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    Replacing seats after accident. WWYD?

    The other day we were rear ended in our secondary car. The insurance company is replacing seats. They don't have to be the same seats just similar in features and price. My question is in regards to my 3.5 year old daughter (4 in September). She is 31lbs and 39" tall. In our primary vehicle she...
  2. J

    3 year old wwyd ?

    My 3 year old 28.5lb daughter is still rear facing. Until recently when she rode with a friend who was forward facing she never knew there was another way to sit. Now she frequently asks to "see me" meaning she wants to forward face. It's been fairly easy to distract her as we don't drive much...
  3. J

    Pushing chest clip down and escaping!

    So my soon to be 3 year old (RF in a Marathon) has learned how to push the chest clip down and get herself out of the seat. Any advice on how to keep her from doing this? Sometimes it is several miles down the road before she makes known what she has done. I have had several discussions with her...
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    Bumped at stoplight, replace seats?

    I was rear ended at a stop light. No dent in my car just a scratch and some of the other drivers paint on my car. Going to see claims adjuster just to be sure there isn't anymore damage I don't see. Should I push for insurance to replace the seats. I had a marathon and snugride 30 both occupied...
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    Convertible suggestions for severe refluxer

    My son is 3 months old 13.5lbs and 25 inches. He has severe reflux and is 90% controlled on meds. However he still screams bloody murder in the car t. He is in a Graco Snugride 30. I need convertible suggestions that might help take some pressure off his belly. I buckled him into my 2.5 year...
  6. J

    Compact travel system

    I have a friend who drives a 2 door Honda civic. She is due in February and looking for a car seat and stroller that will fit comfortably in her small car. She prefers a travel system. Any good recommendations? Thanks!
  7. J

    To buy or not to buy (Evenflo Serenade?

    We found out a few weeks ago we are expecting baby #2. With my daughter I had a Graco Snugride and loathed it (the back adjust was awful). So we decided with this one we would buy a new infant seat. Anyway Sams has the Evenflo Serenade for $49 right now. I haven't heard much about this seat and...
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    What seat is this?

    My best friend's sister just posted this picture to FB. Anyone know what seat this is? I am thinking it has to be expired, but I want to be sure before I say anything. She is a huge "bargain" shopper so I have a feeling she bought the seat at a garage sale.
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    Marathon recline issue

    My daughter is RF in a classic MA installed with the seat belt in the center of my Nissan Murano. I have reinstalled and reinstalled it and for some reason after she has ridden in it 2-3 times it reclines more and more. It will finally rest in an acceptable (barely) angle. I don't understand why...
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    HBB recs needed

    Lurker here. So I finally convinced my friend that her small 32 pound almost 5 year old really needs to be in something other than a LBB. He is unable to maintain proper position a lot of the time and is very squirmy. I have tried to convince her to still harness but that is a no go. With that...
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    HBB recs needed

    Lurker with a question. After lots of convincing I have talked my good friend into switching her very squirmy 32 pound almost 5 year old son to a HBB. He is currently in a lbb and is not able to maintain proper belt position at all. I have tried and tried to convince her to still harness...

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