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    best HBB to share

    Please recommend a HBB that can use LATCH (so it doesn't have to be buckled in while empty) and is easy to adjust and fits a wide range of kids well. I need it to fit my friend's 4.5 year old, who I probably cannot borrow to go booster shopping!, and my 6 year old. Friend's daughter is shorter...
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    new seat for Mazda5

    I drive a Mazda5. I went back to work in October so my car is now a secondary car when it comes to the kids, and I haven't had more than two of them (baby + one big girl) at once in months. So the big girls have been sharing the Graco Nautilus, since they're not in the car at the same time. But...
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    Cosco Scenera Next UGH

    We have a 2011 Honda Odyssey, which my kids ride in most of the time (Grandma watches them while I'm at work). The oldest, who is 6 and weighs nearly 40 pounds, is harnessed in a Britax Pinnacle. The middle, who is 3 and weighs about 30 pounds, is FFing in a Chicco NextFit. The youngest, who is...
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    please recommend safe "cushy" seat

    I discovered today that the family I sit for (but don't drive the kids anywhere) has baby in a hand-me-down Britax Companion that expired last year. Baby is about 6 months. I mentioned the expiration (let mom do the math herself) and suggested getting a convertible seat now. They haven't...
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    is a Nautilus what we need?

    Dang, my phone just ate my post. I need to replace DD1's expired seat in my MIL's truck. MIL found a flower-print Graco Nautilus for $109 at Walmart. Manufacture date 10/2013. DD1 is 5 years old, 36 pounds, don't know how tall, but her length is in her legs. She's harnessed in a Britax...
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    2015 Kia Sedona

    Any reviews? Especially looking at car seats? Our family (MIL, FIL, 2 DDs, DH, and me) can just barely fit in my Mazda5 now, and I'm due in June with baby #3. DH actually wants 4 kids, so if we're going to move up to a minivan, it makes more sense to buy an 8-passenger than a 7.
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    cranky 2-year-old

    I have two daughters. The older one, R, is 5 and petite (about 41 inches and 31 pounds) and has been FFing since age 4. The younger one, S, is 2 and also tiny; she only weighs about 23 pounds. She is also stubborn. And she has decided that she wants to sit in her sister's seat. Obviously this is...
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    8 passenger minivans

    Long story short, I love my Mazda5 but we are, as a family, outgrowing it, now that my in-laws live with us. DH wants two more kids, taking us from a family of 6 to eventually 8. Not much point in getting a van that only seats 7! 2014 Odyssey vs. 2014 Sienna. Which one has a more usable...
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    seats for 3 cars

    Here's what we've got: A 2010 Mazda5 the kids ride in most often A 2007 Ford four-door pickup truck that the kids ride in occasionally A 2007 Ford Focus that the kids do not ride in now but DD1 will ride in to school every day once it starts In the Mazda, a Britax Pinnacle for DD1 (age 5, 41.5...
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    school bus safety

    I'm sure this has been discussed but I haven't been able to find it while searching on my phone. At what age/weight does compartmentalization (as in, on a school bus) become safe/effective? DD1 will turn 5 in August and begin kindergarten a few weeks later. Last year she weighed 29 lbs.; I'm...
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    Question Mazda5 with 3 kids

    We have a 2010 Mazda5, a FFing 4-year-old, and a RFing 1-year-old. If all goes as planned we'll have another baby next year or the year after, so, 3 kids in the car, 2 RFing. Anyone BTDT? Are there any combo or convertible seats that do or do not work well in the third row? We're going to look...
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    Question how long to harness?

    I thought I just read on here (but I was on my phone and now I can't find it) that harnessing forever may not be as safe as switching to a booster + seat belt once the child in question is big/mature enough. (Why?) I just switched my 4-year-old to FFing right after her birthday and I intended...
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    Question does this combo seat exist?

    Under $150, pink or girly, no-rethread harness (that's not a dealbreaker but I do appreciate it), likely found locally so DD1 can try it out. She's 4, 39 inches, 29 pounds, and I measured her torso (seated, from bottom to shoulder) around 13.5 inches, if that seems likely.
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    Question accident, seat replacement question

    DH was in an accident this morning. He was merging (says he was going about 15 mph) and rear-ended someone. It meets all of the NHTSA guidelines for a "minor" accident. Therefore Amica won't replace the seats. 1) Has anyone had any luck appealing this with Amica? We have an Evenflo Triumph...
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    Question 2 install questions, EFTA in Mazda5

    We have a 2010 Mazda5. Both girls are in the captains chairs. DD1 just turned 4 so (at her request) I turned her seat FFing. She's in an Evenflo Triumph Advance. 1) I had to remove the headrest from the captains chair. Is this okay? 2) The car seat manual seems to say I need to use a locking...
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    Question turn child/when/new seat?

    Older DD is rear-facing in an Evenflo Triumph Advance. She will turn 4 in August and I had agreed to turn her forward-facing then. Right now she is 27 lbs. and 37 inches tall. I don't have a torso height but her height seems to be in her legs. I would like to keep her rear-facing through...
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    Question Scion xD, 2 seats

    A friend drives a Scion xD and has a daughter who will be 3 in April; baby #2 is due in September. Older daughter is approximately the same size as my daughter, so approximately 37 inches and 27 pounds. My friend and her husband are tall enough that they must be able to keep both front seats all...
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    Coccoro on Zulily

    I hope I'm spelling Coccoro right! Anyway, three colors (carrot cake, cherry pie, licorice) on Zulily today for $164.99.
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    Question Keyfit + cloth diapers

    I have a 7 lb. 2 oz., 19.5 in., 1-month-old daughter in a Chicco Keyfit 30. We use cloth diapers but were using disposables when she was first born because she was too small for the cloth. Now suddenly, after she's been in cloth for a week+, the shoulder straps in her carseat seem to fit...
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    Vent vent

    I gave birth to DD#2 on Friday. Today I received our packet of discharge papers. Including a "use safe carseats" handout last updated in 1998. The handout is FOURTEEN YEARS OLD! Did you know that some infant carseats now come with bases that can be left in the car? I wouldn't have believed this...

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