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    Question Radian or Booster for Roadtrip?

    DD is 6 years old & has been riding in a booster full- time since she turned 6 in April. We are headed to the beach on Friday (10ish hour drive). She has never fallen asleep in her booster (first years b570) in our rides around town. Would you let her ride in the booster for the road trip & risk...
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    Why am i agonizing over this booster purchase?

    Help me out. I was previously set on a Recaro. Now I'm a little concerned over the lack of depth of the vivo & the tippy-ness of the probooster. I'm starting from scratch in what I'm considering. DD is 5 1/2, currently rides in a radian & will continue to as a primary seat while we booster...
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    Who carries Recaro boosters in store?

    I was hoping to try out a vivo and a probooster for my 5 1/2 year old. We went to BRU & Buy Buy Baby with no luck. Any other ideas of who carries them in store, if anyone? She is 44 1/2", 36-37 lbs, 16" torso. Should I just assume she'll fit well? She is on the thin side. Currently rides in a...
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    Question Booster ?

    I'm nowhere near ready to booster my daughter full time, but I would like to start thinking about our options for future occasional use. She'll be starting kindergarten in the fall & having her booster trained would make the occasional carpool easier. She is on the tiny side, so I don't know...
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    Question 2003 Hyundai Accent

    Anyone familiar with this model year Accent or one similar? My MIL wants to take the kids to lunch tomorrow in her car, so I will need to install a seat for my 31 lb. 4 1/2 year old. I could use anyone of the following seats: Radian, Safety 1st Go, Classic Marathon. I was thinking the Radian...
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    Issues with FF Radian in Odyssey using LATCH

    I have a Radian 65SL & until recently, have had no issues with it. Up until recently it was installed in my 2007 Odyssey, passenger side captain's chair - FF w/superlatch. I now have a 2011 Odyssey & it is installed in the middle 8th seat FF w/superlatch. Excellent install initially, but...
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    Question Safety 1st Go in Odyssey

    I've posted another thread about my saga of attempting to get 5 harnessed seats in my 2011 Odyssey. Now, I have an additional question. I may abandon my attempt to get 3 across in the 3rd row & put 3 in the 2nd row. I will still need access to the 2 kiddos I place in the 3rd row.
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    5 car seats in 2011 Odyssey ??

    I need advice getting 5 car seats in a 2011 Odyssey. I recently traded my 2007 for a new 2011, and I'm having trouble getting my 3 across from the 2007 to work in the 2011. In the 2007, I had 2 MA outboard & a Radian center, all FF. It worked because I could use latch to install the Radian in...
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    Radian in an 07 Odyssey

    I just ordered a new Radian 65 that will arrive next week. I'm hoping it will fit in the 3rd row of my 2007 Odyssey. I'm thinking I will install it forward facing in between 2 RF Avenues. Do you think that will work? I also have 2 MAs I could play with.
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    Please help me figure out this......

    Beginning in the fall, there will be days I need to get my daughter to preschool. Most days she will be riding with a friend, but in the event I need to drive here, I will have my other daycare children to take along. I drive a 2007 Odyssey..... With the following kids- who will be the...
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    RF tether in 06 Jeep Commander?

    Does anyone know of a good spot to tether a MA RF in an 06 Jeep Commander? I was thinking of base of the front seat, but wasn't sure if that was the best idea. I have our other MA tethered in my 07 Odyssey in a location I found through this site, so I was hoping that someone could point me in...
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    Need Seat Recomendations

    I need your help...I need to purchase 2 new seats for my daycare kiddos. I have three children that will be sharing the 2 seats depending on who is with me that day. There stats are: Little Girl #1: 25 mos., 31 lbs., about 13 inch torso Little Boy: 18 mos., 28 lbs., 12 1/2 inch torso Little...
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    FF install in an 06 Jeep Commander

    I've read many older threads about the headrest issue in the Jeep Commanders. Unfortunately, I read these threads after my husband purchased the vehicle last week. I wrongly assumed that I wouldn't have any issues installing our daughter's carseat in the Commander. To get to the point.... I...

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