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    Question 3 across vs front seat

    A boosterless 9 yo that 5steps, but the belt fits better with a booster still. Boosterless center or booster in the front sea, airbag censor?
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    MT in a Sprinter van?

    Or a 2006 Ford Escape? Just checking! It is a 2006 Sprinter, if that matters. Thanks!
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    Question 3 cross, 5step, and front seat questions

    Potentially, we will be sending the 4 girls with my ILs tonight so there are fewer distractions at ds's speech eval tomorrow. Dd1 is 9, 48lbs 54" tall, is beginning to 5-step in some locations in some vehicles. In our van, she's in a backless Monarch. In MIL's Jeep Liberty, she 5-steps in...
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    Question Problem with straps too low RF?

    Is it a problem for straps to be too far below shoulders RF? Dd here, age 5.5, rides RF sometimes, sometimes booster. Ds rides in the RN when she doesn't, rides in a MCP when dd is in the RN. Dd could use the next slot up (still meets the at or below), but ds needs this setting. Is there any...
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    5 stepping....

    OK, in ATL here today, and tried putting dd1 in my dad's car (actually my stepmom's, but hey). Booster-less, the outboard lap belt fit is PERFECT. Couldn't be happier with it. The shoulder leaves a bit to be desired (rides up on her neck just a tad). Center with no booster leaves a bad lap...
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    booster fit on dd3

    Does this shoulder belt look OK? I'm pretty pleased with the lap belt position on her (checked to make sure her skirtwasnt bunching up and messing with it), but the shoulder belt, not s confident.
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    3-across questions.....

    I have 2 vehicles and a few combos of seats to throw out there, see if anyone has tried any combo of these. Here are the 5 kids to "play" with, and stats. 8.5 yo DD1: 51" and 48lbs, at the top slots on the Regent, just moved to a booster full time. almost 7 y/o DD2: 47.75" and 48lbs, almost...
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    I did it, I joined the ranks, I broke my "I'll never..."

    Yup, I bought my SN 4.5 y/o a RNXTSL. It was a return at my BRU (they don't normally carry it), and I bought it for 194. It was marked to 239, and then I traded in an old Pack n Play for the 25% off. We went in intending to buy a BLVD70. I always said I'd never buy a RN, b/c they're made in...
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    Anyone know how Britax is handling the PW headrest adjuster probs now?

    We've had PWs (2 of them!) in my ILs' car for the last 1.5-2 years, and one of them is having the head rest adjuster problems. My ILs cannot be trusted to appropriately mess with the headrest, IF the tricks to get the "catch" to engage actually will work on their seats. I haven't had a chance...
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    Posting for a friend, multiple kids with SNs

    OK, my friend has 3 kids. They need to ride 3-across in a 2003 Toyota 4-runner. DS1: Age 5.5 45lbs 42" Asperger's, low tone esp some trunk weakness, sensory issues as well as multiple other psychological/neuro issues, asthma Dd: age 4 25lbs, 34.5 in, juvenile idiopathic arthritis...
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    SN stroller ideas?

    My dd3 was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease in December. As such, she has issues with strength and endurance, gets tired easily, needs extra rest, and needs to keep specific supplies with her (associated symptoms with her overall mito dx). We currently have a Kolcraft Contours Options...
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    Wet suits?

    Anyone got any advice for finding a wet suit for a 4 y/o? Thanks! Looking at shorty wetsuits, not full-length.
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    Anyone compared these 2 seats yet?

    Anyone compared the new PWSG with the old PW? Specifically for fit on a smaller child? My 3rd child just turned 4 yesterday, and she has special needs (mitochondrial defect). She's 30lbs, currently RF in a BLVD. I keep going back and forth on turning her FF (she's off the charts for HC, and...
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    Odd, random, funny combos of good and bad car seat usage lately

    I saw, in the same day last week, both of the following. 1) A RF toddler (18mos? maybe even closer to 2?) in a Scenera, appeared to be buckled in correctly (looking through the window at a stoplight) sitting on the bench of a pick up truck next to a non-seatbelt wearing smoking adult female...
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    Quick, maybe easy question...

    What's the earliest DOM on a Britax Super Elite? yes, I know they're all expired, a friend is embroiled in a CL battle with someone trying to sell one...
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    FF vs HBB for a special needs child

    This is a futuristic theoretical question at this point. My 3.5 y/o will easily RF until she's old enough to booster, even in a 33lbs Britax seat (no, it won't expire before then either!). She has mild low tone, blood sugar regulation problems (low), testing pending for a mitochondrial defect...
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    UPS just delivered my MCP...

    in a box that was open halfway, clearly something had been sat on it at some point, etc. I have done nothing more to the box than what had already been done to it (I opened the flap that was already unsealed). I have taken pictures of the box as I pulled it in the house. Would you feel...
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    MCP in Atlanta

    Anyone seen a MCP in Atlanta, GA, anywhere? No store anywhere remotely close to me sells it, and we'll be in Atlanta first week of September...anyone?
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    Current best price on a MCP?

    Looking for a new MCP...where would I find the best price on it, anyone know?
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    BRU today and the CA...

    Well. Let's just say that I like the height, I like the air cushions, and I like that it's not made in China. What do I not like? virtually no leg room. My older 2 kiddos are right at 40lbs (6yrs 11mos and 5 years), and they both had their knees up around their necks (installed on the test...

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