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  1. cowgirlsmommy

    Question LATCH and seat belt together

    Since we have more seats coming out that allow both to be used together, where do we find out which vehicle manufacturers don't allow it? I've searched and searched my Dodge grand caravan manual and see nothing against it and when I e-mailed them they told me to go by my car seat manual. Yet...
  2. cowgirlsmommy

    Well I learned something new

    I asked Nuna why the stability leg cannot be used in seating positions that have floor storage compartments and this is what I got back... The reason for our guidance on the floor storage position is driven from the fact that it hasn't been tested. I'm told the motor vehicle association...
  3. cowgirlsmommy

    I ordered the Nuna Pipa!

    Got it for $269! I'm so excited to use it for this baby due in April. Has anybody else bought one yet?
  4. cowgirlsmommy

    Foonf in 3rd row 09 dodge grand caravan

    Just in case anyone is interested :) 2nd row captains chair is all the way forward. It can be moved back a click though. Foonf is fully reclined.
  5. cowgirlsmommy

    Question Can you share your multi tech installation pics?

    Apparently I stink at figuring out foreign seats.
  6. cowgirlsmommy

    News Peg Perego booster

    They just confirmed on their Facebook that their booster will require a vehicle headrest behind it.
  7. cowgirlsmommy

    My cute little 2 year old in her Advocate 70 CS

    At least I think she's pretty darn cute :love:
  8. cowgirlsmommy

    I got an angle adjuster

    Before and after pictures using the Diono angle adjuster
  9. cowgirlsmommy

    Anyone looking for an orange Maxi Cosi Rodi?

    $49.99 @
  10. cowgirlsmommy

    I asked Graco about the Size 4 Me 70 height restriction

    And this is what I got.... Hi, Thanks for reaching out. To answer your question a child can stay RF as long as two conditions are met: Child is less than 40lbs Harness heights must be at or below child’s shoulders Hope this helps! -Kacie It's on their FB page.
  11. cowgirlsmommy

    KWP pictures

    Recaro ProBooster, Kiddy World Plus, and Frontier 85 at their highest booster setting DD#2, 25lbs, 33in tall, 2 years old DD#1, 52lbs, 49in tall, 6 years old Sorry I just had to show this. The box is a dream come true for kids! Look how big it is and it's extremely sturdy. Perfect fort. :D...
  12. cowgirlsmommy

    I ordered

    A purple Kiddy World Plus. Can't wait for it to get here!
  13. cowgirlsmommy

    New Britax Advocate 70 CS Zebra cover set

    Brand new! Just taken off the seat. $70 shipped :)
  14. cowgirlsmommy

    TFP padding

    I feel like they're not even sure what the rules are for the height insert but can you use the pad for the head as long as you want?
  15. cowgirlsmommy

    Tomorrow is my last day of class

    And my first car seat check so I'll be certified very soon :) I owe this site a lot! It's nice to think most of the stuff I already knew in class came from here. I've had an awesome instructor and am now talking with someone about becoming a full time CPST at a local hospital. Thanks!
  16. cowgirlsmommy

    I saw my first live crash test!

    I was at Dorel today and saw a live side impact crash test. Whoa it was COOL! I got to talk to other car seat geeks at the company too. This only made me more anxious to get certified next month!:love:
  17. cowgirlsmommy

    Which takes up less room?

    I need a new seat for our '96 Ford Explorer and a '09 Ford Fusion (both are very easy installs for every seat I've tried). It's between the Evenflo Momentum or one of the new Britax seats. The problem is in the Fusion, the seats can't be moved up much so which takes up less room. Momentum or...
  18. cowgirlsmommy

    Question 1996 Ford Explorer tether anchors

    Anybody have the info to get tether anchors retrofitted in a '96 Ford Explorer? Thanks!
  19. cowgirlsmommy

    New Safety 1st Complete Air cover

    Has anyone seen this one yet?
  20. cowgirlsmommy

    Will the True Fit ever have a higher RF'ing weight limit?

    Anyone heard anything?

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