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  1. luvsviola

    3 in a 2014 CRV

    Grandma (aka daycare) is buying a CRV so she can tow it 4 wheels down with her RV (not with the kids...). I need to get 3 kids in the back. Kids DD1-7.5, 44" 49 pounds--currently riding in a Turbo HBB in all cars DS-5-40 pounds 42 inches--currently riding in a Turbo HBB with grandma...
  2. luvsviola

    '04 Accord--3 wide--need a booster

    04 Accord Right now our setup is: RF Radian on passenger side, FF Radian, Maestro on drivers side. RF Radian, Maestro as booster, FF Radian does not fit. I've already tried it. The FF Radian needs to become a booster as DD is outgrowing it rapidly. DD HAS to go in the middle due to...
  3. luvsviola

    Cruise Excursions

    Anyone know of a good carseat bag with back pack straps that isn't too expensive? We are going on a cruise next year, and taking two Bubble Bums, and a Maestro with us for the excursions to the beach. But I need something with backpack straps to keep the sand off the Maestro and to carry it...
  4. luvsviola

    Odyssey vs. Pilot for 4 in seats

    DH's 04 Accord has 180,000 miles on it. At some point in the next year, he is going to purchase a new car. We are considering Pilot and Odyssey. We already own one 08 Odyssey and love it (I drive it). Within the next several years, we will have 4 in seats. It would be one HBB (will be...
  5. luvsviola

    Frontier vs ProSport

    Child in question is 3, 36" 34 pounds. Parents do not want to RF, and are replacing an expiring seat.
  6. luvsviola

    Anyone ever done a carseat on a charter bus?

    My high school orchestra (I'm a teacher) is going to Florida for spring break. It is 22 hours on the bus. I am taking the almost 3 and 5 year olds with me. We drive all night going, and all night coming back. Due to the travel restriction on our work schedules, the kids have to ride the...
  7. luvsviola

    What do you say when...

    My friend was in an accident. Her car was totaled. Insurance will only replace the seats if she gives them original sales receipts for her seats. She doesn't have them--the seats were about 5 years old. Any ideas on what she can say to them? Any buzzwords she should use? Help! Thanks!
  8. luvsviola

    Turbobooster arm rest height

    Does it matter which height the arm rests are for a Turbobooster HBB? DD is pretty small (42", 37 pounds, just starting booster training as a backup seat), so I put it on the smallest setting, but she can't get the seat belt buckled herself because it is a tight fit to get it in the buckle...
  9. luvsviola

    What Radian hole is your 3 month old on?

    DH is picking my nieces up at the airport tomorrow, and we will be putting their 3 month old in an XTSL with infant padding. What strap height is/was your 3 month old on? I set it as small as it will go, but it looks awfully little. I figured I was better to err on too low, rather than too...
  10. luvsviola

    Geo Metro and 3 kiddos

    My good friend has a late 90s Geo Metro. Kiddos will be 6 (booster), 3 forward facing (mom will not RF), and newbie. Has anyone done an install of this configuration? Any ideas on what would work? She is willing to buy new seats to avoid buying a new car. Thanks!
  11. luvsviola

    If you could have anything in this scenario...

    DH drives an 04 Honda Accord. Current Setup DFS (2.5, 30 pounds) RF in an XTSL behind driver DD1 (4.5, 36 pounds) FF in an XTSL center DD2 (6 months, 16 pounds) Onboard 35 behind passenger I'm starting to look for sales, but can't decide what I want. What would you get if you could have...
  12. luvsviola

    RFing seatbelt install of Cocorro

    Does the seat belt get in the way on a rear facing install outboard? I really want one for DD2 to make a 3 wide work in DH's 04 Accord. Mostly, I just want one. But the seatbelt position looks really annoying, and he will be unhappy if it is a PITA to get her in. He doesn't share my love of...
  13. luvsviola

    BJCM and OnBoard 35

    For awhile, I've been meaning to take pics of this and keep forgetting. You can use a BJCM with an OnBoard 35 seat, even though BJ says you cannot. You need the belly bar set to the middle position in the lower holes, and to take the sun canopy off, and it is so secure, you would swear the...
  14. luvsviola

    Onboard 35 Air doesn't click into base...anyone else?

    updated--still need help--Onboard 35 Air doesn't click into base...anyone else? ***Updated*** I checked the lockoff---it is perfectly fine with nothing running through it since I am using LATCH. It is empty, closed, and locked. I'll get some pics of my install this afternoon. I have an...
  15. luvsviola

    Would you re-rearface a 4 year old for a long trip?

    DD is 4.25 years old, 35 pounds, and rides FFing in a TrueFit in my car, and FF in a Radian XTSL in DH's car. She was turned FF in December in my car, and FF in DH's car just a couple weeks ago after the end of the ice/snow. We are going to Florida (1,000 miles) soon. Would you re-rearface a...
  16. luvsviola

    Booster rec--4 year old, 52", over 50#

    There is a mama on Diaperswappers looking for a booster recommendation for her 4 year old. She has him in a NBB because she says he is too tall for his Turbo at the highest setting. Besides the Parkway, what else would you recommend she try? They are traveling at night by car, so he really...
  17. luvsviola

    What would you recommend in this scenario...

    My DFS is going home to his bio dad. Bio dad consistently does not install his seat correctly. He puts it in cars without locking seatbelts, without a locking clip. It is seriously unsafe. His caseworker doesn't care, and she herself does the same thing, but that is another post all...
  18. luvsviola

    Anyone have newbie pics in an Onboard 35?

    Does anyone have pics of their newbie in an Onboard 35? Thanks!
  19. luvsviola

    If you were buying an infant seat today...

    What would you buy? I want to make it through the subsequent winter if possible. DD was 6 pounds 7 oz. and 19 inches. Going in an 08 Odyssey captains chair, 04 Accord, and 09 Acadia captains chair.
  20. luvsviola

    Would you write the sheriff?

    This was posted on my local sheriff's website as travel tips. It states that all children 4-8 must be in a booster. I'm trying to decide if it is worth writing to ask him to change the wording, or if the fact that he is pushing boosters instead of seatbelts is admirable and should be left...

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