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    A flyer about car seats?

    So I finally was able to talk to a neighbor about car seats and booster seats. I printed out the 5 step test for the booster seats. Now she would like a paper telling about the best practice guidelines for car seat usage. And I can't find anything about best practice that is in a nice...
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    Incognito postponed again?

    I just got an email from Amazon that basically said my order from Nov 5th of two gray Incognito seats was postponed indefinitely and if I wanted to cancel my order to let them know. Is that just with that color because if other colors are available I will gladly take whatever I can get at...
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    Big kid in a booster question

    What would you do for an 8 year old boy who is too wide for boosters. Today he tried all of my boosters. He just fits in the Monterey, but the seatbelt doesn't fit under the arms of Monterey they are forward of the arms. He sat in the Harmony youth booster or rather he sat on the arms of...
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    Booster seat storage

    Would a no back booster such as the Harmony youth booster be okay stored in the locking tool box part of a small pick up truck? It will shift around inside the plastic toolbox as my husband starts and stops. With people so worried about airplanes damaging boosters I was wondering about...
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    Convincing my neighbor

    First I have to say that my neighbor is always worried about what people think. She is the most anxious parent I have ever met. When her son was 5 I convinced her to research booster seats before she just ran out and bought a no back booster. She got a an evenflo big kid or whatever...
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    Question about BabyTrend Flex Loc

    My best friend lives in Oregon which is far away from me. She bought a Baby Trend Flex Loc and loves the seat. It says it fits up to 30" tall and 30lbs. But her 4 month old 16lbs 25" daughter doesn't really fit in the harness any more. My friend thinks she has the harness let out all...
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    How to talk to my neighbor about booster

    So my neighbor is a wonderful and caring mom. She kept her kids harnessed past their 4th birthday (not normal here) and then she put them in high back boosters because they were safer for young school age kids. Her son is a tall/average but very thin 8 year old boy. He is currently...
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    Need help with booster decision

    Due to my son being a giant he will have outgrown the Regent by harness height by age 4. So we are going with a booster plus the Y86 harness. I went shopping today. I can get a Sunshine Monterey for $120 or a Recaro ProBooster (from a local store that sells returned items but this...
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    Widest and Deepest Booster?

    What is the best booster for a really big (tall and heavy) kid. I would prefer highback but if no back boosters are wider I would consider it for future use. I looked on the booster section of the comparisons, but I am not sure it was completely clear. I know that the evenflo big kid...
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    Britax Regent Question and something I noticed

    Today I went to a rummage sale that had an expired Husky for sale. It was very cheap and my son loves the plush blue cover so I bought it because if nothing else I can at least make sure no one uses it. I am going to throw the harness and webbing away this week and figure out what I can do...
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    Need Help with "parental decision"

    Okay I am the one with the gigantic 3.5 year old. 46" tall and 60lbs. I have a situation where I need my mother to drive him about two miles for 2 days this coming week then hopefully never again. I am taking my son to a babysitter in the mornings but the babysitter isn't available in the...
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    Preschool Field Trip Problem

    Last night we went to enroll my 3 year old in preschool for next fall. He loved the school as did I. But I have a big problem with it. They take field trips. On the form discussing field trips it said that "parents should provide no back booster seats for use during field trips". My...
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    What to do with extra large 3 year old

    My youngest son is almost 3.5. He is 46 inches tall and 62 pounds. I am kicking myself because I only bought one Britax Regent when they were available. He outgrew the shoulder height for the Apex 65 we had in our other car that he rides in about 30% of the time. We tried a Graco Nautilus...

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