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  1. nosidammai

    Mitsubishi Eclipse

    It's a 97. This model I *may* be getting it later on this week. Has anyone ever gotten 2 RF seats in a car this small? It's not my main vehicle, so if it's not doable, I'm not too concerned, DH and I could always swap cars :p My kids are 2 yrs , and 8 months, so both their seats can be...
  2. nosidammai

    1999 Ford Windstar top anchors

    I cant find them. Can anyone help me out?
  3. nosidammai

    Help me help my friend

    We're going car seat shopping tomorrow for her 3 yr old son. He is a big boy at 50lbs ad 45 inches tall. She can only spend $220 max. I was thinking of either going with a Nauti or Symphony 65, but what do you think?
  4. nosidammai

    My kids in the TFP *pic heavy*

    I figured it'd be a little fun to see how both of my kids fit in our TFP since they're significantly different in size. DS will be 4 months in 3 days, is 17lbs 12oz, and 24" tall with an 8.5" torso(might be incorrect, he wiggled). DD is 20 months tomorrow, is ~30lbs and 33" tall with a 12."...
  5. nosidammai

    Suggestions for a 2nd seat?

    My DD is almost 20 months and RFing in a RN XTSL in DH's car (07 Impala) and a CA65 in my car (97 pathfinder) DS is 4 months, and currently in a KF 30 but I'm looking into trying to decide which convertible I want to get him for my car. He'll be riding in a TFP in DH's car. He just went to the...
  6. nosidammai

    '97 Nissan Pathfinder-My 3 across

    I didn't think it was even possible to attempt a 3 across in my 1997 Pathfinder, but today a friend wanted to go to the mall with my kids and her son, so I decided to try it. And it actually worked! It's a tight fit, but it's doable for rare occasions. Each are installed with the vehicle belt...
  7. nosidammai

    Do I need a new seat?

    My DD's extra seat is an Evenflo Tribue Sport...and I just realized it only RF to 35lbs. DD is 19 months and already 28 lbs...Should I go ahead and sell it and get a higher weight seat? She seems to be growing very quickly. And if I should get a new seat, what's a good, but not expensive seat w/...
  8. nosidammai

    RN Headwings.

    If your child is on the 3rd slots, do you HAVE to use the headwings, or can you push them all the way up? They are more than a hassle than anything for us. If I push them all the way down, when DD falls asleep, her head gets stuck under one of the wings. Happened a few weeks ago and terrified me...
  9. nosidammai

    Tethers in a 97 Pathfinder?

    We're going to be buying a 97 Nissan Pathfinder tomorrow. We looked at it today and I saw some things in the back cargo area that looked like tethers for FF, but I wasn't sure if they were that, or cargo anchors. Any insight? I won't have to worry about it for a while because both kids are RF...
  10. nosidammai

    Get another base, or infant padding for TFP?

    I need help deciding. We're getting a 2nd car and DS is riding in a KF 30. I see that the bases are like $80, that's a little outrageous. I have a TFP I could use for him, but I don't have the infant padding any more. Should I go ahead and just buy the extra base, or stalk here for the TFP padding?
  11. nosidammai

    1997 Nissan Pathfinder?

    Anyone have any experience with seats and these? We're looking at one tomorrow. I know of course we'll have to use the seatbelt. We have a Radian XTSL, and a KF30, and we'll also be installing a TFP in it occasionally.
  12. nosidammai

    Radian XTSL Serial #s?

    Do they differ seat to seat or are they the same for all XTSLs? I need it to get new harness pads but I don't have the seat at hand :P
  13. nosidammai

    If you had $3500 to spend on a car

    What would you buy/look for? I need help. We'll only have $3500 and we need a second vehicle. I'm mainly looking for minivans/SUVs but anything in the price range, that will fit 2 car seats will work. I just have no idea what to look for.
  14. nosidammai

    Buying a used Ody?

    Would it be a bad idea to buy a used Odyssey with 195,000 miles on it? We haven't actually seen it yet but from pictures it looks very clean, and it's only $3500. Which is right at the top of our price range unfortunately. I just don't know if I should avoid something like that with such high miles!
  15. nosidammai

    Graco Redy2Grow double stroller?

    Graco Ready2Grow Does anyone work at a BRU or live close to one and seen this stroller yet?? The closest BRU is 40 minutes from me so I can't just go up there, lol. I'm really interested in getting it once they start their trade in event but I'm not sure. Has anyone seen/played with it? I used...
  16. nosidammai

    RXT in Shadow fabric?

    Is the Shadow fabric soft and velour-y like the XTSLs Flora? Also, anyone know the best deal on one right now? :)
  17. nosidammai

    1995 Ford Escort Wagon

    Would you put your kids in a 1995 Ford Escort Wagon? It wouldn't be a daily driver, maybe 1-2 times a week, IF that. Both kids are RFing. We were *supposed* to get a car with out tax return but we're getting $2k less than what we thought so that's not going to happen. My mom has an Escort...
  18. nosidammai

    A Radian question.

    We have a XTSL. So it obviously RF to 45 and FF to 80. 80lbs seems like a big kid to me...My mom is only 98 lbs, lol. Anyway, could the RN possibly be the last car seat we need before she's ready for a seatbelt, or will we still probably need to buy a booster?
  19. nosidammai

    XTSL Headwing question

    I know that you can use the headwings if you're using the top 3 slots, but what about if the child isn't tall enough for them to be in the right position? My DD is 18 months and 32" and at the 3rd slots, so I pushed the headwings all the way down. Well, apparently they weren't low enough, and...
  20. nosidammai

    Angle adjuster in '07 Impala (and a RF tether question)

    So we got our AA today! Yay. I found I was able to use the LATCH, where without it, I could only get a tight install with the seatbelt. The seat is perfectly upright, and both the passenger, and the driver can have their seat where they need it. It's installed passenger outboard with LATCH. NOT...

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