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    Which car?

    My dad is looking for a new car to replace his Camry. He must have remote start, navigation, and AWD. He wants to spend <$30k He was looking at the Chrysler 200. It looks like the Subaru Legacy or Impreza, Ford Fushion or Taurus, and the Dodge Charger all fit his criteria. Does anyone have...
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    Best travel system?

    What is the best travel system out right now? My friend really wants a travel system for her baby due this summer. Something that is user friendly is a must as she is not car seat savvy at all. No special rules or anything. Girly prints are preferred. I don't think she has a budget but probably...
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    Mazda 3 or Jetta

    I need some advice for my sister. She is trading in her Durango for a new car. She is choosing between the Jetta and the Mazda 3. Both 2015s. Does anyone have any advice or opinions on these two cars? She is looking to stay close to $20K. Are there any other cars she should look at that are...
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    Seat for an almost 5 year old?

    My niece will be 5 at the end of this month. She has a Frontier90 as her main seat and a Maestro for her secondary seat. We need another seat for occasional use, like once every couple weeks or so. Would a booster be an appropriate choice at this point? I feel like she is just at the cusp and...
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    Is it illegal?

    Is it illegal for 4 and 5.5 year olds to ride in the front seat of a vehicle in a booster seat if there are other seats available in the vehicle in Virginia? The booster is an Evenflo Big Kid, I believe. I am having an issue at work and I want to make sure of the laws before I bring it up to...
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    Favorite car seat safe coat?

    What is your favorite car sear safe coat for a preschooler? My sister is looking for one for my niece who will need a 4T. It will have to be warm enough to play outside in the cold/snow and still work safely in the car seat. Price doesn't matter. Thanks!
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    Best small car?

    I am thinking about upgrading from my 99 Escort to something new at the end of the year. I definitely want something small (when I drive my dad's Camry, it feels like tank!). I also want something that has minimal road noise and lots of visibility. I don't have kids and don't need a lot of trunk...
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    Seat for almost 3 year old?

    A friend messaged me asking for recommendations for her DS who will be 3 in September. He has been RF in a RA50 and Scenera40 but has outgrown the RA50 by weight and the Scenera by height. She is passing these seats down to her 6 month old. He is about 36 inches and 34 pounds. She said his...
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    XT cover on a 80SL?

    Will a RNXT cover fit on a RN80SL? I really want Flora but don't want to buy another radian. I tried searching but couldn't find a definite answer.
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    would you be concerned?

    I ordered a FR85 SICT from a week ago. It came today and I have a few concerns. My main concern is that there is a scuff mark on one of the armrests. I only worry because I am afraid this means someone used it before. It wasn't in any plastic or anything and the top tether...
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    Harness height?

    If a child uses the second harness slot from the bottom on the Maestro with about an inch to go until his shoulders are even with it, then how many clicks up would they be in the Frontier? I can't find any measurements for the Maestro to compare. I didn't get a chance to measure his torso and...
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    Frontier SICT in 99 Escort?

    Has anyone installed a FR in a 99 Escort? I just order one from NBD and I am kind of worried about it not fitting. Any tips or tricks I need to know? Obviously I will read the manual but I know the FR can be tricky. I have installed a FF RN and a Maestro but I struggled with both, which is...
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    Is this right? (top tether question)

    I just had 3 tethers installed in my 99 escort this morning. I installed a Maestro and tried to hook up the tether and it is so close to the back of the car seat that it has to be tightened all the way and it is still loose. I know top tethers aren't supposed to be too tight, just no slack but I...
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    Best price for a GN? HBTB?

    I am looking for a GN that I can get within the next couple days. What is the best price for one right now? What about HBTB? Color doesn't really matter. I am horrible at finding deals. The cheapest I have found is $45 for the HBTB and $139 for the GN. Thanks!
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    RF and FF seat for a 99 escort?

    I need a seat that I can use FF and RF in my 99 escort. I don't have top tethers so I would prefer something that does well not tethered. The kids I need it for are: G, 2y9m, 35 inches and 26 pounds. She is RF. W, 4y5m, 36 inches and 36 pounds. He is FF. A, 4y8m, 40 inches and 33 pounds...
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    Booster help

    I need a booster that..... 1. fits small kids well (about 40", 34# now, will be a little bigger when she uses booster. 2. won't fall apart when moved. 3. easy for clueless grandparents to use CORRECTLY. 4. very inexpensive Having a girly print is a plus. Child is 4y5m now but will be older...
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    Just go ahead with a booster?

    I have posted about this before but I wanted to get opinions again now that I can get a Maestro for cheap. My little sister is 4 years, 4 months. She is small. About 33 pounds (in undies) and around 38 inches or so maybe 39?. Right now she rides in a GN as her main seat and a RA50 as a spare...
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    Is it ok?

    I installed a scenera RF for my niece in the center of an 03 Durango. The middle fold down and turns into cup holders. The way the seat it installed, the seat back can fold down some. I am worried about nieces legs in the event of crash. Should I be concerned or is it okay? I didn't see any...
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    Scenera LATCH?

    I bought a Scenera the other night at Sears. The DOM was 12/2008 (it was only $20) and some of the other Sceneras they had seemed kind of banged up so I looked it over closely when I got home and I noticed that where the LATCH strap connector thing (the small skinny part) is screwed into the...
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    Does it exist?

    Is there a convertible seat out there that is light weight, easy to install, and has easy to do buckles? I went to Toys R Us and played with the seat buckles and the only ones I could do easily were the the MA70 and MR65. (I also found the KF30 and GN (with the old style harness) to be easy as...

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