked shortly after midnight. Otherwise code TAKE20 is good for 20% off till 8/23/12. Kohls cash also ends 8/23. Oh, and the codes don't stack, I tried. ;)
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    Great deals on True Fit, but is this a good site?

    Has anyone ever ordered from Is it a reliable site? I've never heard of it before but they list really great prices. I'm looking for a deal on a TFP, and wondering if this is legit.
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    Importance of RF almost 4yo?

    Hi, My DD, who is 3yrs, 9mo, 32lb, and 38" has been Rf in a TrueFit Premier, which I planned to hand down to my second DD who just turned 1 and is near the hight limit of her snugride. The plan was to put the 3yo in a nautilus, which I did buy a couple of months ago, but now find myself with...

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