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  1. jeminijad

    Asana35 - GB brand?

    I see this on BRU for pre order: Is this a clone of an existing seat? The description says it has a load leg, which is interesting.
  2. jeminijad

    Hardest 3 across EVAR

    I am sure those who work checks regularly will laugh at my efforts. But I just came inside and am sweating my butt off. 2010 Mazda 6 is TERRIBLE for 3 across, at least compared to it competitors. I've done 3 across with these seats in a Camry, a Taurus and an Altima with no problem. Not the 6...
  3. jeminijad

    Clearplan Fertility Monitor - NIP, never used

    This is the older version of the Clearblue monitor (they rebranded.) I bought this new on eBay a couple of weeks ago. I haven't used it - read the instructions, closed it back up, and put it away. I'm realizing I am not going to use it, as I prefer manual OPKs. Anyhow... $50ppd? Or trade for a...
  4. jeminijad

    Baseless Via - wrong FAQs?

    Check out the answer to this FAQ on Tomy's website: Can the Infant Car Seat ever be used without the base? No!!! Compass strives to reduce the potential for misuse by reducing the complexity of its seats. Reducing the number of ways a product can be used makes the product simpler and easier for...
  5. jeminijad

    Easy Walker Classic w/carrycot - $170 shipped

    Baby Surplus has multiple colors of these right now. Bidding ends Feb 7, and there are no bids as of yet. I think this is a good deal, since it includes the carrycot :)
  6. jeminijad

    For Sale or Trade NIP Kawaii pocket diapers

    I got two free Kawaii diapers with my Kelly's Closet orders. I don't want to sell them, since they were free, but I've already got these exact diapers. And I'm stupid and have to just have 1 of each brand/color/style. I'm hoping to trade- these two new inexpensive diapers for 1 EUC pocket, AIO...
  7. jeminijad

    Carrot Cake Coccoro

    EDIT: This is staying with us for now. Sorry for the fuss! I've had this for a couple of months... and my baby is just too big. The cover doesn't even have any snags yet :p DOM is late 2010 or early 2011... I'll post exact DOM and pics this evening. I was thinking $120 shipped.
  8. jeminijad

    Older seatbelts

    With my tech class coming up, I was digging around reading old threads on technical issues. In particular, I was reading about belt shortening clips, and the useful life of seatbelts. I've read that it is best to replace seatbelts after about 15 years, if they are never crashed. Is this...
  9. jeminijad

    Have I missed this True Fit??

    Minnie mouse on the headrest, head support and strap covers: Looks like the Target cover, but with Minnie added. ETA pic:
  10. jeminijad

    Monterey needs vehicle support behind the headrest

    I don't see a thread on this here, so I'll jump in. I read the discussions on Facebook w/Allana Pinkerton regarding the Monterey- that the engineer has unequivocally stated that the booster requires vehicle seatback support behind the headrest, just like the Dorel boosters. That everyone has...
  11. jeminijad

    Cortina (Keyfit) travel system $235 shipped

    Babysurplus (albeebaby's ebay handle) has a Midori travel system for $220 w/$15 shipping right now. DOM Oct 2011. 15 hours left as of the time of this posting, 0 bids.
  12. jeminijad

    Ameda Purely Yours - $66 shipped

    There is only one left as of right now, but has the PY for $84. Use KIDS20 (posted by StillThankful in another thread) to bring the total down by 20%.
  13. jeminijad

    Green B-Ready back on Wayfair clearance

    $222 3 in stock as of 4:15pm.
  14. jeminijad

    Ju Ju Be Be Hip - $56.35

    Amazon's price for the Be Hip in Marvelous Mums and Shadow Waltz is $56.35 today. That's 30% off. Changes daily, though so it likely won't last.
  15. jeminijad

    Comfy Carry $36 shipped

    No Better Deal has one that has been hanging around for weeks. It is $39.99. Open StillThankful's thread for a 10% off code and a free shipping code, and someone can get a bucket (maybe for a friend in need, IDK) for as cheap as it gets.
  16. jeminijad

    In Search Of Colorful Radian cover

    I've got a brand new Dune R100, but we aren't fans. So I'm looking to buy any of the following: - Malibu XT cover - Spring RXT cover - Flora XTSL cover (found) - Petal XTSL cover - Primrose 80SL cover - Daytona - Rio XTSL - Plum RXT I think thats all- if I missed any girly or bright covers...
  17. jeminijad

    Diono R100/R120

    Are the shells identical? I just scored a new R100 from Wayfair clearance for $108 (see Shopping for details,) but the Dune is boring. I read another thread that tells me I can put old cover on new seats, but just need to make sure that the non-winged shells are still the same :)
  18. jeminijad

    Keyfit on a B-Agile

    Does anyone care about a Fuego Keyfit 30 and a red B-Agile used together as a travel system? I got an adapter and I'll take pics if it is useful. No hard feelings if not :p
  19. jeminijad

    Keyfit next to RF Radian?

    In digging through old threads about 3 across and puzzling, I read several that described how they couldn't get a KF next to a rear facing Radian b/c the handle knob on the KF hits the side of the Radian. Anyone NOT have this problem? I have a CX-7, if it matters. ETA: I'm hoping to do...
  20. jeminijad

    Inglesina strollers- $45 from babysurplus

    There are Inglesina Trip, Swift, and Espresso strollers on eBay right now, seller babysurplus (I guess most know that is Albeebaby's eBay ID.) They are $45 starting bid and ending today- from 2 to 6 hours. Very few bids so far. $15 shipping means half a dozen people can get one for $60. That...

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