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  1. blueindigo

    Question Classic car with lap belts and a 6 year old

    Hello, I was wondering what the current recommendations for keeping a 6 year old (about 45" and 45 lbs) safe in a classic car with lap only belts. Specifically a 1959 Ford Galaxy convertible. The child rides in booster seat in all other vehicles. I assume boosters and lap only belts are...
  2. blueindigo

    Coccoro check my install please

    Hi, I installed my Coccoro for the 1st time today and wanted a second opinion how it looks. Installed in a Ford Fusion, center seating position, with seat belt. I pulled out the seat belt and switched the retractor to ALR mode. Less than one inch movement at belt path. Coccoro rider is 5 months...
  3. blueindigo

    (Final Update #12)(UPDATE 7 & MORE Q's)Small Bus + No CR + Mandatory SB use + 3yr old?

    (Final Update in #12) Update in #7 & More Questions ............ Hello, I feel like I should probably know the answer to this, but I don't remember small buses being covered in the tech class (of course I could be wrong). Question is should I allow my 3yr old (32 pounds 36 inches) ride on a...
  4. blueindigo

    Frontier 85 in third row of Mazda 5 (2008)

    DS is still napping so decided to take some pictures of the 3rd row our of Mazda 5 2009. OP I am sorry I don't know if this is similar to the 08, but hopefully someone with one will chime in... I also do not have a Frontier 85 or the other seats you mentioned except I have a TF (not premier...
  5. blueindigo

    Question Help identify infant seat (no pictures)

    Hi, I need help identifying an infant seat I saw at a check today (sorry no pictures). 3 point harness, said Gerry on it, handle separated into two pieces, push in and twist nobs on the base turned the seat into a seat with swinging motion. The family was giving a convertible for baby (and...
  6. blueindigo

    Question FF True fit & Britax Roundabout 55 (Q & pics)

    Hi, I tried installing my two car seats forward facing yesterday and trying DS in them (he is still RF, but I need to learn to install them FF eventually). I am wondering if they are to reclined. The harness by his stomach is not flat (is it suppose to be)? The Britax is position 1 or 2 and I...
  7. blueindigo

    Question Graco turbo booster without armrest installed

    Hi, I need help explaining to someone I know why the turbo booster needs its arm rests. I know the instructions I looked at online says very clearly they are needed. However, I think it would help the person I am going to talk to, if I have the why reason behind the instructions (I thought it...
  8. blueindigo

    Question ISO:Pics of Diono & Truefit side by side

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has pictures of a True fit and Diono (or Radian) side by side. I tried to search for past threads, but my search skills must be off today (I think I have seen some before, but can't find any now). Thanks
  9. blueindigo

    Question Where to store an unused carseat?

    Hi, I have never had to store a seat before so I am not sure of the best place to do so. I need to store it for at least 6 months. Options: 1. Garage 2. Crawlspace (temperature says similar to house temp) 3. In Car (worry that a crash would make both seats unusable) Also, is it OK to store the...
  10. blueindigo

    Question How much time left?-with picture

    Hi. Just wondering how much time my DS might have left RF in his RA 55. Thanks. View from the side.
  11. blueindigo

    Question What age could your RFing DC climb into captains chairs?

    Hi. Just wondering what age your kids could climb into their own RF carseats that are installed in captains chairs. ETA: thanks
  12. blueindigo

    Question Dodge Caravan 02, tether bench seat Q & Picture

    Hi, I finally got pictures of a seat I had questions about tethering, referencing this thread. I saw the relative yesterday and was able to reinstall the car seat in to the center position of the bench seat in a 2002 dodge caravan. I looked for a tether by the bag hooks as mentioned in...
  13. blueindigo

    Question Evenflo locking clip on Recaro seat

    Hi. I don't think I can use a Evenflo locking clip on Recaro Como seat, but want to make sure. The lock offs on the Recaro Como (2007?) don't actually lock the belt correct? So on a non locking seat belt I would need a locking clip for the Recaro (I think)......Hopefully this makes sense...
  14. blueindigo

    Question Help please-identifying seats and manufacture dates

    Help please-identifying seats and manufacture dates.-- Update Post 9 more pics Hi, I am trying to help a new neighbor find out if her car seats are expired or recalled. I noticed they are over head shields (I think?), so got to chatting to her about car seats and asked her how old they are. She...
  15. blueindigo

    Question Recaro Como RF height limit?

    Hi. Does the como have a RF height limit? In the manual they have a chart that shows 34". Is that the max height they allow RF? Or is it 1" from shell? I did some searching on this site but did not find the answer (I could have missed it though)...Thanks
  16. blueindigo

    Torso height-how to measure & averages?

    Hi I just wanted to make sure I am measuring my DS's torso height correctly. You sit the child with their back against the wall and measure from the floor to their shoulders, is that right? Also is there a list any where of average torso height to height of child? Thanks Mods- I hope this in the...
  17. blueindigo

    Question 2 Car seats -Need to know the latch limit please

    Hi, I was wondering what the latch weight limit for 2 of my car seats are. The seats are Recaro como 2007 and evenflo titan sport 2010. TIA
  18. blueindigo

    Question: Mazda 5 2009 latch/tether limits?

    Hi. My SO just bought a used Mazda 5 2009. I am wondering what the latch limits are. Also, if there are a tether weight limit. I didn't see it mentioned in the car's manual, but I very easily could have missed it. Thank you

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