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    Idiot proof booster seat?

    For YEARS I have been on my brother’s case because he refuses to correctly buckle his child in her 5 point harness, RF and now FF. He’s an engineer and I’ve explained to him about the laws of inertia and how his kid isn’t immune to them in a crash and he knows that but refuses to be a parent...
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    Middle position third row of Town & Country...trying to get 3 across FF Harnesses

    I just got a 2011 T&C, and really, really want 3 FF harnessed seats to fit on that third row. I was all set and ready to put a Radian in the middle (with a second Radian and a Recaro outboards) til I did a double google check and discovered an old thread on here stating that it's near...
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    A good puzzler with 2 FF Radians?

    I have 2 FF Radians I want to put either a high weight & height harness seat or a HBB between. For a 3rd Row 07 Suburban which is a very difficult seat to get 3 across with, so want the middle puzzle piece to work well and also narrow as possible.
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    Stuck rethreading harness on a Marathon

    I removed the harness straps completely from the shell of my 2009 model Britax Marathon to wash the cover, and now I am stuck on the exact correct way to put the harness back on at the bottom. I've searched and searched and can't find any naked pictures of the Marathon with the harness...
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    Subaru Commercial - What is this?

    Here's a new Subaru commercial, I was impressed to see a bigger kid in a 5 point harness :love: not a booster, but can't figure out what it is that's along the (child's right) front strap, it almost looks like part of the tether. I'm not good at IDing seats so maybe it's just part of the seat...
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    Need convertible seat rec

    My friend needs a convertible seat, with high 5 point harness limits, that sits low like the Britax MA, and doesn't have real high side wings also like the MA. She's using my MA right now and likes it except for the HUGS system. She wants a seat she can see over/around when it's RF and behind...
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    Low Profile while RF

    :mad: My friend uses 'I can't see when there's a rear facing convertible in the back seat because I'm short' as an excuse to turn her kids prematurely. She said her pediatrician said she could go ahead and turn her 19 lb soaking wet, 33 inch, 14 month old FF (in a FF seat) :mad::mad: because...
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    RF Convertible seat for 07 Suburban 3rd Row

    I have an 07 Suburban, and a plethera of convertible seats so I can get 6 seats in at once (read: justifiable addiction), and went to put one RF in the 3rd row and none will fit!!! Does anybody have any suggestions on IF I were to get a new seat for it, which may fit RF? The problem is their...
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    FS: NIB Baby Jogger Micro Double - Slate

    BJ Micro Double, slate/gray color. NIB, never removed or assembled, bought it online then day before receiving it found a MacLaren double deal on CL I couldn't pass up, kept the BJMD 'just in case' and the case never came. Manufactured in 2009 according to box. $200 plus actual shipping from...
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    Most fuel efficient plus good crash ratings 6+ passenger vehicle?

    I drive a Suburban right now, and love the hauling space, hate the gas guzzling and parking it. We're about out of the huge stroller stage & hauling tons of kid cargo, so I'm considering down sizing. But I don't want to give up my flexibility to haul 4-5 kids in car seats in the back because I...
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    Recaro ProSport - $106?

    This has got to be an error...wonder what would happen if I ordered it? Would they send the right one or wrong one?
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    Seat rec needed...

    I am trying to find a versatile seat to fit some criteria so I just have to buy will mostly live in the middle position on the back row of an 07 Suburban, however it will also be one of 2-3 seats in other vehicles when DD rides with other people on rare occassions. In the Suburban it...
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    Jogging Stroller - Recs & and is this one good/bad?

    I am looking at getting a double jogging stroller. I know BOBs are the bomb, but I cannot afford them, even used, if I were lucky enough to find one used. I thought I'd start with a basic inexpensive one then if I use it like I'm wanting and love doing it, will upgrade. Wondering what...
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    BJ Micro Double Owners

    I have a NIB BJ Micro Double that I bought, and am trying to decide whether to keep it or try to sell it and buy a double jogger. Just wondering how easy or impossible it is to run and/or speed walk with the stroller? It says on the exterior package not for running, but wanted to see if...
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    Safety Sheets / Pamphlet?

    Yesterday at preschool pick up off I parked on the far side of the lot, meaning I walked by many cars being loaded with 3 & 4 year olds. And I couldn't believe the seat errors. Made me sick to see. Some are in backless, one small girl was being buckled in without a booster at ALL, a number...
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    How are you protecting vehicle seats RF?

    The dirty feet/shoes and what have you are destroying the backs of my seats (face of the backs...RF kids). I'm just plain not finding anything to put on to protect the seats that doesn't go underneath the safetyseat which is apparently a no-no. I have a Suburban,bench seats. Tried putting a...
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    What's wrong with this picture!?!

    I opened/installed my new Como G2 ...and as I was installing noticed something that just doesn't look right. Look particularly at the middle picture wording & arrows. Good thing this is my 3rd Como and I know the right way to install, but I can totally see "Joe Smith" screwing up their install...
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    Car Seats from Rental Car Companies?

    I am renting a car at our vacation destination next week and was wondering if anybody has used the car seats provided by a rental car company (Hertz in my case but also would like to hear of other companies if we would change), and how did that go? What kind of seats did they provide, do they...
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    If looking for a MyRide 65...

    try Target, they have the MA50s on sale for $100 but my store was out and offering the MyRide 65s for $95 and some change as a substitution.
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    MacLaren Twin Triumph vs BJ City Mini vs BJ Micro vs Peg Perego Pliko P3

    I can't decide/figure out which will fit my needs best between the MacLaren Triumph Twin, BJ City Mini or Micro vs PP Pliko P3. Help appreciated, I've been reading and reading old posts on it and still just not getting vibes on which way to go. OR if there's another one I'm missing that...

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