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  1. koda&phiasmama

    Booster rules

    Would you choose to re-harness a 57 inch 77lb just turned 8 year old ( if possible ) because he can not follow the rules of being in a booster even though he's been in a booster for almost a year. Every time I turn around DS is leaning to talk to DD2 or picking something up or just straight up...
  2. koda&phiasmama

    Parkway ?

    Does anyone know how wide the new version is ?
  3. koda&phiasmama

    In Search Of FR85 cover

    I would love pink or blue or cow ! Thanks
  4. koda&phiasmama

    CCO ?

    Just got my CCO from a member, I went to tether it rf but the connector looks like this I tried to make it right but now I'm worried it's messed up. Should I call combi or is it something that can not be replaced? ETA: it was like this at first. Then after I tried to push it back it's now...
  5. koda&phiasmama

    Classic britax

    Is there any down side to buying a classic roundabout 50 ? Any specific reason you would spend the extra for the newer model ? If you happen to know how well it would install in a 2003 taurus that would be a bonus ! On a side note I apologize for my excessive threads, we just got this car and...
  6. koda&phiasmama


    Does anyone know of a good price for one ? I was all set to buy it from with 2 stackable coupons and it's sold out :(
  7. koda&phiasmama

    Question Puzzle ?

    Does anyone know how the nextfit FF would puzzle with a RF CCO? In a sedan if that matters.
  8. koda&phiasmama

    3 across help

    I really need some help figuring out a 3 across for our 2003 Taurus I wasn't expecting to have much trouble with how much room there is but I can't install the RXT to save my life. RF or FF I can get it decent in the center RF but the snugride next to it makes it crooked. Here's kids info : DS...
  9. koda&phiasmama

    TFP recline ?

    I'm having a hard time getting a good recline with this and I'm using a rolled towel. DD2 is 4 months and has good head control but I feel like she's chin to chest when asleep in it. How does it look ?
  10. koda&phiasmama

    For Sale or Trade Graco click connect 40

    Mena print bought in September 2013. I will add photos tomorrow with specific DOM. I would possibly consider a trade for a CCO. Otherwise thinking 175 shipped. REDUCING price to 155 shipped. Still interested in a CCO. ETA: NO LONGER NEED A CCO, possibly interested in a My size 70 or reducing to...
  11. koda&phiasmama

    Mazda 5 stroller ?

    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this but here it is we are about to purchase a double stroller or at least a stroller with a double option, and at the same time it looks like we might be taking over my moms 2012 mazda 5. This is the best option for us to get out of our current car...
  12. koda&phiasmama

    MAZDA 5 and RXT ?

    I have my RXT installed RFing in my moms 2012 mazda 5 in the 3rd row I feel like I got a decent install with the seat belt ( no latch ) but it's a little lop sided or tippy. Is there a trick to fix this?
  13. koda&phiasmama

    Minivan questions

    Were considering purchasing a vehicle with our tax refund, a minivan. What is the general opinion on the quest here ? I don't see it talked about much is there a reason I'm missing? We can't afford a sienna even the 04s and 05s are just a little out of budget and from what I've read the oddys...
  14. koda&phiasmama

    Leg room ?

    DD seems like she's cramped in the RXT, lately putting her in is just a challenge especially with boots on I feel like she's all bunched up and not comfortable at all but what seat has more leg room than the RXT ? We do use the angle adjuster and we can't take it out for space reasons. She's...
  15. koda&phiasmama

    Croc snow boots

    Have 2 pairs of croc snow boots the gusto I believe. 1 pair of toddler girls size 7 in pink and boys size 3 in blue if there's interest I put pics up ! 23 shipped for the girls 27 shipped for the boys.
  16. koda&phiasmama

    Question TFP weight limit

    At what point would you not use the TFP Rf, DD weighed in at 34.8lbs the other day in summer clothes we've had oddly warm weather for October but that will pass soon and she will likely be wearing pants a shirt and a thin fleece. This is the spare we use in my sisters vehicle so frequent use. I...
  17. koda&phiasmama

    Ergo Sport

    I have some things to fund and we don't use our ergo much at all. If there's interest I will get some photos up ! Selling for 70 shipped ! It's black and was bought new by me from ergo directly in 2011.
  18. koda&phiasmama

    Coupon ?

    I'm trying to figure this out and it's driving me batty ! I need a 20% or more coupon for BRU that I can use ONLINE. This is proving to be impossible ! Here's my dilemma in case you want to help me out because my head is dizzy from crunching numbers :0 I have a 300 dollar budget to purchase an...
  19. koda&phiasmama

    CCO Cherry Pie Cover

    CHERRY PIE CCO Cover set no harness pads 30ppd. In EUC no snags or stains.
  20. koda&phiasmama

    For Sale JJB llbean crazy8 etc

    ETA: only looking for PayPal at this time to fund a larger purchase :) Listing some random stuff I would love to sell! JJB BFF in marvelous mums includes changing pad I have the backpack straps stored somewhere just need to dig them out. It's in GUC with decent scuffs on the bottom it's 2...

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