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    ABC Show 2013

    Who is going this year? Any tips for first timer? Thanks. :)
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    What would you do?

    We will be driving cross country unexpectedly-CA to VA. I have a 3 year old (34lbs) who normally forward faces (just turned him after his birthday). He has Epilepsy. Would you re-RF him for the drive? I'm worried about not being able to see him if he was to have another seizure.
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    Nursing Pillow Giveaway

    I hope it's okay to post this here. If not I apologize. Peek Away Nursing Kit Giveaway!
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    Flying with Four Kids

    We are flying cross country with four kids (coast to coast). It's only two legs thankfully (layover in Atlanta) and about 9 hours total. I have four kids ages 3 (4 in September), 2 (3 in November), and 1.5 and 6 months. Someone is meeting us at our destination with our car and car seats. We are...
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    Tether Locations in 2007 Honda Pilot

    Can someone help me please?? Where are the LATCH and top tethers in a 2007 Honda Pilot?
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    True Fit Insert

    True Fit question. It says the insert only NEEDS to be used until the child reaches the first slot, and then says not to use it FFing. Can I use it past the first slot if I want to?
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    Honda Odyssey 8th Seat Top Tether

    Is there anyway to top tether a FFing seat here? I really don't want to put my only FFer outboard.
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    Mazda CX9

    Are there any known compatibility issues with this car and car seats? Where can I find out about the LATCH and top tethers it has? We're looking to replace our 06 Odyssey with something a bit smaller. We have three kids and one on the way. Currently all three are RFing but DD is pushing the...
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    Livia Frontier

    What's a good price on the Livia Frontier 85?? We're in the market but hoping to wait a few months before going FFing. Also is there any reason to buy the newer model Frontier?
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    Four RFers

    Does anyone have four RFers in a van? I don't yet, obviously, but DH was asking me what my plan was because we're about to car seat shuffle for our three and he doesn't want to buy something new now only to replace it when #4 comes along (we're TTC this summer). Right now I have three across...
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    My Multi Tech

    My Multi Tech *updated* Is Ordered!!! No forward facing here. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Update-It's on the way! ETA: For those of you asking, we got this seat because our 29 month old DD has outgrown all the US market seats that install in our car, with her 15.5in torso. So while I...
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    Frontier 85 Covers

    Are any of them not mesh?
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    Best Seat For Younger FFer

    Okay as you can from my last few posts, I'm really struggling with DD outgrowing all of the RFing seats and the Radian not installing RFing in our car. I want to import but honestly, my DH is never going to go for that since she's 2.5 years old. What is the best seat for a younger FFer...
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    Importing a Multi Tech or Two Way Elite

    Would you do it to keep your 29 month old RFing (assuming you *could* pay cash for it, versus charging it)? Also, does anyone know where I can find the seat and top shoulder harness heights for these seats? Or anything about the install in a 2006 Honda Odyssey. Middle row, outboard, captains...
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    Don't want to go FF.

    I have a 34lb, 29 months old, 39.5in tall DD. Torso is 15.5in. Yes, she's all torso. She recently outgrew her EFT65. I bought a Radian XTSL but I can't get it upright enough in our car. Pretty much anything installs in our car except a Radian. I don't feel comfortable with the 40in rule on...
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    Please help!! Coccoro Question

    Okay I'm 3 weeks from delivering and still have not figured out our car seat situation. We have three across in our Honda Odyssey (with the 8th seat in the middle row). All three RFing. DD is 26.5 months, 32lbs, 38in tall. DS1 is 12.5 months, 24lbs, 31in tall. DS2 will be newborn. I have an...
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    Cherry Pie Coccoro

    Is this definitely girly? I've never seen one in real life.
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    Vehicle Seat Back Position

    What vehicle seat back positions are allowed for car seats in a Honda Odyssey? Like how reclined can it be, particularly the captains chairs.
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    Should I just get the Radians?

    We have an Odyssey (2006) with the 8th seat. We're having our third in December and I have been waiting for the new Britax seats to come out just in case I want them. But I would really like to have three across and I'm thinking the Radians might be the only way to do that (we plan to get an...
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    Shipping Car Seats

    I have to ship one of my seats back to LC and USPS is telling me it's going to be $98. How do guys ship car seats for so much less money??

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