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    Arranging Seats in an MPV

    Hi there! I have an 03 Mazda MPV. Currently I have a 6 year old boostered in an Frontier 85 and a three year old rfing in a Radian. They are both in the middle row. I am expecting in Feb 15 and will be using a chaperone. I can install the chaperone in one of the captains chairs but haven't tried...
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    Size 4 Me owners...

    Are you having a heck of a time buckling your seat? It takes a lot of pushing and wiggling to get it just right to get it buckled. Is it just mine?
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    Does Size4me rear tether?

    Im driving buy a BBB on our way home from Vacation this afternoon and I'm going to check out a S4Me as a potential seat for my 15 month old. Does this seat rear tether? Thanks.
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    Attaching rfing tether. Is this ok?

    I drive a Mazda mpv. My xtsl is installed behind the passenger seat rfing. There is nowhere on the seat in front of it to rear tether but on the seat the xtsl is installed on there is a stationary bar that runs along the seat at the front of it. Can I tether to that? Thanks.
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    Trade new Frontier Onyx Cover for...?

    I got another onyx Frontier from NBD for the second vehicle we just purchased. I'd really love something different so would love to trade for another girly or cow or maybe blue frontier cover to do a straight swap. New or euc preferred. Thanks!
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    Packing a minivan safely

    Is there a good website/thread on this subject? I'm the new owner of a Mazda MPV (squeeeee!) and I want to make sure I pack it safely. I've always driven sedans.
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    In Search Of Swap chaperone for...?

    We just bought a new to us car and need part time seats to put in dhs car because I am.not installing my xtsl or frontier in that van again!!! Oy. Anyway, I have a chaperone to swap. It's red and black, very clean and great condition. Can check the Dom but its about a year old. I need something...
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    Tether Anchor in 99 Odyssey

    Tether Anchor in 99 Odyssey - fixed pic! We need a new (to us) vehicle. A friend has offered us their old 99 Odyssey super cheap with fairly low miles. It would be just to tide us over for a few years. Anyway, my biggest concern is top tether anchors for dds frontier. I want her in the second...
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    CARES harness at NBD

    It's in the health/safety section for $39.99. Go!
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    Help adjusting Radian Harness

    Hi. I have an xtsl and for the most part I love it. I've just passed it down to the baby and I'd forgotten how hard it is to remove and replace the harness straps on the little sliver clip thing so you can adjust the harness height. In the end I ended u[ using my car key to wedge and wiggle...
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    Looking to trade or sell FR 85 onyx cover

    I have an onyx FR85 coming tomorrow that I got a deal on. Dd had wanted pink but I couldn't pass up on the deal and now she is crushed that YDD is getting a new pink flower seat (new petal cover for ODD's xtsl that is being handed down) and her own seat is "black". Does anyone have a new or EEUC...
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    Frontier 85 $184.90

    I'm trying to find a deal on a Britax Frontier 85 for dd and in my travels I cam across this one at One Step Ahead. They have the frontier for $220.95. If you apply coupone code 50HOT it...
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    Harnessed booster question

    I have a 4 year old ffing in a xtsl and a 13 month old in a chaperone. The 13 month old is getting a little scruched in the chaperone so I am looking to move her to the xtsl and looking at a frontier for the 4 year old. Should I get the frontier or the sict? I'm a little confused about tethering...
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    Mazda MPV

    Does anyone have any input on these vans? We are looking to purchase a van and I know that siennas and Odyssey are the most recommended brands but at our price range these tend to be older and higher mileage. There is an mpv in our area that has 90,000 miles, is a 2005 and great condition (owned...
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    New Dionos - easier to adjust?

    So I have an radian XTSL which I am very happy with except it is a pain in the bum to tighten the straps. Yes, I know I have to ratchet them. But I think the issue is my vehicle seat. It seems that there seat presses on the strap when installed tight and prevents it from ratcheting properly. It...
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    LATCH vs Seatbelt question...sensitive

    A friend of mine just posted on FB a news story about a little girl who is kind of related to her who died in a car accident yesterday. She was 4 years old and what looks to me like a graco turbo booster. The news story says she was thrown from the car IN her car seat? How does a car seat like...
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    Should I buy and if so, which?

    If you were in my situation would you take advantage of the deals at elitecarseats or not. ODD is just 3 and rfing in radian xtsl. Ydd is one month old and in a chaperone. Eventually I'd like to get ydd in a radian (when she outgrows the chaperone). Is it too soon to get something and put it...
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    Please check my Install! (RN and Chaperone)

    Please check my Install! (RN and Chaperone) - new pics below! I don't have a certified car seat tech anywhere near me to check my seat install so I am hoping you all can check it for me and let me know how it looks. I have the RN installed outboard using the seatbelt behind the passengers seat...
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    How confident can I be...

    ...installing my own car seats? I'd love to have them checked by a tech but the best we have is the guy at the local fire station who has no qualifications and told me my sr22 had to be installed outboard because if a seat has latch you cannot use a seat belt. ??? So today my chaperone arrived...
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    Radian XTSL RFing LATCH Install

    Hi! I just moved dd outboard (Rfing) to make room for dd #2s infant seat. I had it installed with the seat belt in the middle but used LATCH behind the passengers seat. I got a REALLY good super easy install there using LATCH. The question I have is what side is the LATCH adjuster supposed to...

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