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  1. geberika

    What % of base on seat with Graco TB (w SS)?

    While doing an online CEU, I came across this quote, Generally 80% of CR base must be supported by vehicle seat. I'm wondering if that's true specifically for the Graco TB w SS? I just re-read the manual, but could not find anything that addresses that. I have five children in seats in an 01...
  2. geberika

    RF XTSL not working well in 2001 Windstar. Options for puzzling?

    Hi all, I have two bench rows in my 2001 Windstar. Second row: 10yo twins outboard each in a Harmony Cruz, with 2yo in RF XTSL in between. Third row: 8yo in a TB and a 5yo in a Fr85. Problem is, I hate the install of the RF XTSL. It's a lap-only in that spot and doesn't feel very tight -- only...
  3. geberika

    How about the narrowest backless booster/backless booster that puzzles well?

    My not-very-long-torsoed twins are at 55" and 56" and their TBs can only be used til 57". I have the old-style PWs, but I'd like a back-up for my dh's car, probably a backless since they're over 9yo. And the old-style PW expire in a little less than 18 months. And also the covers keep coming...
  4. geberika

    Narrowest-base Convertible?

    I saw this thread, and now I'm thinking of getting a Titan for my 17mo. Right now she's in a RN and her brothers are complaining about bucking their old-style PW next to it. I also have a CCO that I could use -- which would actually be preferable, since I already own it! Are there others that...
  5. geberika

    How does the Evenflo Amp puzzle? Say, with a Radian?

    Does it puzzle well? Right now I have my almost-9yo twins on either side of my 1yo who is RF in a Radian. Just wondering if I'd get any more room for them if I switched to an Amp?
  6. geberika

    I just drove 800 miles with five kids in a 01 Windstar and I want a new car.

    I have nearly-9yo twins each in a PW, 6yo in F85, 4yo in XTSL and 1yo in 65SL/CCO. It's a tight squeeze, and we do not have side-curtain airbags or traction control. Would I get any more space if I moved up to an Ody or a Sienna, or would I only get more safety features?
  7. geberika

    I hate my Radians but don't know what else to do? Suggestions?

    I have almost-9yo twins in PW, a 6yo in a FR85SICT, a 4yo in a XTSL and a baby in a CCO. I have a 2001 Windstar with two bench rows, and have the following set up: PW/FF XTSL/RF CCO, and PW/F85. The problem is the XTSL -- I cannot get it tight enough, no matter how much I ratchet the straps...
  8. geberika

    Car seats that do NOT have front adjusters?

    Are there many -- specifically infant buckets -- still on the market? A midwife friend of mine just mentioned that she keeps seeing clients come to the birth center with car seats that don't adjust in the front, and the parents inevitably do NOT make the harness straps tight enough...
  9. geberika

    Friend traveling to England, what (any?) seats are compliant?

    Hi all, a good friend of mine is traveling to England around Christmastime. She currently has her almost-2yo dd in a RF Radian. She also has access to several other convertibles, including a MA, a Scenera and a Como. I could also loan her my CCO. My question is, can she take these to England and...
  10. geberika

    Check out this pic of the Nautilus head slump

    eek! Not sure if pic is showing up, here's the link
  11. geberika

    I'm dying to use my Frontier85!

    But it won't puzzle right now with my other seats, and my 6yo is still okay in her RN65. So for now, I must use it for my 3-month-old ;)
  12. geberika

    My brain is fried trying to configure my seats/car. Please advise.

    I have a 2001 Ford Windstar with two bench seats. Both bench seats are lap/shoulder and LATCH outboard, and lap-only middle. I have five kids: 8yo twins in Parkways, a 6yo in a FF Radian65, a 3yo in a RF RadianXTSL and a 3mo in an Orbit G2 :love:. I have several other seats also. The setup...
  13. geberika

    Quick XTSL question - anyone have the manual around?

    Does the manual say you MUST use the boot when you have it RF? A friend's husband removed it because he was getting too much of a backward angle when installed in the middle of a 2009 Honda Insight. He removed it and put in a pool noodle instead to get the correct angle. I am not home so I...
  14. geberika

    Who gets a new seat? What seat to get?

    My dh just got a new car, a 2010 Jetta Sportwagen. He mostly uses it for driving to and from work since he has a long commute. We are about to have five kids, so fitting everyone isn't an option, but he can fit a few. The backseat has 3 lap/shoulders and at least two LATCH. He typically takes...
  15. geberika

    What do you hate about a KF30?

    I want a KF30 ::bag:: I have absolutely no need for it -- I have a SS1 for "Tax Deduction" that is fine. But at the most recent hospital class I co-taught, I checked installs on a bunch of them and they're so freakin' cool -- and cute! I love the green one! -- and easy to install. So, remind...
  16. geberika

    Earliest age outgrowing a MA?

    I met a woman at a MNO last night who claims her 2.5yo is too tall for her MA. I was really surprised -- my fairly long-torsoed 5.5yo just outgrew it within the last six months. Child is not freaky-tall or -long ;) so I'm surprised. I didn't see a pic of the car/install etc, so I'm just curious.
  17. geberika

    PW: kids leaning forward because of angle of third-row bench

    I've noticed my 7yo twins are sitting forward in their PW but the angle of the bench row is really far back. I can't get it to move any more forward. I can post pics. Is this a common problem with this seat/car? Is there anything I can do? I can also try the TB and see if they lean less (or not...
  18. geberika

    Looking for a video about LATCH misuse

    Specifically, installing a seat in the middle using LATCH connectors from outboard seats. Someone is arguing with me that the middle is so much safer, it doesn't matter if the seat is installed improperly. :eek: :thumbsdown: ETA: Kecia addresses this in a blog from about a year ago. Hmmmm.
  19. geberika

    RF Radian pic -- angled too far back?

    It seems like more than 45* to me. However I've had a hard time getting it more upright. If it's too far back, does anyone have suggestions on getting it more upright? It's a 2001 Ford Windstar with an extra third bench row in the second row.
  20. geberika

    What seat/for which kid should I get?

    My grandmother wants to buy us a car seat "for the baby." However, for as much as she knows about seats, I could buy one for any of my kids and she'd never know the difference. My 7yos are pretty well covered. They have old-school PW in my car, and TB in dh's car. My 5yo is getting their old...

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