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    Removing armrest

    I read on an old post here that it is ok to remove the center armrest in the second row of the toyota sienna to get a carseat in the 8th seat. Is this true? I will be having all 8 seats filled in my 2013 sienna for about 2 weeks, so i need to get a carseat in the 8th seat. The oldest child is 5...
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    Please help!

    I currently have the graco4ever and am looking at replacing it with a different seat. My 16 month old has horrible reflux and it causes head slump that causes her to choke even on recline position 1. I have the combi coccoro that she does really well in but is about to outgrow it RFing. Does...
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    Anyone have a 2011+Sienna and foonf?

    I'm trying to see if it's possible to get 3 across in the middle row of my 2013 Sienna. I tried the clek fllo in the jump seat and it seemed to work but I couldn't really concentrate because my kids were acting up. Can anybody try that seat out in the middle and tell me if it works? Or does...
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    Swedish seats

    So I'm looking to get 2 new RFing seats and I'm looking at some Swedish seats. I know they are considered illegal in the US but what will happen if you get caught using it and how would they know? I'm looking into the Swedish seats because I like the foot prop and the harness with them. I've...
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    Combi coccoro 1" rule question

    Is it true that combi doesn't have the 1" rule and that as long as the child is at or below the top harness slot they can continue to ride RFing? I read that from combi on their Facebook and I can't find anything about the 1" rule in the manual. When I read people's post on here though they keep...
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    3 across in 2013 Toyota Sienna

    Hi I'm trying to get 3 across in the middle row of my 2013 Sienna. Is that possible? I've seen post where people have put a ffing seat in the middle of the extra chair but it doesn't have a back teacher latch. Can I borrow that latch from the captains chairs?
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    Anyone in Orange county, ca have a Coccoro?

    I'm not sure where to post this but I wanted to try a Coccoro in my car before I buy one. I'm trying to get a seat in the middle seat of the middle row of my 2013 Toyota sienna. Anybody have one or know if it fits.
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    Washing cover with tide original?

    I have a Britax b-safe and my 11 week old has had projectiles vomit in it well over a dozen times. I've just received my replacement straps from britax and am washing my cover. Every time I have washed my cover the smell has not come out. She is on similac alimentum and that stuff smells...
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    What's your favorite infant carseat?

    I'm looking for something that has a high weight and height limit but also something that's light.
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    Kiddy world plus in 2nd car?

    Would any of you recommend a kiddy world plus for a second car? Is it just as safe as a 5 pt.? My son will be rfing in my car but we are going to flip him in my husbands. He is 2.5 years old, weighs 27.5lbs and is 34.5 inches long.
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    need a new seat

    I need a new seat for ds. He is 2.5, weighs 27.5 lbs and is 34.5 inches. Im open to anything but the radian and my budget is $400 or less. What would be a good seat for him?
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    Radian issues

    I have 2 problems with my radian and was wondering if it is safe to use. My first is that the RFing boot is breaking apart and has white stress marks on it. The second is the wing on the seat won't stay attached to the seat. I put the bolt back in but it doesn't stay put. Here's pictures of...
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    Question kiddy world plus in a sienna?

    Does anyone know if a kiddy world plus will work in a 2013 sienna?
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    Is this safe?

    I moved ds ffing 2 weeks ago after I broke my rib and its finally feeling good enough to be able to put ds in rfing. I was reinstalling his car seatrfing when I noticed the seat belt ( pictures posted). Would you feel comfortable using this seat belt? I can only install the radian rfing in the...
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    had to turn him ffing today

    My son turned 2 the end of September and I am sad that I have to turn him. I broke my rib and it is excruciating trying to get him in his carseat rfing. Ive tried having him climb in which takes forever and buckling him in is very painful because I have to twist my body a little bit strapping...
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    rusty snugride 35

    My husband and I decided to start trying for another baby. I pulled out my snugride 35 that I bought in 2010 and saw that there is rust all over the harness clips and car seat where the clips were rubbing. I called graco and ordered a new harness. Im wondering if you would feel safe using it...
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    Radian hurting 2 year old

    My son has been complaining that his back hurts while in the radian. Is there anything I can do to stop it from hurting him?
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    In Search Of Britax multi tech or other Swedish seat

    I am looking for a britax multi tech or any other Swedish seat.
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    WWYD? 2yr old driving me crazy!

    My son, who is currently rfing in his radian, keeps freaking out because he wants the chest clip off. He keeps screaming at the top of his lungs and yelling "mommy help me, mommy help". It has got me seriously debating importing a Swedish seat so that he doesn't have the stupid chest clip. Does...
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    How safe is the radian in the outboard position?

    Ds is RFing in the radian in the center position. Due to my health issues it is becoming too hard to put him in the center. I saw a side impact crash test of a ffing radian and it terrified me. I know that real life crashes are different then the test and it was FFing but it still causes me...

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